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A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 119 - I’ve Buried The Rearing Beast Seed In The Spring

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Chapter 119 - I’ve Buried The Rearing Beast Seed In The Spring

“I, Bai Xiaochun, have only come to the North Bank in order to learn. I must keep a low profile in the future!” Bai Xiaochun muttered to himself for a short moment. After making up his mind, Bai Xiaochun glanced at the jade slip in his hands and inserted his spirit force. Instantaneously, approximately a thousand tiny dots of light appeared within his mind, clearly showing the positions of every spirit beast in this area.

“Rearing these spirit beasts…” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes began to sparkle. It didn’t matter whether it was the contents of the five volumes of spirit beasts or how fantastic the disciples of the North Bank looked like as they fought with their beasts during the Heaven’s Chosen War, all of these things made Bai Xiaochun have a great interest towards the spirit beasts of the North Bank.

Seeing that it was still early in the evening, Bai Xiaochun left the pavilion and wandered around the forest. It was currently spring; the vegetation was exuberant, the spring wind was blowing, the birds were chirping and the flowers were fragrant. Following the directions of the jade slip, Bai Xiaochun discovered different spirit beasts one after another.

“The Wise Sky Beast!”

“The Whirlpool Dragon? Its internal organs are needed to refine a Grade 4 spirit medicine!”

“This is… a Mist Marten? It’s speed is fairly fast and its hair can be used to create a protective treasure!” The more Bai Xiaochun gazed at these beasts, the more excitement he displayed; he was so excited that he was currently beaming with joy. As of this moment, the contents of the five volumes of spirit beasts were alive in his mind and verifying each type of spirit beast. His theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge began to fuse, causing his understanding towards the five volumes of spirit beasts to rapidly increase.

Following his incessant observations, he identified a monkey which was over two zhang tall, an enormous bear that could blend with nature, a fierce tiger which had grown wings, and even a pangolin that was not far away from him which was over ten zhang tall; it whistled past him with an extremely fast speed.

At first, these spirit beasts who had retained their fierceness showed desire to attack Bai Xiaochun who had appeared in the forest, however, they quickly noticed the smell of the jade slip in Bai Xiaochun’s hand, and they gradually stopped caring, not bothering to pay attention to him.

Bai Xiaochun was extremely excited after gazing at these spirit beasts. Especially after he noticed that he would not attract the hate of these spirit beasts due to the jade slip he was holding. He thought of getting close to the spirit beasts, however, the moment he approached them, they instantly turned agitated.

Bai Xiaochun thought it over and didn’t choose to forcefully get close to them; instead, he just returned to the pavilion once it was dusk.

In the morning of the second day, he woke up early. Following the labels on the jade slip, he dashed into the forest to continue observing the spirit beasts. Time slowly passed, half a month had passed since Bai Xiaochun came to the North Bank.

During this half month, he had never left the Hundred Beasts Courtyard, causing the disciples outside who wanted to find trouble with him have no excuse to do so.

Instead, Bai Xiaochun lead a very fufilling life during this half month. He was very excited everyday. After verifying each beast with the five volume of spirit beasts in his mind, he had already realised that he was very narrow minded with his previous way of refining medicine.

“When I was previously refining medicine, I had only paid attention to plants, and had neglected spirit beast materials. But in reality, after I combine both plants and spirit beast materials, more changes will occur, causing the allelopathy to become even better.” Bai Xiaochun was excited. His body flashed as he wanted to increase his speed in the forest, but he suddenly paused when he saw a Flying Tiger lying on its stomach, panting. Its leg was a bloody mess, as if it had been injured when it was hunting for food.

Bai Xiaochun rapidly closed in, the Flying Tiger aburptly raised its head and let out a low growl as Bai Xiaochun pressed on its body. No matter how much the Flying Tiger struggled, it was unable to break free from the astonishing strength of Bai Xiaochun’s fleshy body.

“Don’t move! I’ll help you bind up this wound.” Bai Xiaochun glanced at the struggling tiger below his palm; he treated its wound as he talked, spreading medicinal powder on its wound, only then did he let it go.

The Flying Tiger rapidly flew into the air and roared towards Bai Xiaochun. It appeared shocked as it looked at its wound, then at Bai Xiaochun. After that, it turned around and flew away.

Bai Xiaochun wasn't offended by the Flying Tiger’s actions; he just flew off to a different location.

