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"Wait a minute. Training centre...does that mean that you plan on having them to stay in here as well?" Jin asked, and Grandma Yuan nodded her head.

"I assume it shouldn't be too much of a problem. You already have beds in your luxury recovery instance, heck even I felt that they were more comfortable than the bed I'm sleeping in."

"Oh, I assure you that the beds are definitely better than the bed you are sleeping I- ow!" Jin quickly found the Grandma Yuan's stick meeting his forehead for being disrespectful while the other JODE leaders laughed at this exchange.

"One thing is for sure; you gained the approval of Grand Elder Yuan." Ma Ge, the Chancellor of JODE chuckled as Grandma Yuan gave yet another haughty look at Jin.

"You exceeded all our expectations in the test just now, and we believe you are the perfect person to construct the training centre we have envisioned. The quality of our Demon Exorcists is, unfortunately, deteriorating at a breakneck pace." Lee Na sighed.

"Recently, too many are joining us only to make use of our name, our reputation. It's not for the sake of protecting the world from the existence of demons or monsters." She also told Jin that JODE was willing to provide Jin with a handful of Demon Data, hoping for results for the new training centre. If it worked well, they would proceed to pass the entire database of what they knew to Jin to recreate the Demons.

"I really hope that the demons that you create will prove a significant challenge for the upcoming Demon Exorcist trainees. I would love to task you to create harder demons to allow our veterans to train against them too." Lee Na added, and the other JODE leaders wanted to chime in their opinions too. However, Jin raised his hand and asked if he could have a few questions answered.

"Go on, we are listening." Ma Ge was happy to take in the questions.

"Firstly, do you happen to have any data on the Four legendary Cardinal Demons. Like the White Tiger of the West?" Jin asked shocking the JODE leaders since he brought up a topic which would have been classified as 'Top Secret'. Grandma Yuan sighed internally as she heard that question and decided to see how the Chancellor of JODE responded to it.

"Erm, why did you suddenly ask about that?" Ma Ge was equally curious why this dungeon supplier had this specific question on his mind.

"Hahaha, please don't be so tensed up! It seems I've asked something which I shouldn't have. Before I had become involved in this whole Demon Exorcist thing, I've planned to feature a special raid instance with the Cardinal Demons as Final Bosses for my store. I figured since they were so widely known it would have been a real treat for my customers trying to fight them. So with you having all the data, I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask so that it could be more realistic." Jin improvised and quickly made a comeback.

"Ah! I see." Ma Ge, who had been all serious a moment ago, lightened his expression and shook his head. "They … our forefathers kept the books in a secret place, and we have no idea about the location."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"They ended up guarding their secret a little bit too well, probably since the elders believed they had subdued all of them completely and confirmed that they would never exist in this Earth ever again. Therefore we cannot help you in that aspect." Ma Ge said, but Pei who had been summoned back for this business could sense that he was masking a few truths from Jin. Why else had the Chancellor chosen to erect mental barriers so suddenly when he talked about that particular question.

"Still, that does not mean that there are no lesser versions, so called variants of those legendary demons and I believe we do have some data for you to peruse. However, I firmly insist that you keep the Demon Exorcist data within JODE."

"Nevertheless, we can permit certain demons for your customers, but please send in a request form to our COO, Lee Na, first." Ma Ge compromised, and the COO nodded her head. They knew it had to be a give and take kind of situation as Jin was, after all primarily a dungeon supplier.

He would no doubt like as much monster data to create his own monsters for his dungeons too. Even though he would be paid for each Demon Exorcist who used his dungeons, it was a given that their number was unable to compete with the sheer mass of customers he could host on his own.

"Ah! Then I presume, I am allowed to use my own versions of the Four Cardinal Demons as part of my dungeon series, yes?" Jin asked for confirmation, and COO Lee Na pleasantly nodded her head to his request.

"Okay, next question. Will I have to provide the instructors along with the dungeons or do you send out your own instructors or specialists from JODE to conduct in the training centre? Also, am I allowed to change the curriculum or programme set by JODE in any way?"

"No, you can't." Grandma Yuan interjected at that point. "The main training centre will still be the one in Shanghai. Yours will be considered as part of advanced training. The trainees that come here will be accompanied by officers who will use your dungeon instances as simulations for the fights."

