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A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 147 - A Strange Pill is Born!

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Chapter 147 A Strange Pill is Born!


“The Spirit Creek Sect are a bunch of arrogant contemporaries. This is a Middle Grade Fiend Beast, and it is far superior to the other Low Grade Fiend Beasts. This person is courting death!” The four surrounding Blood Creek Sect disciples sneered one after the other. They could imagine what would happen next; without a doubt, the Fiend Beast would rip alive the body of this Spirit Creek Sect disciple into shreds.

However, it was in this instant that sneers appeared on the faces of these four people. Then suddenly, their whole bodies violently shuddered. They widened their eyes and revealed an expression of disbelief and shock.

In their eyes Bai Xiaochun with his dishevelled hair, raised his right hand. In that instant he pressed his hand towards the gigantic bear, this huge bear roared and let out bursts of frightening snarls. The huge bear suddenly raised its head, as though it wanted to ram into Bai Xiaochun’s arm, waiting to strike Bai Xiaochun’s body along with his arm into a pulp of flesh.

However, it was in this instant that the bear’s head touched Bai Xiaochun’s hand that this huge bear’s body seemed as though it had been pushed down by a mountain with a loud bang, actually not having any resistive power. With a loud bang, the huge bear had actually been pressed to the ground by Bai Xiaochun’s right hand which was pressing against its throat.

A huge sound rang out from the whole of the earth and quakes as well as fluctuations appeared. Each and every single one of the four Blood Creek Sect disciples in the surroundings inhaled deeply as they found it difficult to believe everything that they had just seen.


“How can this be!”

“His strength is actually so enormous!”

The four of them swallowed a mouthful of saliva, but they were not willing to just leave like that. They looked at each other once and were somewhat hesitant. In this instance that they hesitated, Bai Xiaochun’s actions trembled the minds of these four people once more.

Bai Xiaochun simply did not pay any attention to these four Blood Creek Sect disciples beside him. In this moment, he had already completely immersed himself in his research. When he raised his left hand, a flying sword appeared and had actually cut open the fiendish beast’s arm in front of the four Blood Creek Sect disciples. Bai Xiaochun was as the same as before when researching, attentively looking at the arm after pushing them aside.

Fresh blood was shed and they turned into bursts of Earthen Pulse Qi. When that fiendish beast’s blood-curdling screech echoed out, Bai Xiaochun seemed to feel that it was noisy and conveniently cut the fiendish beast’s neck with a flick of the knife. When the sound spontaneously came to an end, the eyes of the four Blood Creek Sect disciples in the surrounding immediately protruded out of their sockets. Their bodies were trembling as they simultaneously retreated. When they looked towards Bai Xiaochun, they actually revealed a revered expression on their faces.

Bai Xiaochun was not aware of that in the slightest. Very quickly, that whole fiendish beast’s corpse had been directly separated by Bai Xiaochun in half an incense’s worth of time, turning into neatly cut up pieces of meat. Even though they were all rapidly disappearing, these scenes made those four Blood Creek Sect disciples feel as though their scalps were about to explode open.

“He… Is it that he has a grudge with the fiendish beast or is it that he likes behaving this way every time he encounters an opponent? My goodness, he is more frightening than our Blood Creek Sect!”

“It must be a special hobby of his…”

“He is…Bai Xiaochun!” Amongst the four of them, after one of them quickly took out their jade slip and identified who Bai Xiaochun was, the complexion on his face gravely changed. Once the three words, Bai Xiaochun, left his mouth, the other three people also inhaled deeply. There was no longer any hesitation left between one another as they rapidly retreated. They fled in a flash, disregarding everything.

After a long time, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes revealed excitement. His inhaled deeply and stood up with enthusiasm, walking about here and there as he waved his hand in the air from time to time.

“I now understand. These fiendish beast and fearful beasts may look alike, but they are essentially different. To them, spiritual Qi is like a huge supplementing item, similarly just like how the Earthen Pulse Qi can help Foundation Establishment cultivators! Therefore, that disciple that had been swallowed had actually disappeared without a trace and been completely engulfed in a flash…”

“Haha, I will definitely be able to refine my medicine pill!” Bai Xiaochun raised his head and looked up at the sky, loudly laughed out. He looked around at his surroundings, bearing some astonishment at the bottom of his heart. He remembered that there seemed to be a few other people here just now, but in this moment, there actually was not a single person left.