This occurrence went on until he finished a day’s worth of observations. After he returned to the pavilion, he saw that the sky was gradually turning dark, and took out a small wooden box from his storage pouch.

After he opened the small wooden box, a fist-size seed appeared, which had a strong life force that diffused outwards, like a heart. Even a vague throbbing could be seen.

“Rearing Beast Seed!” Bai Xiaochun’s eye’s began to glisten. He had obtained this seed from the storage pouch of a Fallen Chen Clansmen during the betrayal of the Fallen Chen Clan a few years ago. It had to be known that this seed was nearly extinct in the current cultivation world.

In these last few years, Bai Xiaochun had researched and found bits of information about it, and from this, he determined that the five volumes of spirit beast were legitimate. This seed could truly give birth to a Bloodline Inherited Beast after absorbing the essences of spirit beasts.

When Bai Xiaochun resided in the South Bank, he had already wanted a combat beast for himself, but he didn’t have the proper conditions to proceed in burying the Rearing Beast Seed. Now that he had entered the North Bank, all that was left was to bury it.

“This Rearing Beast Seed can produce a young beast. If it was a normal spirit beast, it would not conform with my identity as the Honorable Disciple and the Sect Head’s Junior Brother. I must plant this Rearing Beast Seed well, and collect the essences of all the strong spirit beasts after it blooms. This seed will produce a… beast that has the strong points of ten thousand beasts; it will be the beast that has never been seen before, and will never be seen again. It will be the… strongest combat beast!” An intense light appeared in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes; he was full of spirit. After taking a deep breath, he took the small wooden box and went behind the pavilion.

There was an area here that was within the formation array of the pavilion; Bai Xiaochun had this set up during this half month to become his garden to plant spirit medicines.

He carefully planted this Rearing Beast Seed into the ground. Because he had high expectations towards this seed, he decided to use Spirit Refinement on all the soil here three times to be at ease.

“According to the records of the five volumes of spirit beasts, the growth period of this Rearing Beast Seed shouldn’t be too long…” Bai Xiaochun even had a sense of expectation, and stayed here to observe the seed for a long time, all the way until night. Only then did he leave, but he quickly ran back to confirm that this area was in the range of the formation array. Afterwards, he finally felt relieved, so he returned to the pavilion.

On this night, Bai Xiaochun barely got any sleep and was constantly running back out to the place where he planted the Rearing Beast Seed to inspect it.

This went on for half a month and only then did he slowly suppress the expectations in his heart; he just began to immerse himself in the near thousand spirit beasts in the forest. Everyday, besides cultivating and examining the rules in the North Bank, he mostly spent his time observing spirit beasts in the forest.

Occasionally, some disciples of the North Bank also came to the stone steel in front of the pavilion to hand over some contribution points, and either observed the spirit beasts or attempt to sign a contract with the spirit beasts, turning them into their personal combat beasts.

Merely, the area behind the courtyard was heavily protected by Bai Xiaochun, who even adjusted the important points of the formation array, making it perfect, without any inconveniences, which also made him less worried of it being destroyed.

Time passed, and with these kinds of peaceful days, half a year quickly passed by.

Within this half year, Bai Xiaochun did not go out; he spent his whole day in the forest, with the spirit beasts as his companions. The number of spirit beasts that got healed by him was already not little, to the point where Bai Xiaochun created a simple pill, which could help the qi and blood of spirit beasts operate more quickly after swallowing it.

As a result, under Bai Xiaochun’s great care and the pill, all of the spirit beasts in the forest practically began to have good relations with Bai Xiaochun. Those spirit beasts gradually accepted Bai Xiaochun, allowing him to get near them, carefully investigate their bodies, and some beasts, especially those without a contract, who actually had no differences from a combat beasts, listened to Bai Xiaochun’s words.

Today, as Bai Xiaochun was strolling around the forest, three disciples of the North Bank arrived at the stone stele outside of the pavilion, and after automatically buying the privilige to stay in the forest for three nights, they stepped into the forest.

One of those disciples was the inner sect disciple who was the attendant half a year ago, the disciple who switched with Bai Xiaochun, Sun Wen.

There were two outer sect disciples following him, a boy and a girl. The boy was short and still had an immature look of his face. On the other hand, the girl, although young, had a slender body and a beautiful face, her eyes having a curious and excited look as she looked all around.

