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Deathmarch in Final Fantasy 11 Noctis VS Anti-Slate/ Dark King Arms

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Noctis POV

I need to get him away from the town right. Right. Now.

I grab the unconscious Lulu and warp to Ink. She is looking at Slate in a daze. Her eyes are shining almost like when Luna's do when speaking to the gods except goldish. I go to grab Ink but am forced to warp away when Slate charges at me on all 4 of his limbs.

My blood runs cold as I see the beast stop in his tracks and turn to look at Ink. I drop Lulu and warp to Slate with The Sword of the Wise in one hand and The Blade of the Mystic in the other.

I appear above the kid and swing with my entire soul. To hell with not killing him. Id rather the gods kill me then my daughter be killed.

Both of my swords are stopped though. The kid has not moved an inch from his spot. That wing and his tail intercepted my swords. The fluffy tail Ink seems to love shed its fur and revealed densely overlaping silver scales. It also seems much longer in this form.

I warp into the air and throw both my Star of the Rouge and The Axe of the Conqueror at him. The Axe is aimed towards his back and the star towards his front. He uses his wing to block the star and thats what I was going for.

With his wing blocking the view of Ink, I warp and grab her. Before Slate can move his wing out of the way and let my Axe hit him in the back. I return warp to Lulu who has been woken up by Luna with what I would assume was an Elixer. I grab the two of them and warp out as fast as I can.


I have never Warped 4 people at once. Let alone over 25 times. Slate has been following behind me roaring and tearing up the world in his wake. I just made it to one of the smaller Islands before my Mana ran out. Lulu pulled a Mana potion from between her... well lets just say it was cleverly hidden. Luna gave me a dirty look as I started to drink it...

Noctis: Ok Lulu, explain and fast.

Lulu: Fast? Ok then... we need to give him the Princess.

I spat the potion out at that Ridiculous statement. It somehow ended up all over her shirt. Why did she have to wear a white shirt tonight of all nights??

Noctis: Over my dead body. Want to run that by me again

Lunafreya: Slower this time and turn around Noctis.

Lulu: Ill try, it was explained to me in a hurry too. From what I understood... his body has to much Mana in it. The Mana is messing with the seal on the marks of his arm. The only one who can take the extra Mana from him is the Princess. I was repeatedly told that the kiddo would not hurt the Princess. It should take about 2 minutes for the seal to kick back in.

Noctis: It has been way over 2 minutes already. Nothing has changed. He has only gotten stronger.

Lulu: Then maybe its 2 minutes after the Princess starts taking the extra Mana?

Lunafreya: Who told you all this?

Lulu: I am not sure. There were 2 of them and they were stronger then anything ive ever felt.

Lunafreya: Must have been 2 of the 8. Did they say anything else?

Lulu: Only to not let him die or run away when the Princess is taking the Mana.


Noctis: We are running out of time. Im STRONGLY opposed to this idea but I can tell you 2 are not. I trust Luna with my everything and that is exactly what I will do now.

I recall all my Royal Arms only to realize... My Blade of the Mystic didnt return. I dont even feel my connection to it anymore.


Beast Slate lands a few yards from the 4 of us and in his right arm is my missing sword.

I hold out my arm to recall my weapon but it doesnt move. Beast Slate then lets the sword go and gets on all 4s again. The weirdest thing happens though... the sword does not fall from the air. It hovers around till it repositioned itself over his left sholder blade like another wing.

Noctis: This just went from Really bad to a Shit Show. It now has a weapon. Im-

Beast Slate warped. He just copied my warp and punched me in the face with the force of Destiny.

Lulu managed to cast Protectaga on everyone when she was explaining earlier. Thats the only reason im alive right now.



Tail boy is hurting. I dont know how but I can tell. I see 2 Tail boys. The 1 with the not Fluffy tail and one chained up behind that one with the Fluffy tail. The one with the Fluffy tail is trying to hold the other one back but he cant. Fluffy tail is crying... and it hurts. It hurts. IT. HURTS!


Lunafreya: Ink! What hurts?! Where?? Where are you hurt?!

I look at my momma with tears coming from my eyes.

Ink: Not me momma. Tail boy, the Rough Tail boy hurts. I can feel it. I see him crying as he tries to hold the Rough tail back. Fluffy tail took fathers Knife and wont give it to Rough tail.

Lunafreya: Ink... your eyes. They are glowing gold like Slate's. Do you know how to help him? The Fluffy one?

Ink: Yes momma but father might not like it... I need his Fork and his Really Big Knife.

Lunafreya: Fork and Knife? Ok, ill get them for you. Lulu, can you stop Slate for a little?

Lulu: I can try.


Lunafreya POV

I call out for Noctis. He warps to me, picks me up and continues dodging Slate's attacks.

Noctis: Yes dearest, Im a little busy fighting for my life.

Lunafreya: Your not going to like this but I need 2 of your Royal Arms and you most likely wont get them back.

Noctis: ... What for?