"Basically, it will be the same as the test you had conducted for the four of them. You just have to ensure that the fights are as real as it can get. The data will include some video footage, so I trust it won't be too much of a problem. I will personally be checking up on your progress for the next few months to ensure the quality of those demons in your dungeon instance."

"Not only that, a few specialists will join you too. Whether they will be a permanent addition or just temporary depends on the success of the new training centre. Huang Xiang, our Trap Formation and Talisman Specialist will be aiding your training centre as soon as it is constructed." Ma Ge added on to the current conversation.

"I roughly know of trap formations...they are the ones that create those wide area traps creating an illusion, similar to a sub dimension instance to trap the Demons. But Talisman Specialists, what do they exactly do? If it makes any difference, I happen to employ an expert myself who specialises in inscription charms." Jin revealed, and Ma Ge chuckled as he momentarily eyed Grandma Yuan.

"Considering you joined through the recommendation of Grand Elder Yuan and haven't gone through the official course, it is not too surprising that you do not know much about a Talisman Specialist." Ma Ge replied, and Huang Xiang who was in the panel of JODE leaders stood up explaining his profession.

"As a Talisman specialist, I carve and infuse energy into accessories that are capable of warding off the evil that demons exude. Not only that, but I can also include special properties that can act as something similar to a magic scroll." Huang Xiang explained.

"Say you wish to cast a fireball as a non-mage, you normally need to read out the magic scroll or at least speak the chants from memory with the scroll on hand to activate it. But with the talisman, you can skip that time consuming step while being able to shoot a fireball nevertheless."

"Soooo am I correct in assuming that there is a fixed amount of times the fireball can shoot out?" Jin asked since he knew there would not be an all power accessory available to all demon exorcists regardless of their ranks. He believed his higher level inscriptions would be able to achieve the same or at least a very similar effect to this and the talisman operated identically.

"Yes, but unlike inscriptions, the talisman does not require additional chi to activate it. A voice command is really all you need." Huang Xiang then picked up a talisman that he had kept in his storage ring and demonstrated it to everyone.

"Tali, Float." Huang Xiang ordered his pentagon looking talisman, and immediately it let out a cyan glow. Bouts of wind gradually surrounded him, and slowly everyone watched he got off the ground without the use of any chi.

"This also gives us the preemptive opportunity to jump on demons since most of them can sense our chi. Most accomplished Demon Exorcists have their own customised talisman, and they can imbue one or more spells depending on their Exorcist rank." Huang Xiang said indicating that it was kind of like a perk for higher ranking Demon Exorcists.

"I see…" Jin nodded his head, and Ma Ge felt that the objectives of the meetings were more or less achieved. He then told Jin to look through the finer details of the JODE's main branch operations centre as well as the training centre.

"If you have any questions or after you have agreed to the requirements, you can liaise with Claire as she knows how to deal with our administrative work." Ma Ge suggested as he concluded the meeting. The rest of the JODE leaders thanked the Chancellor and began to leave the conference room instance.

Some had even decided to experience the dungeons themselves after seeing the Great White Snake Demon especially when it got their heart racing for a moment. (Ma Ge was inherently interested in Jin's dungeon too. Unfortunately, he had so much on his plate that he was unable to enjoy a simple 15 minute dungeon.)

"Oh and after viewing the Tree Mall, we believe you have earned a sign of goodwill for the unfortunate Ruby Rat incident that has happened to you. It may be a bit late, but I figure it should still help you in some way or another." Ma Ge paused in his tracks as he reminded Lee Na. The COO appreciated the reminder and went forward to Jin as she took out and present a cheque signed by them for 100,000 Yuan.

Jin was startled by the large amount but Lee Na assured him that he was already a Demon Exorcist when the Ruby Rat incident. So, it was only natural JODE should help a fellow…prospective manager in need. (Su Zhen later revealed that her mother was very relieved that Jin had left them out of harm's way while dealing with the top brass of the Ruby Rats)

Jin thanked both of them and showed them the way out. On the other hand, Tiger Head Yuan Ba and Grandma Yuan stayed behind for a bit of chat alongside the recently graduated Demon Exorcists, all hoping to have a conversation with Jin.
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