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A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 87 - The Outer Sect’s Heaven’s Chosen War Between The South Bank And North Bank

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Chapter 87 - The Outer Sect’s Heaven’s Chosen War Between The South Bank And North Bank

Time passed as Bai Xiaochun remained in his residence. Ten days later, he had yet to take a single step out, when stately chimes echoed throughout the whole sect and his jade slip simultaneously vibrated.

The Outer Sect’s Heaven’s Chosen War between the South Bank and North Bank was officially held ten days after the South Bank’s qualification match!

The Outer Sect’s Heaven’s Chosen War held once every half sixty-year cycle was always held at the Zhong Dao Mountain. On this day, when the bells from the Zhong Dao Mountain rang throughout the whole the Spirit River Sect, countless outer sect disciples could be seen dashing toward the mountain.

The interaction between the South Bank and North Bank was usually minimal. Only the inner sect disciples could enter each other’s region, and the outer sect disciples did not have this qualification. It was only on this day that the Zhong Dao Mountain was open to all the disciples in the sect, allowing the outer sect disciples to enter and observe the Heaven’s Chosen War. Regardless as to whether it was the South Bank or the North Bank, everyone was brimming with excitement at this moment. Hurried people could be seen all around the Spirit River Sect.

“The South Bank must wash away our disgrace this time!”

“We must let the North Bank know that the South Bank will surpass our past selves and rise in prominence!”

While the outer sect disciples from the South Bank were filled with enthusiasm, similarly, the outer sect disciples from the four mountains on the North Bank were also making their way to Zhong Dao Mountain with haste. Prideful voices sounded out along the way, one after the other.

“The South Bank is weak and has been continuously losing to us, the North Bank, for more than a thousand years. This time won’t be an exception either!”

“The North Bank is sure to be victorious, the South Bank is sure to fail. The Spirit River Sect is lead by the North Bank. The South Bank is nothing more than a subordinate!”

The commotion caused by these two Banks was getting more and more intense as the countless outer sect disciples were speeding toward the Zhong Dao Mountain. Shangguan Tianyou, who was on the Green Peak Mountain, had a cold expression on his face. A trace of sharpness could be seen in his gaze as he flew out in a flash.

At the same time, Lu Tianlei, who was on the Purple Cauldron Mountain, looked towards the sky and let out a low roar. His whole body twined with lightning, and amidst the cheers of the many nearby disciples, he too shot into the distance.

Zhou Xinqi had similarly flown out at this time, all these three great Heaven’s Chosen from the South Bank were incomparably serious.

Likewise, Bai Xiaochun lifted his head from within his residence, his eyes bloodshot. He took a deep breath with a serious expression.

“Time’s up… fighters going to battle must have their battle vests!” He slowly stood up, raised his right hand and patted his storage pouch, causing seven-eight leather armours to appear. When he had battled with the Fallen Chen Clan that year, his leather armours had been torn apart, so he had prepared some new leather armours a few years back. Both its quality and durability were much higher.

With a serious look, he put on each and every piece of the leather on his body, and then he flourished his sleeve.

“Fighters going to battle must have their backs armoured!” In place of Bai Xiaochun’s sleeve, a big pot appeared from within his storage pouch. Zhang Fatso One’s pot had been destroyed that year during the battle with the Fallen Chen Clan, and a new pot had been prepared by Bai Xiaochun after he returned to the Sect. His eyes grew solemn as he placed this black pot on his back.

“Fighters going to battle must have their magic treasures!” As Bai Xiaochun was proudly monologuing, he waved with his hand once again, and a small wooden sword immediately flew out and attached itself to his belt. Soon, the Golden Crow Sword, along with three more flying swords, too hung at the side. After that, he also took the Divine Crane Shield out and placed it at the most convenient position.

Yet he still did not feel reassured, so he put on the bracelet that Li Qinghou had given him and only then did he raise his chin. His whole body exuded an imposing atmosphere as he stepped forward heavily, walking out through the big door of his cabin amidst faint tremors.

As he stood outside of the door, the bells’ chimes echoing throughout the sect entered his ears. Just as he was about to proceed onward, he suddenly felt that he was still missing something and patted his storage pouch, taking a spear out and holding it with both his hands.

