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Chapter 124 - Great Technique Of Controlling Man

Purple Qi Melting Cauldron Technique->Purple Qi Cauldron Forming Technique
Bai Xiaochun didn’t continue to accept challenges anymore; he just followed the road that the disciples of the North Bank had opened for him. His expression had a hint of melancholy and helplessness as he lightly shook his head and slowly walked away.

Under the complicated looks of the countless disciples of the North Bank, Bai Xiaochun gradually walked further away. When he was far enough, he let out a sigh of regret. Bai Xiaochun flourished his sleeve and muttered to himself

“Ai. It’s was my mistake... I should keep a low profile.” Although the look on his face appeared to be sad, his heart was actually brimming with pride and excitement. However, his outer apperance kept that melancholic and lonely look, causing his back figure to become desolate…

Looking at Bai Xiaochun’s back figure, the disciples of the North Bank had complicated emotions, they were unable to tell what they were feeling. The Gongsun siblings, Xu Song, and Beihan Lie felt unwillingness in their hearts, but a feeling of powerlessness also rose within their hearts.

They had already tried their best to catch up and had already thought that they had overtook him. However, they realised that there was an even further distance between them. This sort of feeling made them turn silent.

“Perhaps between him and Gui Ya there will be a… Legacy Order after many years!” Xu Song let out a light sigh from the bottom of his heart, the Gongsun siblings already had a similar thought that appeared in their hearts.

Beihan Lie’s body trembled as he clenched his fist. He did not give up because he knew that he couldn’t give up. Everytime he recalled the misery which occured to him during the Heaven’s Chosen War, he felt as if there was an invisible whip that was whipping him.

The moment Beihan Lie clenched his teeth, an arm was placed on his shoulder. It was his elder brother, the Number One Heaven’s Chosen of the Setting Sun Peak, Beihan Feng. He had been waiting here for a long time. One of the challenges that Bai Xiaochun did not continue accepting had also belonged to him.

After seeing Bai Xiaochun’s strength after this one month with his own eyes, Beihan Feng knew that, he… was absolutely not a match for Bai Xiaochun even if he was currently at the tenth layer of Qi Condensation.

In front of the frightening strength of Bai Xiaochun’s fleshy body and his unimaginable speed, it would be as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

“Bro…” Beihan Lie looked towards his elder brother.

“Your aptitude is better than mine so diligently cultivate. A temporary defeat doesn’t matter. Within the older generations of the Legacy Order, there were some seniors who were unremarkable during Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment. However, after they accumulated their knowledge and slowly unleashed it, they managed to surpass the Heaven’s Chosen of their generation.

Beihan Lie went silent. After a long time, he forcefully nodded his head.

“In the future, do not provoke Bai Xiaochun. No matter how evil he previously was, at this moment, he has obtained respect. At the same time, his way of handling things is worthy for you to learn. Understand proper behaviour, and when to advance and retreat. Don’t be confused by illusions or be tempted by wealth. With only an eternal perseverance, this man… is very scary.” Beihan Feng muttered in a low voice.

It was not only Beihan Feng who was like this. Almost every single one of the more than the two thousand inner sect disciples that had not fought with Bai Xiaochun had this this sort of lament at this moment.

Bai Xiaochun was a verysly person. He did not forcibly continue the challenges that the North Bank had taken the initiative to issue. This was to maintain the face of the two thousand people and the North Bank.

After all, there was already no meaning in accepting more challenges. The amount of contribution points that he acccumulated had already reached an extremely terrifying level. The best method of solving this problem was to refrain from bringing it up and letting the challenges become invalid after half a year.

This method not only allowed to North Bank to save face, but also reduced the number of unnecessary foes.

Nobody spoke. All of the disciples of the North Bank that were here turned silent. Many of the people began to acknowledge Bai Xiaochun's intentions, and the more they understood this, the more they respected Bai Xiaochun.

The four Ancestors of the North Bank were hovering in midair, and their gazes were solemn.

