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Deathmarch in Final Fantasy 2 Bahamu

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Slate POV

I see a tiny ember infront of my face blob. It slowly grows in size and heat. A few seconds was all it took for the ember to grow into a MASSIVE purple and red sun infront of me. The round sun started to contort and reshape itself. The fire turned somewhat humanoid before it started to shrink. The sun compressed until it was about eye level with my floating blob. From the mini sun came out a teenage looking kid. The kid looked cool to be honest. Dark purple spiky hair with a silver highlight on one side, red snake looking eyes and a black and silver reptile tail hanging down his back. He had a black hoodie with a picture of anime meat on the front, grey shorts and no shoes. All in all, the kid looks 16 at best with some hardcore cosplay chops.

???: Hello traveler. Welcome to the Uni - Inverse realm. I am Bahamut. One of the 8 Gods of Fantasy Zero.

Slate: Woh... You are Bahamut? Like the huge dragon from the Final Fantasy games? Your... much smaller then the games showed you. Why are you a 15 year old kid? Plus where am I? Whats the Uni - Inverse realm?

Bahamut: Sigh, I get that more often then I would like. It is very inconvenient for me to be walking around as a giant humanoid dragon when I'm trying to speak to glowing blobs about 2 feet tall. But yes, I am the same Bahamut from those knock off games. You are in the Uni - Inverse realm which is the inspiration for those game creators at Square Enix. They just didnt know their ideas came from us. You are rare even by our standards. Our realm lives by one rule... Fight for your survival and thrive. Your life has been harder than most so the 8 of us gods decided to give you a chance. We will send you to our world and see how you do. That is... if you accept our offer for a new life. Do not worry though, you will be given a few gifts of your choosing. What do you say?

Slate: Is there any way for me to return to my previous world and see my family again? If not is there any way for me to know how they turned out after my passing?

Bahamut: No and not really. You're soul can no longer return to that world because it's time there has ended. You could refuse to come to our world and go to heaven... but the rest of your family will be living a long life and you will not see them for quite a while. Your family is doing just fine by the way. Your mother remarried and your brothers have been successful in life with both work and relationships. That is best I can do for you In regards to your previous family. I'll give you some time to think about your choices. Going to heaven will mean you get to relax for the next 50 the 80 years before your family joins you. Your other option would be to go to Fantasy Zero and stirrup the waters by showing them what the self proclaimed "God of Grind" can do when given a fair starting point.

Bahamut gives me a toothy shit eating grin.

Slate: What are these gifts you gods will be giving me? ill tell you right now, i dont want an unfair advantage. No invincibility or broken class. No god killer sword from the start or max level stats. ... if their are stats that is.

Bahamut: I cant tell you about the gifts until you agree to forgo heaven for now and be reincarnated in Zero. I can, however, promise that you wont get such game breaking cheats. what kinda fun is that?

Slate: Then im in. I choose to be reincarnated in the Uni - Inverse Realm of Fantasy Zero and turn down Heaven until my time in Zero is done. Hows that?

Bahamut: Perfect. Now for the gifts.

Bahamut holds out his hand and 8 crystals that start circling my blob soul.

Bahamut: These are gift crystals. One from each god of this realm. They each grant one gift within reason. you can say your wish and ill let you know if its possible. Oh, before you start... AI's and Unlimited Inventory are a no no. So is time travel and OP wishes.

I start pondering what i would need in this new world... maybe a party? but whats a normal party number?

Slate: Am i correct in guessing that most people in your... our world... party to survive?

Bahamut: Yes, that is correct. It's normally from 3 to 6 members in a party. Raids normally have somewhere around 20 members per raid party.

Slate: Can I use a crystal to make 3 party members?

Bahamut: Yes but within reason. You can't ask for Cloud or Lightning to be one of your party members. As a matter of fact, no known final fantasy characters can a be made as one of your gifts. They already exist on Zero.

Slate: ... Ok, no big deal. I want to use 3 Crystal to make 3 party members. One should be a DPS, one should be a Mage and the last one should be a Healer.

Bahamut: That is easy enough. 5 gifts left. choose wisely

Slate: I want a healthy body. the most healthy body to ever exist. I dont want to ever be sick again.

Bahamut: That is impossible for your current bloodline and body. Pure human bodies cant handle a gift that strong. You would have to become something else other then human.

Slate: Thats ok with me. what are my choices?

Bahamut: I cant give you any. It would be unfair. You must come up with your own ideas. but know this... mixing with a beast kin would be your best bet. their are many beast kin in Zero.

Slate: Does the beast kin have to be from a FF game or can I choose any beast i want?

Bahamut: You can pick any beast you want but again... dont go overboard.

Slate: ... ill come back to this. I would like Sora's drive forms from KH2. is that doable?

Bahamut: May i read your memories so i can know what you are talking about?

Slate: umm sure? Will it hurt? plus sorry in advance. There are some memories that are somewhat NSFW up here.


after about 5 minutes of Bahamut making the room shake and giving me a blob headach... he finally relaxed enough to read my memories.

Bahamut: Oh that was good. Ahhhhh funny stuff. Ok... here i go.

Bahamut lifted his hand to my blob and his hand glowed. A few minutes passed when Bahamut's eyes shot open and his nose dripped a tiny drop of blood.

Bahamut: I will be right back

he blinked out of view instantly.

... dafuk?
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