Bai Xiaochun flourished his sleeve, stirring the wind as he left the courtyard.

If one looked from afar at Bai Xiaochun in this moment, they would see a body bulging like a ball with a big pot on its back and a spear in hands. When he walked, five-six flying swords on his body swayed and rang as they collided from around his body. With his hair swaying in the wind, he was as imposing as the heavens.

Whereever he passed, countless Scented Cloud Mountain outer sect disciples would feel their hearts stir, awed by Bai Xiaochun’s attire.

The bells never stopped and gradually spread throughout the entire sect. Their chimes, louder and louder, raising the spirits of the countless outer sect disciples. Along with that, many of the inner sect disciples also flew towards the Zhong Dao Mountain.

Bai Xiaochun walked with big strides as outer sect disciples slowly gathered behind him. Among them was Xu Baocai, continuously cheering.

“Senior Uncle Bai’s presence towers above like a rainbow!”

“We will be victorious!” These people were outer sect disciples who looked favourably on Bai Xiaochun. They were following Bai Xiaochun from behind and giving their all to cheer for him. Hou Xiaomei too was among them, her crisp voice standing out from the rest.

Bai Xiaochun turned his head around to glance at the crowd behind him. The sight touched his heart, so he gave them a nod. He felt that since everyone supported him as such, he had to strive hard to meet their expectations...

Hence, he raised his chin and proudly continued forward. Step by step, he arrived at the Zhong Dao Mountain where a humongous arena greeted his eyes.

The glow of a formation array flickered from all around it, completely enveloping the whole arena. A platform stood tall atop the Zhong Dao Mountain where the figures of the many sect Elders gathered one by one.

On both ends of the arena below it, the many outer sect disciples were arriving and clustering together. The amount of people on each end numbered in tens of thousands.

On the north end of the arena, the disciples from the North Bank could be seen. They seemed stronger than the South Bank in terms of grandeur, especially since nearly all of them had a monstrous beast in tow.

Those monstrous beasts all had different appearances, but a ferocious look resided in their eyes, enough to warn one not to provoke them. The seven-eight people at the forefront in particular. Both males and females had ice-cold expressions on their faces and carried an imposing aura within them.

Two of them stood out from the rest. One was an extremely beautiful female wearing a purple cheongsam with an impressive seven-coloured phoenix by her side. That bird seemed even more majestic than the ones raised by Elder Zhou; Its gaze was as piercing as lightning and seemed to be looking down on everyone.

The other was a young man wearing a blue chang pao. He was extraordinarily handsome, with a shocking red sun imprinted on his forehead.

A giant beast lay on its stomach beside his feet. From the distance, it appeared to be a huge dog. Its whole body was covered with thick black fur, its claws and teeth were sharp and a golden light shimmered from its eyes.

This beast looked extremely ferocious as it exposed its teeth. Its enormous body was already at the height of a person even while it was lying down. If it were to stand up, it would perhaps be as tall as two. This beast exuded a powerful pressure and one could easily imagine that this huge dog’s physical strength was as overwhelming as rumours entailed.

The person who had the sun imprinted between his eyebrows was precisely one of the North Bank’s five great Heaven’s Chosen, Bei Hanlie. That huge dog by his side was also exactly the North Bank’s well-known… Nocturnal Beast!

Beside these two from the North Bank, the other disciples standing at the front were also astonishing. One who was wearing a black robe that covered even his face and only exposed only his cold brown eyes. If one were to look closely however, they would actually see insects and parasites occasionally drilling in and out of his eyes.

These scenes gripped the South Bank disciples’ hearts with fear.

All the North Bank disciples looked disdainfully across the arena and towards the southern side of the arena, right at the… South Bank disciples!

“The South Bank is bound to fail again today. The only capable ones amongst them are Shangguan Tianyou, Lu Tianlei and Zhou Xinqi.”

“I heard that another of the South Bank had snatched the first place in the qualification battle. It is said that the person is an Honourable Disciple and the Sect Master’s Junior Brother.”

“No matter who it is, it is all in vain. The chosen ones from our North Bank are still the strongest!”

While those North Bank disciples were discussing, most of the South Bank’s outer sect disciples placed at the southern side of the arena too were clearly comparing themselves with the North Bank disciples, alleviating themselves above them.