“This Bai Xiaochun is even stronger than he was during the Heaven’s Chosen War…”

“That child Gui Ya has always been in seclusion, preparing to enter Foundation Establishment. Out of these two, who will be the strongest disciple in this generation... and after a few years, who will enter the Legacy Order and become one of the Ancestors of my Spirit Creek Sect?”

“Entering the Legacy Order is truly too hard. If you cannot enter the Golden Core stage within two sixty year cycles, you can’t be a part of the Legacy Order. After two sixty year cycles, even if you enter the Golden Core stage, you will only be a Grand Elder. Gui Ya would be good, Bai Xiaochun would be fine, but they still have a long way to go… However, if they really can become a part of the Legacy Order that can surpass me and the other Ancestors, then they would be permitted to enter the deepest heritage of my Spirit Creek Sect, the Spirit Creek Mystic Realm. Not only does that area have the inheritances of the Grand Elder, if they are lucky, they can even meet… the Spirit Creek Patriarch!”

“Until today, there are not even twenty people that have entered the Legacy Order in the Spirit Creek Mystic Realm… Only they are the immortal legacies of my Spirit Creek Sect. Every single one of them are the pillars of my Spirit Creek Sect… We already have no hope, and can only be the Ancestors that guard the mountain. On the other hand, Li Qinghou… his hope is the greatest!”

The four Ancestors of the North Bank looked at each other and were deeply moved. When they talked about Bai Xiaochun, they also thought about Li Qinghou.

After a long time, the crowd near the Testing Stage slowly dispersed. The entire North Bank was also quiet during the following period of days. Regardless of whether it was the inner or outer sect disciples, all them were scared; their fear was also reflected during this period of time, and almost all of the disciples in the North Bank had began cultivating in madness.

Perhaps they did not see Bai Xiaochun as an enemy anymore, but saw him as a target to surpass. This explosive power made the four Ancestors of the North Bank very happy.

Time passed, and within the blink of an eye, half a year passed.

Bai Xiaochun was still in the Hundred Beasts Courtyard and had not left it. He spent the whole day cultivating either the Dragon-Elephant’s Ocean Forming Scripture or the Water Nation Technique. Even more of his time was spent on observing all of the spirit beasts in this area.

No matter whether it was the docile or violent natured beasts, they slowly became close with him under his untiring hard work. Also, Bai Xiaochun was already very familiar with every place in this forest due to his many strolls.

Above all, there was a mountain stream in the depts of the forest. It was incomparably pitch-black, and from afar, anyone could see countless Black Qi coming out from it. This was the famous Ancient Beast Abyss of the North Bank.

According to the rumours, this place lead to a secret realm after passing through the 9th level of Hell. There were countles spirit beasts there, and it was temporarily sealed by the Spirit Creek Patriarch after spending an enormous price, thus turning it into one of the heritages of the sect. It was the main source of the spirit beasts necessary for the cultivation of the disciples of the North Bank.

This secret realm’s origin was unfathomable. After the Spirit Creek Sect explored it for ten thousand years, they had only explored a small area of it. However, they had to reseal it every few hundred years, and every time that they opened it, the price they paid was not small. Although the secret realm needed such enormous expenses, its countless resources had also become one of the reasons of the North Bank’s gradual rise.

At the same time, this Ancient Beast Abyss was also the resting place of the Spirit Creek Sect’s guardian beast, the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon. Its presence in itself was a part of the seal.

The sect’s guardian treasure, the supreme Heaven’s Edge Sword that had been spirit refined nine times, was refined from a horn that the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon had cast off during that year.

Its cultivation was terrifying, and even Zheng Yuandong had to address this Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon as his senior. During that year when the Spirit Creek Sect had slaughtered its way from the endstream of the Tongtian River to the midstream and obtained the qualifications to set up the sect here, the acheivements of this Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon that followed the Spirit Creek Patriarch could not go unnoticed.

Bai Xiaochun stood outside the mountain stream of the Ancient Beast Abyss and extended his head out to take a few looks. He had already come here many times, and he had learned the history of this place, as well as the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon from the North Bank’s sect rules jade slip.

