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Chapter 120 - Chalenging Bai Xiaochun!

Following the voice, the originally overbearing tiger suddenly stopped, descended from the sky, lied down, and even wagged its tail. It caused dust and dead leaves to stir up, and it lifted its huge head, with its tongue sticking out, obediently looking at the enormous figure who walked over.

That impressive figure was a ten zhang tall pangolin, which was exuding a fierce aura from its whole body. Its green eyes held indifference in them as it walked over, step by step.

This change was too fast, making Sun Wen dumbfounded. The two outer sect disciples behind him took a deep breath, and were also dumbstruck by what just happened.

The female disciple became confused. The reversal of the flying tiger’s attitude, and the arrival of the pangolin made her have an inconceivable feeling. She was unable to imagine that the flying tiger that made Senior Brother Sun be overwhelmed with shock would actually lie on the floor and actually put on a lovable face, all because of a single sentence. This... and its previous fierce and mighty appearance, was just too different, it made her stupified.

“The ten great combat beasts?” The male outer sect disciple behind Sun Wen muttered in a low voice, disbelief was clear in his voice. When he rose his head, the enormous pangolin entered his line of sight as he took a deep breath.

“Armored… Mountain Beast…” Sun Wen dubiously looked up at the enormous pangolin. Its mere pressure made him feel fearful. This was especially so when he saw a thin figure sitting on the back of the pangolin, which caused his mind to buzz, making him involuntarily cry out.

“It’s you!”

The person sitting on the enormous pangolin was, indeed, Bai Xiaochun. He stood up and jumped down to the flying tiger, patting it on its head.

“You went to scare people again!” Bai Xiaochun was very angry. The flying tiger blinked its eyes and lowered its head; it rubbed its head against Bai Xiaochun’s leg. This scene made Sun Wen feel as though a thunder struck his mind, and the two outer sect disciples behind him were completely dumbfounded.

“My bad, Little Tiger doesn’t really have any evil intentions. It’s just mischievous and likes to scare people. Little Tiger, go apologise.” Bai Xiaochun kicked the flying tiger with his leg.

Although the flying tiger felt that it had been wronged, it still leaned its head over to the three disciples and let out a low growl. Although the roar was low, it still sounded like thunderclap, causing the shocked three people to tremble from the bottom of their hearts.

Bai Xiaochun’s gaze swept across the three people, and he recognised Sun Wen, but he pretended to not recognise him. He then asked with a smile,“You guys have come to choose a combat beast, I presume.”

“We… We have come to choose our combat beasts…” That female outer sect disciple forcefully swallowed her saliva and quickly spoke. She looked at Bai Xiaochun with a panicked expression. Senior Brother Sun, who was beside her, was already scared of the combat beast, but that combat beast actually became as obedient as a dog under the legs of that person. This scene was really too frightening.

“Fine, since we have met, we must’ve have been brought together by fate. I’ll help you guys out.” Bai Xiaochun gave a dry cough. During moments such as these, he was always very enthusiastic, and therefore, he raised his head and shouted loudly.

After the shout echoed outwards, the floor quickly shook following the arrival of a figure rapidly running over. The figure appeared in front of Bai Xiaochun, and turned into a huge ape, which excitedly grinned towards Bai Xiaochun, patting its chest with its fist as it unceasingly cried out.

“Little Monkey, go to one side, you’re not suitable for them.” Bai Xiaochun waved his hand, and the huge ape immediately had a long face as it ran to one side.

Sun Wen’s body trembled as he immediately recognised the ape as the fierce Nightwalker Ape which was within the ten great combat beasts. A few years ago, he had personally witnessed this Nightwalker Ape bloodily twist the head of a Water Wood Lion when it was still alive.

However, at this moment, this ape was actually in front of Bai Xiaochun, obediently listening to him. Sun Wen as if he was dreaming.

Meanwhile, an enormous bear charged over, and when it reached Bai Xiaochun, it actually stood up with its two legs, unceasingly shaking its butt.

“Little Bear, stop jumping around, there are other people here.” Bai Xiaochun had a headache. The enormous bear fiercely looked at the three people and let out a low growl.

“Sky...Sky Fire Bear, it’s actually dancing…” Sun Wen stared blankly at the sight in front of him as waves surged in his mind. He was already in this state, and the other two outer sect disciples were even more shocked. But quickly, their shock increased tenfold, changing into unprecedented fear.