“A barbarous monstrous-beast-rearing bunch. This time, the South Bank is definitely going to avenge the humiliation that we have faced all these years!”

“If we lose to them, it would really make us lose face!”

There were nine people standing in front of the North Bank’s outer sect disciples. Beside the impressive Shangguan Tianyou, Zhou Xinqi and Lu Tianlei were six others. Each and every one stood imposingly as they stared at the North Bank’s Heaven Chosen with killing intent surging in their eyes.

While they were busy staring each other with murderous eyes, Bai Xiaochun arrived.

Almost in the instant that Bai Xiaochun arrived, not only did Shangguan Tianyou’s group look in his direction, but all of the South Bank outer sect disciples too gazed upon him. Various thoughts flowed through their heads and the discussions quieted down.

Shangguan Tianyou looked at Bai Xiaochun with a complex look. Implacability festered his heart as his eyes turned cold.

Lu Tianlei was similarly discontented and ferociously glared at Bai Xiaochun as the lightning twining around his body crackled.

Zhou Xinqi remained silent as she looked at Bai Xiaochun. Her eyes revealed a strange glow as she sized him up carefully. She sought to discern what was hidden beneath this small white body and what power lay within it.

As for the North Bank’s side, everyone couldn’t help but direct their gazes at Bai Xiaochun. To them, Bai Xiaochun was a nobody, and after the the initial shock of his getup, contempt replaced it.

The scorn in the eyes of the North Bank Heaven’s Chosen was even greater.

When he found himself as the focus of everyone’s attention, Bai Xiaochun became somewhat embarrassed and let out a dry cough. He lifted his head high, puffed his chest out and straightened his back like the spear in his hands as he walked under everyone’s eyes to stand beside Zhou Xinqi.

After he noticed that both sides had already started the battle with a staring contest, Bai Xiaochun became vigorous.

“Staring contests, I am an expert in those!” Bai Xiaochun perked up and directed a ferocious glare across the arena at the North Bank disciples with a serious expression on his face.

The wind blew in that moment and tousled Bai Xiaochun’s hair, his figure matching with the spear in his hands, inadvertently making him even more imposing.

Time passed and the crowds on both sides continued to expand. Not long after, a sea of people surrounded the arena in the center.

The Heaven’s Chosen in front of the North Bank also gradually arrived. The last to appear was a young man wearing a black robe from head to toe. He appeared rather ordinary except for his pale face that seemed to be drained of any blood. He walked alone and stood in front, closing his eyes as if he had no interest in his surroundings at all. Distortions seemed to appear in his surroundings just as he closed his eyes. It was as if malicious spirits wanted to rush out of the underworld and breech into the human realm.

It was at this time that rainbows arrived whistling from both the South and the North Bank. Those were the Ancestors from the seven mountains and their respective Elders. Most of them appeared just now and immediately headed straight for the platform towering above the arena.

Elder Zhou too was among them, with the phoenix that had slandered Bai Xiaochun circling around him. After it noticed Bai Xiaochun, its eyes looked at Bai Xiaochun with arrogance from above.

The figure of Sect Head Zheng Yuandong also appeared on the terrace platform. After everyone gathered, his gaze swept across the disciples from both the South Bank and the North Bank below and suddenly spoke.

“Due to the fact that the North Bank was victorious in the previous round of the South Bank and North Bank’s outer sect Heaven’s Chosen War, they have twelve people qualified to participate today.”

“Due to the South Bank losing the previous round, its participants in this battle can only be the default ten people.”

“There are a total of twenty two people, and lots will be drawn to decide the opponents in order to choose ten outer sect disciples and... determine the strongest among them!”

“We are of the same sect and should learn from one another. Deliberately killing someone is forbidden. Between every round, there are three incense sticks’ worth of recovery time. Moreover, once one party had conceded, the other party is not allowed to continue attacking. The arbiter will be the Law Enforcement Agency’s Elder Ouyang.”

“You must all perform well. The Spirit River Sect’s four Grand Elders will also be following this battle closely through their spiritual sense… The Outer Sect Heaven’s Chosen War between the South Bank and the North Bank… begin!”

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