After he habitually threw a great amount of pills that were specially refined for spirit beasts inside of the mountain stream, Bai Xiaochun coughed and shouted.

“Senior Heaven’s Edge, this junior Bai Xiaochun has come again and would like to use the Earth Fire Vein here for a while. As for the old rules about the fee... I’ll just use pills as a replacement.” After Bai Xiaochun finished throwing his pills, he didn’t care whether there was a reply or not and ran to the cave that he opened up near the mountain stream.

After he arrived at the forest in the Hundred Beasts Courtyard, he had quickly discovered there were marks of an Earth Fire Vein. Therefore, he dug out this stone cave, and sure enough, he found an Earth Fire Vein. This had become his pill refining room in the North Bank, and the pills that he had given the spirit beasts to eat were all refined in this place.

Only, after he thought about what he had read in the sect rules jade slip, which had an introduction for the history of this place, he felt that he should guard against the unexpected. Therefore, every time he came here, he would throw a great amount of pills towards the mountain stream as a fee.

Even though there was no sound or change that had occured after he had thrown the pills into the mountain stream, Bai Xiaochun still retained this habit, even if he gradually didn’t pay attention to it.

Yet another month passed. When Bai Xiaochun walked out from the stone cave, his eyes shone brightly, and he had a prideful look on his face as excitement appeared in his eyes.

His medicine refinement went very smoothly this time. He had a Grade 2 spirit medicine in his hand, which had already reached perfection. At this moment, his cultivation finally stopped slowly increasing, and instead, he rose directly to the peak level of the ninth layer of Qi Condensation.

“Haha, I won’t need much time to step into the tenth layer of Qi Condensation! Then I can start preparing for Foundation Establishment!” Bai Xiaochun was excited. During this half year, his Impenetrable Silver Skin also had slight improvements.

At this moment, he felt that his cultivation had finally found a correct path. Bai Xiaochun started to attempt the Purple Qi Cauldron Forming Technique. Following the appearances of cauldrons, Bai Xiaochun was pleasantly surprised to find that he had already thoroughly mastered this magical technique to the heart.

Within his happiness, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shone brightly. He thought about the times when he constantly pondered about creating a new technique.

Great Technique of Controlling Man! Perhaps it was due to the fight with the Fallen Chen Clan during that year, recalling that scene of him controlling Chen Heng during that moment of crisis made a very deep impression in Bai Xiaochun’s mind. At this moment, he was eager to give it a try.

Although there were no cultivators that were nearby for him to try out the technique, this place was still the Hundred Beasts Courtyard which had a large amount of spirit beasts. After Bai Xiaochun thought of this, he was immediately excited as he ran out, looking for spirit beasts in the forest. After he found a spirit beast, he immediately used them to practice his Great Technique of Controlling Man.

After many days, the entire forest was messed up. Bai Xiaochun helplessly found out that his Great Technique of Controlling Man was unable to completely control the spirit beasts that had an enormous body or a profound cultivation. Only a petite spirit beast or one that was at the fifth layer of Qi Condensation or below could be barely controlled.

Depressed, Bai Xiaochun refused to believe that he could not do it. He summarised his methods and continued to ponder about this Great Technique of Controlling Man. He faintly felt that this sort of technique which relied on his own spirit force to control the body of an opponent by overpowering the willpower of an opponent, was missing a key ingredient.

If he could find that missing part, perhaps… he could succeed!

As Bai Xiaochun was practicing this Great Technique of Controlling Man, a pair of deep blue eyes became visible within the Ancient Beast Abyss; it had been opened at some unknown time. They followed Bai Xiaochun who was in the forest and then gazed at his Great Technique of Controlling Man. It's eyes showed a hint of amazement.

“Controlling Man… the old monster of the Han Sect from that year also had this thought.” Within the Ancient Beast Abyss, a muttering that contained the vicissitudes of life within it was sent out.
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