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A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 150 - Big Brother Has Something To Do

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Chapter 150 - Big Brother Has Something To Do

Terrified, the Spirit River Sect disciples instantly furthered themselves from Bai Xiaochun. Even if the Mystic River Sect disciples were starting to stop Bai Xiaochun, their speed was inferior to the disciples running full speed away that instant from the imminent wrath of Bai Xiaochun’s pellet.

Seeing his sect’s disciples run away so fast, Bai Xiaochun blanked out himself for a second, thinking that he took the wrong pellet out. After lowering his head and confirming that there was no mistake, he cleared his throat, throwing the pellet at the ground with a roar. It exploded with a rumble and turned into black mist spreading out in all directions.

Lei Shan frowned. The Mystic River Sect disciples around him instantly jumped away, afraid of the possibility of poison. The evil beasts, on the other hand, smelled the black mist caused from the explosion of the pellet, all of them going into a heated craze as they roared loudly.

At that instant, Lei Shan’s eyes pierced through the mist like lightning, seeing that Bai Xiaochun was just about to run after throwing the pellet. He snorted coldly.

“Wanna leave? Leave your dao bottle behind!” Lei Shan swept his sleeve to the side, his body rumbling with lightning as he blasted them outwards, parting the black mist and charging out straight at Bai Xiaochun.

His speed was too fast. As his body was flashing with lightning, flames came out from under his feet. In his charge, Lei Shan neared Bai Xiaochun instantly as he rised his right hand forward, pointing. A rumbling from the skies followed, and a sea of flames came into existence, blocking Bai Xiaochun’s path. As the wall of flames formed, flashes of lightning burst out, shooting straight at Bai Xiaochun.

As the Mystic River Sect disciples witnessed the scene, ridicule could be seen in their eyes. To them, Bai Xiaochun would be dreaming an idiot’s dream if he wanted to escape Lei Shan.

“Senior brother Lei Shan was once hunted down by a foundation establishment cultivator for seven days once, barely making it out alive. In speed, even senior brother Jiu Dao had praise for him.”

“The Lightningflame technique in particular was pushed to the extreme by senior brother Lei Shan, ordinary people are no match for that. This Bai Xiaochun is digging his own grave!”

As the Mystic Sect Disciples ridiculed him, Bai Xiaochun panicked inside. Unsure of when the evil spirits would appear from the pellets’ attraction, he thought that the sooner he left, the better. At that instant, upon seeing his path blocked, his eyes shined as he burst forward, directly colliding with the lightning.


The instant the lightning and Bai Xiaochun made contact, it visibly collapsed, turning into uncountable streaks of small lightning, disspating. Bai Xiaochun, on the other hand, was completely unscathed as he directly crashed into the wall of fire, the explosion piercing the skies as the wall collapsed as well. Bai Xiaochun pierced through directly.


Lei Shan had his eyes wide open as he took in a deep breath, his eyes aghast and full of disbelief. He understood his own spells well, and he was confident that other than Jiu Dao, Gui Yao, Song Que, and Fang Lin, any other qi condensation disciple would have severe injuries if not death upon meeting his lightningflame technique.

But what he was seeing was Bai Xiaochun just charging through it like that.

“This man…” Lei Shan was breathing heavily, aghast. Abruptly, he felt a chill in his entire body, a strong and intense feeling of undescribable intuition that he was in great danger. It came to him immediately as he quickly turned back, immediately spotting many twistings in the emptiness some distance away. From those twists he saw figures of evil spirit after evil spirit appearing, speeding towards them with longing.

“Evil spirits!” Lei Shan took a deep breath, and was just about to back away when he was scared witless.

“This many! Oh god!” He immediately saw that the evil spirits that were coming out weren’t just three or five, but tens of them, coming out of more twists from farther away. Coming from all directions, there seemed to be a good hundred of them.

Among the evil spirits was in particular a white clothed little girl. With a teddy bear in her arms, her face was cold and her eyes ghastly. She didn’t have an expression, but near the ears of the Lei Shan and the tens of Mystic Sect Disicples, a giggle could be heard.

It was a chilling laughter, a terrifying one. Everyone shivered upon hearing that, the evil beasts in the forest far away widening their eyes as well, backing away as they breathed rapidly.

Bai Xiaochun, who was running for his life, faintly heard the laughter as well, his scalp going numb. The wings of the black pot were already blurring as he pushed his speed to the extreme, bursting into the distance.

“Hmph, that’s what you get for stealing my evil beasts. Grandpa Bai’s evil beasts can’t just be stolen without a price!” Bai Xiaochun snorted as he increased his speed.

Struggling as he swallowed a mouth of saliva, Lei Shan’s face was pale as he backed away, incapable of helping all his sect’s disciples.

At that moment, the girl in white clothing swayed, bursting to the very front of all the other evil beasts, arriving first to the area where the pellets exploded. Standing there, she took a deep breath as all the black mist formed by the pellets around her started rolling and transforming into seven streams, burrowing into the girl’s eyes, nostrils, mouth, and ears immediately.

At the same time, the evil beasts around her were in the middle of trembling as their bodies slowly collapsed, turning into ash. The tens of Mystic Sect Disciples couldn’t help but tremble as well as streams of white qi were pulled out from the eyes, nostrls, mouth, and ears, sucked away along with the black mist by the little girl.

