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My name is Slate. It use to be something else but that person is no longer alive. He lived his life fighting for every second he could. He was the toughest weakling to ever live. His body was not compatible with living but he didnt know how to quit.

From the many different medications that were akin to poison that kept him alive to the medical practices that were designed to help him win his fight against nature... his life couldn't get much worse. He did have a few good points in his life though. His father was never in the picture but his mother and her family were saints. He bad 2 younger brothers who were perfectly healthy. He was a huge fan of reading fictional books and some good Ero novels... if you know what i mean...

But best of all... he loved playing Video Games. He may have been the worst shot in ANY first person shooters and had little to no skill in fighting or racing games. There was, however, onr type of game that he was unable to lose in. Grinding RPGs. If you had to spend time building up your character to kill a boss... he would spend hours doing just that so when he faced the boss... he would take a massive dump on them.

- Facing the Elite 4? 6 LVL 100s

- KH (ANYTHING) combat lvl recomendation 40? Character LVL 99

- Assassins Creed Main Story? Finish all side quests and max out weapons and pouches first.

The same can be said for each and every Final Fantasy game he had ever played. He was a firm believer that "Overkill was the best kill".

After 25 years of consistently fighting for his life... his fight ended. To be honest... his family and doctors were glad he wasnt suffering any longer. He had spent a total of 93 days outside a hospital in his life. 15 days were when he would have his birthday at his mothers house with his brothers and family, Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus 2 more days for when his brothers graduated from high school. Any extra days were random special occasions like a family wedding or baby shower. His family was his world. If he had one regret... it would have been that he didnt have a family of his own. He wanted kids but couldnt bare the thought of having one go through his physical ordeal. He looked into adoption but was rejected due to his age and health.

He was found dead in his bed on a friday morning. He had his phone in his hand when the nurse walked in to wake him up. after yelling for help, she started preforming CPR but knew that it was too late due to his body temperature.

His mother was devastated. His brothers flew in from the army bases they were stationed in for the funeral. They were heart broken for a few weeks until his cellphone alarm sounded. The noise starlted the trio. His mom kept his phone charged but couldnt unlock it because she didnt know the code. after looking at the screen, she yelled for both her sons to come to look at the screen. The two brothers started ugly laughing as tears streamed down their faces. the screen read:

"I cant aim for shit and my punches cant break toilet paper... finish my saying"

brothers: "But my grind game is godlike"

The cellphone unlocked and started playing a message from him.

:Hey Mom and bros. If your hearing this... then Im no longer here. Before we get to the sappy stuff, make sure my phone is still hooked up to a charger mom. It will die before i finish if it isnt. Also, everyone, get paper and pen to write down instructions. Ill wait here.

:Ok, now that thats out of the way, I did not know i was going to die about 3 weeks ago. I have been redoing this video weekly for 10 years straight. The riddle with my saying would only show up if my phone hadent been unlocked in 2 weeks after a missed update of this video. I knew you would keep my phone on and that my ____ and ____ would know the rest of my saying. I have 3 things to say to you all... Thank you. You 3 never gave up on me so i never gave up on myself. I fully intended to get better and live till i got old but I guess it didnt turn out the way i planned. I can only say that i tried my best. I have a few gifts before I go though.

First to my little brother... go into my room in moms house and open my Final Fantasy 13 complete collection. You will find a debt card, a letter and a key. Go to my bank and read the card. Thats for medical school. Your welcome.

Now for my baby brother, go to my laptop and put your social security number as its password. Look up my stock shares. I know you want to go into business after the army. Thats for when your 21. Good luck buddy. Your welcome.

"How" is most likely going through your mind. Well I was a pro game tester for 10ish years, streamer and movie critic. All my money was split into 4. Half went to a stock trader and savings, the other half went to medical bills insurance didnt cover and a retirement saving for you mom. Any money I earned or was given was saved. Go live your lives. Enjoy life enough for my share. Oh, keep my FF collection safe or I will haunt your nightmares. ill be watching. Love you. #GodOfGrind 😁

:Oh mom, my phone pass code is the days your sons were born in order. "230422" look in the Gallery.

His phone turned off and restarted. After she put the code in, she looked in the Gallery and started crying ugly. the gallery had every picture of him in it. from the first birthday till the last, from him fooling around with his brothers to his first beer, from his first steps till the last time he said "i love you mom, goodnight"

The 3 of them just cried and talked about him for a day or so.

Years Later

Both brothers are successful and have familys. His mom retired early and traveled the world. She found her soon to be husband in Italy and lived a full life.

WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES... another opens

Looking around this huge empty room makes me feel tiny. The ground is kind of soft and i cant see more then 20 feet infront of me. Anything further is dark.

Slate: Huh? where the hell am I? What is this soft ground in standing on?

I reach down to poke the floor only to realize that I cant see my hands... or feet for that matter. Needless to say... I start freaking out and yelling like a mad man. Bite me, im only human.

Slate: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH WHERE THE HELL IS MY BODY!!? IM A FLOATING BLOB WITH A MOUTH!! HOW AM I IN HELL? I HARDLY DID ANYTHING BAD IN MY LIFE... Err does watching porn count as a sin? If it does... ok. I can see why my final resting place is here. I deserve this.

???: You most certainly do.

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