Shaking his head, Bai Xiaochun’s body swayed and he immediately dashed into the distance. After finding a cave, he retrieved a flint and started refining medicine. He had created a pill recipe in his mind. Now, he started to refine pills according to the pill recipe as well as his understanding towards the fiendish beasts in these few days.

Other than medicinal herbs, he also added a few drops of his own blood. Even then, he still felt that it was not enough, also adding a few mutually neutralising items. According to his understanding, he finally mixed them all together.

During the medicine refinement this time, when it had been carried out for four hours, a loud rumbling round came from the pill furnace. After the rumbling gradually dissipated, a medicine pill appeared. Bai Xiaochun quickly picked up the medicine pill and went out to search for fiendish beasts. Not long after, he had found one and under his experimentation, he found out that this medicine pill did not have any attractions towards the fiendish beast and was immediately disappointed.

“Something is wrong. Where exactly did the problem come from?” Bai Xiaochun was racking his brain, deep in thought. In the following days, he was once again immersed in searching for fiendish beasts. In his life of researching fiendish beasts, more than twenty days had already passed very quickly by from the time when the Meteoric Sword Abyss had opened up.

In these twenty days, it seemed as though the overwhelming majority of the disciples from the four sects had arrived at the depths of the Inner Sword World. At the same time that they were killing fiendish beasts in different regions, they were also engaging in hand-to-hand combat with one another.

The Blood Creek Sect disciples were the strongest in terms of strength and were especially savage. The Mysterious Creek Sect and Spirit Creek Sect were evenly matched adversaries, whereas the Pill Creek Sect was the weakest with the least amount of people.

Similarly, there were also battles that occurred between the Heaven’s Chosens who were recorded in each of the four great sect’s source of information. The most well-known battle was the battle between Gui Ya and the Mysterious Creek Sect’s Jiu Dao. That battle had gone on for a full day. Rumbling sounds echoed throughout and was world-shaking. In the end, Qiu Dao was defeated and he fled, sustaining serious injuries. Gui Ya had ascended to the peak with this one battle and was proclaimed as the person that could battle with Song Que.

At the same time, Gongsun Wan-er and Zhao Rou had also engaged in multiple hand-to-hand combats. They each had their own victories and defeats, yet they were still unable to kill one another.

Shangguan Tianyou on the other hand was also splendidly glorious in the Meteoric Sword Abyss trial this time. He had actually encountered the Pill Creek Sect’s Number One Heaven’s Chosen, Fang Lin, the first time he killed the fiendish beast. The two were evenly matched adversaries and it was difficult to determine the outcome of the battle.

The Blood Creek Sect’s Song Que appeared and disappeared unpredictably. He did not make his move, and there were very few people who saw him. However, the other person from the Blood Creek Sect who was in the Spirit Creek Sect’s source of information, Xu Xiaoshan, had also established an extremely large reputation for himself in this Sword Body World.

This person had so many magical treasures that it enrage/pissed off others. Everytime he attacked, it seemed as though the whole sky was filled with magical treasures, causing everyone who battled with him to view it to the point where their scalps were numb.

Yet, the person who was proclaimed as the dark horse this time amongst the disciples within the four sects was… the Spirit Creek Sect’s Beihan Lie. That person practically was not much introduced in the information that was in the jade slip of the other three sects. He was only viewed as an ordinary Heaven’s Chosen. However, no one would have thought that a huge battle would ensue a few days prior to encountering the Mysterious Creek Sect’s Lei Shan.

He was actually an evenly matched adversary with Lei Shan in this battle. Beihan Lie’s reputation suddenly spread everywhere. It needs to be noted that Lei Shan is indeed the Mysterious Creek Sect’s ranked second Heaven’s Chosen. Other than Jiu Dao, the number of people who could battle with Lei Shan in this generation of Mysterious Creek Sect disciples could be counted on the fingers.

Moreover, before this, only Beihan Lie from the Spirit Creek Sect’s Heaven’s Chosen had actually accomplish such a feat and this surprised many people.

