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A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 149 - That Just Depends On Uncle Bai“s Will

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“These aren’t evil beasts, they’re freaking devils!” Bai Xiaochun’s heart was beating loudly as he ran for his life, trembling. The instant his eyes had locked onto that little girl's, he clearly felt that his life was being threatened, an extremely intense sensation, as if each inch of his blood and flesh was all screaming at once.

He had a feeling that if he was too slow in his escape, it would be his death!

That sensation of death made Bai Xiaochun tremble. Breathing rapidly, his eyes reddened as he increased his speed, flying along through the Ancient Blade World as he headed into the deeper parts.

One day later, he looked back multiple times to make sure that there weren’t any evil spirits chasing him, especially that little girl. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief.

“There’s something wrong with that little girl in the white shirt! She was originally the same as all the other evil spirits, but her Qi, her soul (I don't know if you meant soul but it seems right), all changed after she ate that odd pellet!” Bai Xiaochun recalled the very frightening scene from yesterday.

“What went wrong in refining the pill this time…?” Bai Xiaochun made a crying face as he wanted to give up slightly, but after remembering that the pellets could actually attract evil beasts, he decided not to. Clenching his teeth, he moved forward once more, searching for evil beasts as he researched the possible errors in his own recipe. Three days passed, and finally, after making adjustments to his recipe, He gathered his determination before reopening the furnace to start refining again.

This time, there wasn’t any lightning, and no odd changes as well. As the medicinal fragrance came out, Bai Xiaochun refined four purple pellets, and with them, he carefully went out to try them out, ready to escape the moment that any evil spirits appear again.

It wasn’t long before the nothingness around him rippled, evil beast after evil beast shot towards Bai Xiaochun’s direction, attracted by the pellets. Bai Xiaochun didn’t dare to attack immediately, instead quickly flying back to observe his surroundings.

There were over twenty evil beasts being attracted, and still no evil spirits appeared. Only then did Bai Xiaochun let out a sigh of relief, excitement replacing his worries.

“Success!” Bai Xiaochun laughed out loudly as he took out a talisman to stick onto his body, instantly enveloping him in a protective multi-coloured light. He charged into the group of evil beasts, his speed fast, and his skin tough as the wooden blade in his hand turned into a rainbow, fluttering like silk as the battle with more than twenty evil beasts ensued.

With the death of each evil beast, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shone with more and more crazy glee. Wave after wave of earth pulse qi went to him, collected by his dao bottle, the grey liquid inside it was increasing continuously.

A while later, after killing off all the evil beasts in the area, Bai Xiaochun looked happily with satisfaction at the dao bottle in his hand. In only a short while, he had managed to collect a few days’ worth.

Taking a deep breath, he put away the pellets and changed direction, choosing another area. He took out the pellet and waited with anticipation, and soon after, evil beasts started appearing. With a loud laugh, Bai Xiaochun immediately started attacking them.

Time passed, and with the help of the pellets, the grey liquid in Bai Xiaochun’s dao bottle increased with each passing day. This speed of collecting was shocking, and after another few more days, marked the first complete month of Bai Xiaochun’s time in the Ancient Blade Abyss world since he had first stepped in, and his dao bottle was filled to almost eighty percent with Earth Pulse Qi.

“Twenty percent left!” Bai Xiaochun was excited, he didn’t know the progress of other people, but he felt that the people who had collected more than him shouldn’t be more than a few.

But his personality dictated that he preferred a more stable progress. Making his decision, he decided to charge up the bottle to a hundred percent with one breath!

“I need more and more evil beasts!” Bai XIaochun licked his lips as he flew to the deeper parts of the Ancient Blade World, teeth clenched. After finding an area with many openings, he took out two pellets at once, decisively crumbling them into dust and scattering them about in order to attract more beasts.

Soon, the space started twisting in the distance, and evil beasts started coming out in waves. Bai Xiaochun attacked without delay, and as the rumbling of the battle echoed, silks of Earth Pulse Qi assimilated into the dao bottle with the death of each evil beast.

Because Bai Xiaochun crumbled the pellets into dust, and because of the location, which, despite not being the lowest and deepest area, was still very close to the bottom, and the evil beasts here were very large in number. If one were to search for them, the beasts would only appear when one gets close to them, perhaps because of the deep sleep most of them were in. At the moment, however, the beasts were all waking up by themselves and charging in Bai Xiaochun’s direction.

Slowly, the evil beasts here weren’t just a few tens in number, but almost a hundred, with most of them being at the middle level and the occasional high level Great Evil Beast. Only one of these Great Evil Beasts needed the allied efforts of a few Heaven’s Chosen to take it down.

Towards the end, the rate of Bai Xiaochun’s killing became lower than the rate of increasing evil beasts, and the evil beasts in the vicinity, slowly, reached two hundred, still increasing. This was a number that any cultivator would go crazy after seeing.

There were already some disciples of the other four sects noticing this, and they quickly made their way over to kill some of the beasts on the sides. When one youth in particular was passing by, he paused after seeing the evil beasts gathering there. With a careful look at everyone present, he stepped into the crowd of evil beasts and started attacking as well.

The youth’s attacks were cruel and vicious. His appearance instantly made the Pellet River Sect disciples grow excited, and as Bai Xiaochun glanced at him from a distance, he quickly recognized the person as Pellet River Sect’s number one, Jiao Fanglin!

The fact that the evil beasts that Bai Xiaochun himself had attracted were being killed by other people displeased Bai Xiaochun a little, but after realizing that it would be hard for them to kill the beasts faster than himself, he snorted, and didn’t think much of it afterward.