Lunafreya: Our Daughter needs them to save Slate. She can feel Slate's pain. She-

Noctis: Done. Which ones?

Lunafreya: What? Just like that? You w-

Noctis: To save my daughter from the pain I witnessed Slate in, I would give up ALL my Royal Arms. 2 is a bargain. Now which ones?

Lunafreya: She said she needs the Fork and Really Big knife.

Noctis: The Trident of the Oracle and Sword of the Tall. Ok, ill warp them to Ink. Tell her to call them by their real names and they shall be hers.

Lunafreya: Lulu will stall Slate to give you a second of rest. That will be when Ink will make her move. Be ready to intervene if you need to.

Noctis: I will be. Ill get him infront of Lulu so she can spell him.



I am crying into Ms.Lulu's boobies. It makes me feel safe. I still feel that Fluffy tail is in pain and its getting worse. Rough tail almost has the Knife Fluffy tail took from father. Fluffy is getting weaker.

Lulu: Why do you need the Kings weapons Princess?

Ink: To use them to stop the Rough tail.

Lulu: How? You cant use them. 1 your underage and 2 they are way to heavy.

Ink: Ill give them to Fluffy. He can use them.

Lulu: ... I dont understand. No he -


They are here. Thanks father

Lunafreya: Lulu, they are on their way. Get ready to stall Slate. Ink sweethart you need

Ink: I know momma.

Ink/???/???: "Trident of the Oracle, Sword of the Tall, and Sword of the Mystic... I claim you 3 in the name of my Father for the one who's destiny is tied to mine. Go to him so his glory may brighten our world!"


Lunafreya POV

I am watching my daughter speak with 3 voices at once. I unconsciously walk towards her with my hand out streached but stop when my Oracle eyes activate of their own accord. I see a beautiful blue woman and an old yellow man with their hands on her shoulders speaking the same words Ink is.

Lunafreya: Lord Shiva and Lord Ramuh

They nod and vanish from my sight.


Noctis POV

I can barely hold him back anymore. I hope Lulu is ready. Here we go!

I slam Slate across the chest with my Axe. I swap my Axe out for my Shield of the Just to heal some and land on Slate with my shield pinning him down.


Lulu: Here goes everything!





ugh... im going to be sick

I jump off Slate to make room.

Lunafreya and Noctis: Go Ink! Be careful!



I jump on top of Rough tail and hug him.

I will save you and get my Fluffy tail back. You wont get away from my ribbon that easly.


3rd Person POV

Anti-Slate starts going absolutely nuts after Ink jumps on him. He tries to claw Ink off but before he can, the 3 Royal Arms she just gave to Slate come out and protect her. You can see a ghostly form of the normal Slate fighting a ghostly form of Anti for control of the body. Normal Slate looks around 20 years of age while Anti looks even stronger. Anti's arms have claws on the ends and Sin Scales all over his body for defense. Getting anywhere within 20 yards of the thrashing body and Ink is a death sentence.

After a minute, the Royal Arms start to change much to Noctis's surprise. The Sword of the Tall thins out towards the tip and becomes an angular block of metal with a dull blade on both sides. There are a few holes by the handle and 2 in the middle of the heavy sword. Dark Thunder starts running within the holes and along its dull blade.

The Trident of the Oracle loses the 3 metal points and reforges itself into a greenish purple Dragon Wisker Polearm.

The greatest changed Royal Arm is without a doubt The Blade of the Mystic. The swords handle shrinks. It becomes a single edged blade with a handle covered by part of the blade. It is silver with black scars carved in the blade.

Noctis recovered his originally lost Royal Arms after they reformed for Slate. Anti started to cast a Giga-Gravitron but Slate grabbed a hold of Anti and drove his left arm into his chest. Silver chains burst out of Slates arm and wrapped Anti from head to toe. after a few seconds of struggling... the chains pulled back into Slates left arm. The ghostly Slate then fell into his body and vanished. The newly Reforged Royal Arms circled Slates injured body and Ink protectively.


Lunafreya POV

What did I just see? The Arms changed then the normal forms returned to Noct. Is it safe to approach them now?

I take a step forward but Noct stops me

Noctus: Ill go. Even if they changed, the Royal Arms shouldnt attack me as I am of the Royal blood.

Noctis then walks to our daughter. The Arms start to spin faster until they sink into Slate. Noctis then reaches down to pick up Ink when her hand grabs his.

???/Ink: It would be unwise to remove her from him yet. She is still taking the extra Mana from him. Take the 2 of them as is back to a safe place. Be careful who you let near them. The Dark King Arms will attack anything harboring any ill will towards them until they awaken.

???/Ink: Make sure to hurry too, the Mage will awaken her Divine Gift soon.


Once we made it home after calling Cindy to give us a ride in her Airship, we place the two in Inks room. Noctis is sitting in a chair with his 13 Royal Arms circling him ready.

Im not sure if its to fight the Dark Slate or to get the normal one off of Ink.

I think its the ladder...
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