Other than the coquettish friction and attacks respectively lead by these powerhouses within the Heaven’s Chosen, the close quarter combats between the other disciples in these more than twenty days were similarly tragic. There would be people dying every single days. Even more so, there were even some that were unlucky and had been sucked into dried humans while they were still alive after encountering the fiendish beasts that occupied this region.

Similarly, under this intense close quarter combat as well as the fight over the Earthen Pulse Qi, all of the disciples who had survived had accumulated somewhat varying amounts of Earthen Pulse Qi in their hands. In the end, as the Earthen Pulse fiendish beasts had to be in proximity to be visible, it was very difficult to find Earthen Pulse Qi. Therefore, the real close quarter combats was in the process of slowly beginning!

Regardless of whether they acted together or whether it was a trap; or if it was a powerful attack, all kinds of methods were carried out. The whole of the Meteoric Sword Abyss World was currently rapidly turning into a huge mess.

Everyone seemed to have reddened eyes, killing their enemy in order to forcibly take the Earthen Pulse Qi away, using their quickest speed to form the Earthen Pulse Qi Attraction. All of them did not want to become that last batch and all wanted to become the first batch!

It was under this intensity that Bai Xiaochun had also sensed that the whole world was filled with murderous auras. His silhouette did not appear often as he was researching and refining medicine most of the time. However, in these few times where he appeared, he had seen seventeen corpses that belonged to Spirit Creek Sect disciples.

Everytime he encountered such a corpse, he would collect the corpse without saying a word. He wanted to bring them back to the sect.

Even if he was going outside to search for fiendish beasts, he would also launch his full speed, frequently carrying out his objectives like lightning. After he immediately grabbed ahold of a fiendish beast, he would drag it away and leave, starting his research after which he would then refine medicine once more.

Under this unconscious state, the grey coloured Earthen Pulse liquid inside his Dao bottle had already accumulated to about three folds of the original. However, the matter that he paid more attention to was the refinement of his own spirit medicine.

Until now, he had already failed tens of times even to the point of failing five or six times in a day. However, the more he failed, the more Bai Xiaochun did not give up. He already understood the fiendish beast’s body like the back of his hand and was also well acquainted with the fiendish beast’s structure in his heart. So much so that he who had once sunk into a crazy state had personally experienced how the fiendish beast killed cultivators for a moment.

When he felt that that was not an attack on the flesh, rather it was a kind of opportunity to live by engulfing oneself, all of the experience that he had accumulated all these days exploded. He chose a remote cave and cultivated with reddened eyes.

This time, he had refined for as long as five days. In these five days, he did not take a single step outside. In these five days, he had failed tens of times. Finally, when dusk fell on the fifth day, when the sky was a dusky panorama while many regions in this world are fighting at close quarters, the pill furnace in front of Bai Xiaochun let out a tremendous explosive sound like the sudden clap of thunder. In the instance when this sound rang out, the explosive sound even spread to half of the Meteoric Sword World.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

This sound continuously echoed as if the heavenly thunder that split the heavens and earth apart had exploded. Even a field of black clouds had appeared in mid air outside of Bai Xiaochun’s cave dwelling and was currently intensely rolling about. Within the black clouds, wisps of white gas that were curled up could actually be faintly seen!

In this half Meteoric Sword World, all of the disciples from the four sects all paused for a moment and simultaneously looked in the direction that Bai Xiaochun was at.

Gui Ya was currently speeding along. After he heard this noise, both his eyes flashed.

At another place, Song Que was currently attentively examining an unremarkable stone wall. When he heard this noise, he too was stunned for a moment.

“What is this commotion?”

“The most valuable treasure is born!” In this moment, the Blood Creek Sect’s Xu Xiaoshan eyeballs were bulging out. He was breathing rapidly and accelerated as he sped along.

Additionally, the Mysterious Creek Sect’s Lei Shan was not especially far away from there. He clearly had the same thoughts as Xu Xiaoshan. In this moment, his eyes revealed excitement and curiosity as his speed was even faster.

This thunder and strange occurrence not only attracted cultivators, but also… fiendish beasts!

Even more so, this attracted… In the Meteoric Blade World, the most mysterious and incomparably strange… fiendish soul!
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