All around them, the earth was shaking, and quickly, spirit beasts appeared one after another, and when the last one arrived, the area became extremely crowded; there were several hundreds of spirit beasts! Those beasts that arrived weren’t those docile beasts that the three of them had previously seen, and were instead, imcomparably fierce beasts.

Even if Sun Wen was an inner sect disciple, his legs turned soft with the appearance of these hundreds of spirit beasts. The faces of the two outer sect disciples had already turned deathly white, and the intense feeling of danger made their minds tremble until they lost self-control.

“Choose one.” Bai Xiaochun coughed and intentionally spoke his words profoundly.

Sun Wen was at a loss. He was unable to imagine how Bai Xiaochun had actually made all of the spirit beasts in this area listen to him in a mere half year.

And when he thought about himself, who stayed here for many years, endless bitterness filled his heart. This distinct contrast made, not only him, but the intestines of the male outer sect disciple behind him turn green.

He looked at those beasts with envy and the bitterness in his heart won, causing him to be silent. He hated himself for carelessly picking a fighting beast earlier. If only he had waited and met this mystical Senior Brother, then he too would have this astonishing good luck. But now...he didn’t have that good luck anymore.

The body of the female outer sect disciple trembled with disbelief, and she promptly pointed at a huge bird. That bird who had a whole body filled with black feathers cried out, and its natural fierceness dissipated under Bai Xiaochun’s watch, allowing the Beast Controlling Power of the girl to enter its body. After it slowly signed the contract, it flew in midair, circling around the air.

Bai Xiaochun laughed, and with a wave of his hand, all of the surrounding beasts instantly dispersed. He jumped on to the back of the pangolin, which made a low growl and turned around, taking Bai Xiaochun away.

The girl could not believe that she had actually succeeded, so she suddenly shouted at the distant Bai Xiaochun.

“Senior Brother, can you tell me your name?”

When Bai Xiaochun who was standing on the back of the pangolin heard this, he was pleased from the bottom of his heart, and slowly raised his chin; the appearance of a lonely expert involuntarily appearing on his body, as he naturally flourished his sleeve.

“I am called Bai Xiaochun.”

His profound words fluttered in the wind. The figure of Bai Xiaochun standing on the figure, clasping his hands behind his back, the changpao blown by the wind, his hair swaying and the melancholy on his body, had reached the point of perfection after the hard work of many years, and it was already hard to tell whether it was real or fake.

This appearance on his immediately left an endless imprint on that female disciple’s heart, as she became infatuated...

“Bai Xiaochun? This name sounds familiar…” The male outer sect disciple stared blankly for a moment, before he quickly widened his eyes, showing an expression of disbelief.

“North Bank’s number one enemy!”

The female disciple also went blank for a moment and took a deep breath. She also remembered the name Bai Xiaochun, but she was unable to imagine the rumoured North Bank’s number one enemy as that melancholic figure in front of her.

The three people were at a loss and silently left the Hundred Beasts Courtyard.

Inside the forest, Bai Xiaochun was sitting on the pangolin. Only when he sensed that the people behind him weren’t paying attention anymore, did he get rid of the appearance of a lonely expert, and complacently hummed a small tune, throwing a pill when he saw a small beast.

During this half year, the spirit beasts in this area were imcomparably obedient to him. Besides the fact that he was sincere towards these beasts, another reason was the pills that he gave them.

These pills made the potential of the spirit beasts in this area increase, and naturally, the spirit beasts in this area had a good opinion of Bai Xiaochun, and was very close with him.

Obviously, not all of the beasts were like that. There were still some beasts that were vigilant towards him. However, Bai Xiaochun didn’t mind that, and he was extremely happy in the Hundred Beasts Courtyard during this half a year.

Especially because of the Rearing Beast Seed that he planted behind the pavilion, which had already germinated by now, making Bai Xiaochun extremely excited.

And the good things didn’t stop. Under his half a year of studying beasts, Bai Xiaochun realised that his pressure while cultivating the Water Nation technique increased, and although his Spirit of Life hadn’t appeared, it was obvious that it had another strand of fierceness.

Following this, Bai Xiaochun could tell that he would definitely be able to create a Spirit of Life if he continued cultivating this Water Nation technique. He was very curious what his Spirit of Life would be.