Slowly, when the cultivators in the area reached more than forty people, a balance was met between the arrival of new beasts and the people ready to kill them, all of them were very delighted as they slew them together.

Some of the people there were, in fact, Spirit River Sect disciples, and upon noticing Bai Xiaochun, they slowly made their way to him, and under his wing, reaped an even larger harvest.

Bai Xiaochun was very excited as he looked at the dao bottle’s Earth Pulse Liquid, already ninety percent full. With a few more beasts, he would be able to form an earth pulse qi attractor*. In this instant, however, a sudden burst of ten rainbows came soaring down from far above. *(I don't know if you want to put this in capitals or not)

The figures in the rainbow all wore the same clothing, all of them were Mystic River Sect disciples. Their leader was a huge man, with lightning surrounding his body, he was intimidating.

His appearance caused the faces on all the four sects’ disciples to change, with only the Pellet River Sect not even bothering to take a look, too busy killing the evil beasts around them.

“Lei Shan!”

“Mystic River Sect’s top two, Heaven’s Chosen Lei Shan. Damn it, if it was only him it wouldn’t be that bad, but why does he have so many people following behind him!”

But just as the expressions on the people gathered here changed, so did Lei Shan’s, bursting into a delightful face as he saw the amount of evil beasts here. He heard about a weird pool of beasts forming here from a disciple of his own sect who was on his way, quickly rushing here.

“I only have forty percent left before I can make an earth pulse qi attractor. If I kill all the evil beasts here it’d be completed!” Lei Shan was laughing at the sky when the Mystic Sect disciples beside him understood his meaning. One long faced youth stepped out with wide strides as he chuckled, speaking coldly out at the entire area.

“Any people not from the Mystic River Sect, scram immediately, this is Mystic River Sects' territory now!” As he spoke, the disciples of the three other sects stared back angrily, and the Mystic River Sect disciples already present started laughing, quickly joining Lei Shan’s group, numbering thirty people.

These thirty people, under Lei Shan’s leadership, took control of the area by force, killing anyone who tried to resist instantly. It wasn’t long before the place erupted into chaos.

“Within ten breaths, leave all your dao bottles and get out of here!”

“Those who refuse to leave, why don’t you leave your lives here as well!” As the Mystic River Sect’s crowd’s eyes shone, the people from the Blood River Sect looked at each other, immediately stepping back and leaving.

The disciples of the Blood River Sect were all solitary people, similar to foxes and wolves, making even Lei Shan unwilling to force them too much. He allowed the Blood River Sect disciples to leave peacefully.

The Pellet River Sect disciples felt helpless, their only option for them was to leave. Lei Shan hesitated, seeing Fanglin in the middle of a group of evil beasts. He didn’t want to go against someone like Fanglin, suspecting that the terrifying war zones he saw half a month earlier was caused by Fanglin while he was battle with other people.

He was also very shocked at the battlefield, and in his hesitation, allowed the Pellet River Sect disciples to leave as well. As for Fanglin, Lei Shan made a note to himself, to never cross paths with him, so long as he didn’t cross his.

Seeing the departure of Blood River Sect and Pellet River Sect, the disciples of the Spirit River Sect all looked towards Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun was furious, but the opponent simply had too many people, with his own people numbering less than ten. A fight here might not get him killed, but that wasn’t the same for the other people with him, it’d be a gruesome death count.

“Let’s leave, it’s just a beast tide, after all. Uncle Bai will make another one for you guys later!” Clenching his teeth, Bai Xiaochun was just about to leave when Lei Shan, who was watching them from afar, started laughing suddenly.

The people from the Blood River Sect were all vicious, so he didn’t want to force them too much. The Pellet River Sect had Fanglin with them, and so he didn’t want to mess with them either. The Spirit River Sect, however, had only one Bai Xiaochun, while all the others were normal disciples. Recalling the introduction regarding Bai Xiaochun in the sect jade scroll, Lei Shan looked down on him, his scorn reflecting in his eyes.

“Spirit River Sect disciples, you can go, but the dao bottles stays! Otherwise don’t think that any of you are leaving!” The killing intent in Lei Shan’s eyes shone, and the faces of the Spirit River Sect disciples changed. Bai Xiaochun got angrier.

“You stole my evil beasts, and now you want my dao bottle? Isn’t that a little too much bullying?”

“That’s what we’re doing. You want to blame something, blame the fact that there’s no strong people in your group!” Snorting coldly, Lei Shan flung his body out, heading straight for the Spirit River Sect. The other Mystic River Sect disciples grinned as they closed in from all sides.

“Uncle Bai!”

“What do we do, Uncle Bai!” Just as the disciples of the Spirit River Sect was worrying, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes reddened. Raising his right hand, he revealed a black pellet in his palm, the pellet that was attracting the beasts.

“After I throw this pellet down, you guys…” With red eyes, Bai Xiaochun had just started speaking solemnly, when all the disciples around him took a deep breath, upon seeing what he took out, their faces were more shocked and worried than when the Mystic River Sect came. At full speed, all of them exploded away, avoiding it before Bai Xiaochun had even finished his words.

“That’s… The legendary aphrodisiac pellet?”

“Oh god, don’t tell me they work on the evil beasts as well!”

“Uncle Bai is a godlike figure, whether it works on the beasts or not, that just depends on Uncle Bai’s will… Leave, quickly! It’ll get dangerous if you’re not fast enough!”
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