“Big brothers, come play with me…” The little girl’s expression was no longer cold, but very strange. The edge of her lips were pulled slightly, as if she was smiling- but the horror of her smile sent all the cultivators who saw it into panic.

Her laughter, on the other hand, came fro the emptiness, incomparably ghastly as it reverberated all around. At that time, the Mystic Sect disciples around her seemed to have their souls sucked out, their bodies visibly thinning down as if losing their souls, becoming walking corpses sa they walked unnaturally to the side of the little girl, dancing, as if they were playing with her…

Skinny bodies, stiff limbs, strange dance… The scene paled the faces of Lei Shan and Fang Lin immediately, who were watching from afar, the two of them terrified, running away like mad as they reached their limits.

“What kind of evil spirit is this!”

“The sect’s information doesn’t have any records on this kind of evil spirit, it can even talk, that’s impossible!”

Lei Shan trembled, and Fang Lin mumbled. Going different directions, they used the techniques they saved for protecting their lives with no hesitation as long as they could run away faster.

The evil spirits around the little girl did not suck in any of the black mists made by the pellets, all of them quiet as the lost look in their eyes came back once more, drifting about the area.

Only the girl, who stood in the middle of the evil beasts, raised her head slowly, her eyes pitch black. She didn’t look at where Lei Shan and Fang Lin ran off to, but looked in the direction of Bai Xiaochun, who was far away. The edge of her lips was pulled once more as another smile emerged. A while later, she swayed her body and flew to where Lei Shan was running.

In the depths of the Meteoric Sword World, Bai Xiaochun had been flying without rest for two days before finally stoppin. Regarding the white clothed girl among the evil spirits, he was still very shocked. When he thought about how his earth pulse qi had already reached more than ninety percent and how he would be completing an earth pulse qi attractor soon, his excitement rose again. Using his pellets in a small area, he started attracting evil beasts and resume collecting earth pulse qi once more.

Two days later, when he gathered the earth pulse qi from tens of evil beasts in another area, the earth pulse qi in his dao bottle neared completion finally as he killed relentlessly, the grey liquid boiling as it was visibly solid. Soon, the dao bottle started making cracking sounds as he abruptly shattered.

Following the shattering of the bottle, a gray gem stone appeared in Bai Xiaochun’s palm. Holding it, he had a feeling that a resonance was seemingly created between him and this world- the gem stone, the key between him and this world.

“Success!” Bai Xiaochun breathed rapidly, feeling very intense. All he had to do now was to put in massive amounts of his qi, and he would reach foundation establishment. Taking a deep breath, he understood that he couldn’t be careless. He had to choose a comparitively safer place to ascend to foundation establishment- otherwise, if he was interrupted, he’d regret that for the rest of his life.

“Foundation establishment, foundation establishment, haha!” Bai Xiaochun held down his excitement, and was just about to find a safe place when he suddenly felt a cold air blowing at his back, his neck feeling cool as Bai Xiaochun stood there stunned. Subconsciously, he turned his head and saw that there was soething almost sticking onto him for who knows how long… a face!

That was a creepy expression, the lips tightly pulled into a laugh… The face of a little girl!

Everything quieted down instantly… Bai Xiaochun widened his eyes big as the hairs on his body stood up, the fire of his life flickering as all his insticts screamed at him- the girl before him was extremely dangrous!

“Big brother, why don’t you play with me.”

Her voice was eerie, and when it sounded out, the surroundings chilled. It was at that instant that Bai Xiaochun noticed a blood colored teddy bear with no skin in the arms of the little girl…

Upon a closer look, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes and heart rumbled. That wasn’t a teddy bear, that was… a skinned, skinny cultivator! Another closer look showed it to be clearly the Lei Shan that blocked Bai Xiaochun earlier!

A great second Heaven’s Chosen of the Mystic River Sect, at this moment was obviously still alive as he was in the little girl’s arms. He had, however, lost his tongue, unable to make a sound as he trembled non stop.

Bai Xiaochun’s tongue was dry as he quickly stepped backwards, his whole body trembling as an intense fear enveloped him, especially when he remembered that the girl was behind him for a long time without him even realizing that. It made him shudder with fear even more.

“Big brother has something to do… Um, why don’t you go find someone else to play with you… There’s this guy called Song Que, and another guy called Jiu Dao. Oh yeah, there was also that Fang Lin you also saw earlier, you… you can go get them to play with you.” Bai Xiaochun was almost crying as he quickly steeped backwards, seeing the girl creepily charge at him as she smiled, closing in and sucking in a deep breath.

That suction made Bai Xiaochun’s brain buzz as all his life in his entire body shook, as if it was being sucked out of his body. If it was anyone else, that life would leave his body instantly.

But Bai Xiaochun’s body was very strong, and the undying longevity technique’s silver light shined out abruptly as it barely held out. At theat moment, Bai Xiaochun let out a miserable roar as he felt his very life being threatened, forcing him to take out three odd pills and throw them far away with a big throw.

The instant the pellets shot out, the little girl’s eyes shined as she happily took her attention off Bai Xiaochun, darting off after the pellets.

Face pale, Bai Xiaochun took the chance and turned, running away with explosive speed, not caring about anything else as he rumbled into the distance.

The girl didn’t chase after him, putting the pellets into her mouth as her pupils grew even darker, her face turning to where Bai Xiaochun was running with a creepy smile on it.
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