He was even more expectant about what fighting strength he would be able to display if he finished cultivating the Water Nation technique, which was ranked as the strongest secret technique along with Gui Ya’s Nightwalker technique.

With his anticipation and cultivation, yet another month passed, and the amount of time that Bai Xiaochun had stayed in the North Bank was already half a year.* Although he had not gone outside, and thought that he was keeping a low profile, in reality, the fact that the spirit beasts in the Hundred Beasts Courtyard were obedient to him was slowly spread out by the disciples that came to obtain a combat beast.

(*ED Note: Bai Xiaochun should have been in the sect for more than half a year, but raws say it’s just half a year.)

Swiftly, many of the sect’s disciples heard about this. Especially Bai Xiaochun’s previous actions, which were the main subject of the conversations of the disciples of the North Bank. The things that he had done during the Heaven’s Chosen War caused countless people clench their teeth. Every time they thought about it, they would also think about Beihan Lie, which made a thorn appear in the hearts of many people. Whenever they looked at their own combat beasts, this thorn would become a shadow that could never be wiped away.

Finally, on this day, Beihan Lie, who had been in seclusion ever since he returned, suddenly opened his eyes in his cave and crushed the jade slip in his hands. Half a year ago, he had received a sound transmission and learned about the arrival of Bai Xiaochun.

“Bai Xiaochun, today, I will thoroughly wipe away the humiliation that you have given me, Beihan Lie. You may be tough, but these few years, I have also improved, and it is even an unprecedented improvement. I have finally cultivated the Setting Sun Technique to the third stage, and am now unparalled under Foundation Establishment!” Beihan Lie stood up, and his cultivation loudly exploded outwards; the aura of the peak level of the ninth layer of Qi Condensation was sent outwards. These few years, after he had been strongly stimulated, made him madly cultivate to the point of hysteria.

“Bai Xiaochun!” Beihan Lie faced the heavens and let out a loud roar; he directly charged out of the sealed cave, with an aura that could frighten the heavens, causing countless people to pay attention to him, especially the Gongsun siblings and Xu Song, who stared at him blankly.

“So strong! He actually cultivated the Setting Sun Technique to the third stage! It has never been done in a thousand years! But he is still growing, and we are also growing, and have become way stronger than last time!

“For anyone who has changed his life so much and have suffered so much pain in his memories everyday, they would also turn mad.”

At this moment when all of the Heaven’s Chosen were astonished, Beihan Lie turned into a rainbow, directly heading towards the middle of the North Bank, towards the famous Testing Stage.

To be accurate, the Testing Stage is actually a sculpture of a spirit beast raising its right claw. This sculpture was over ten zhang tall, and it had a fierce appearance, releasing a strong fighting intent. From afar, its body looked like a standing crocodile, with a body filled with scales and three rows of bone spikes on its back. Its most frightening part was its claw which was holding half a human body.

It’s right claw was already eroding, and its right claw was raised, as if it was going to tear apart the heavens.

And the Testing Stage was in the palm of its right claw!

This sculpture was discovered in the Ancient Beast Abyss four thousand years ago by the Spirit River Sect, which had spent an enormous price to obtain it, in order make it stand here as the Testing Stage of the North Bank.

Currently, Beihan Lie was standing on the testing stage, with a strong fighting intent in his eyes, as he let out a huge roar.

“I’m taking out all of my contribution points, 37000 in total, to challenge Bai Xiaochun! When he spoke, the entire Testing Stage rumbled, and the space twisted, transforming into a paper crane, which rapidly flew out straight towards the Hundred Beasts Courtyard!

The reputation of the Testing Stage of the North Bank was so big that even the South Bank had heard of it. The Testing Stage stage had one rule: The challenger had to take out his contribution points, and issue a challenge to anyone within the North Bank. A paper crane would then appear and fly over to the recipient of the challenge.

The time limit of the challenge was half a year, and the recipient would be able to accept this challenge anytime within the half year, and when the challenge was accepted, the battle would immediately, and forcibly occur. If the recipient won, he would get the contribution points of the challenger; If they lost, they would not lose any contribution points.

The recipient could also choose to not accept the challenge, which would cause them to automatically lose after a half year, and all the contribution points would be refunded to the challenger. But, the challenger could not cancel the challenge within this half year.

These rules could be considered as passive towards the challenger, but the more it was like this, the fairer it would be.
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