“Thanks Senior Brother Sun. This time, with Senior Brother Sun here, the chances of us obtaining a combat beast has increased by a lot.” The girl excitedly spoke, and her eyes had adoration in them when she looked towards Sun Wen.

“Of course, Senior Brother Sun is an inner sect disciple, and was the attendant of this Hundred Beasts Courtyard for many years. He knows all of the spirit beasts in this area like the back of his palm, and even the spirit beasts in this area remember Senior Brother Sun.” the short youth from the outer sect also excitedly said.

“It’s actually not that big of a deal, however, this Sun can still command many spirit beasts. In a moment, tell me when you see a spirit beast, I’ll go and pacify them, and this will save a lot of effort for you.

However, you must remember that there are ten combat beasts who have a violent temperament. For example, the Sky Fire Bear, the Nightwalker Ape, the Scarlet Flying Tiger, and especially the Armored Mountain Beast, whose fierceness has reached the pinnacle. Even though people who come here have the qualifications for shelter, they still must be very cautious and make sure you never provoke these beasts.” Sun Wen was pleased with himself; his gaze fell on the body of that female disciple as he quickly measured her up from top to bottom. His thoughts became feverish as he secretly lamented.

There were many benefits of being the attendant of the Hundred Beasts Courtyard. The main benefit was making use of your position to help people quickly find a specific spirit beast, and even reducing the difficulty of signing a contract with the spirit beast by relying on the supressive power of the jade slip.

If it was possible, Sun Wen would not be willing to leave the Hundred Beasts Courtyard. However, it was the sect’s order, which made him have no choice but to give the job to Bai XIaochun, and he already had dissatisfaction from the bottom of his heart. At this moment, he was bringing two people along with him and walking inside the forest. Gradually, they met many spirit beasts on their path, and many would come close to Sun Wen when he called them over, clearly still recognising Sun Wen.

“This is a Monkey Deer?”

“This is a Flying Cloud Rat. It is ranked within the top 600 combat beasts in this area. Do you want it?”

“Your luck is not bad, this is a Fierce Toothed Horse, which is ranked in the top 300. When I saw it during that time, it wasn’t this big.”

“Eeeh, that’s actually the Flying Fire Butterfly. Haha, this butterfly is in the earlier parts of the top 300, and possesses an illusion skill. Do you want it?” While walking, the two outer sect disciples already had a fanatical look towards Sun Wen. This was because many spirit beasts in this area stopped when they saw Sun Wen, as if they could obediently sign a contract with him.

That male disciple chose the Fierce Toothed Horse with great delight, and that female disciple chose to give up on the Flying Fire Butterfly after hesitating, and instead, she expectantly looked at Sun Wen, clearly wanting a better spirit beast.

“Senior Brother Sun, are there any beasts that are within the top 200?” Reverence appeared in the female disciple’s eyes.

“Don’t try to bite off more than what you can chew. Any beast that is ranked within the top 200 is extremely difficult to tame. Even I, who was the attendant for many years, have no assurance in commanding them. As for that new attendant, I estimate that he doesn’t even have a third of my ability. Even looking at the sect as a whole, within the Qi Condensation disciples, no one can command a spirit beast of that level. You guys should not try to rashly control these spirit beasts, there are dangers in this place. You guys…” Sun Wen was gravely speaking to them, and was about to continue talking. But suddenly, the female disciple from the outer sect opened her eyes widely, excitedly pointing at the mountain cliff in front of them.

“Senior Brother Sun, look! There’s a Flying Tiger there!” The girl was excited. With Sun Wen by her side, she felt that there was nothing impossible here. Pleasantly surprised, she subconsciously made hand signs, immediately sending the North Bank’s special Beast Controlling Power flying towards the flying tiger.

Sun Wen suddenly turned around and saw a flying tiger that had grown wings lying on the cliff in the distance, coldly looking at the three people. Its gaze carried a cold and ruthless feeling.

“Scarlet Flying Tiger! Damn it! This isn’t the place where it’s supposed to be! This is one of the top ten combat beasts in this area!” Sun Wen immediately opened his eyes widely. When he saw the female disciple beside him actually dare to try and capture this beast, his mind immediately trembled, and he rapidly retreated, grabbing the two people with him. The road he took them on looked very impressive, but in reality, the area he took them to was an area where the combat beasts were very docile. After all, for the spirit beasts to retain their fierceness, the sect raised them in a place where they had a lot of freedom, so there was danger present for outer sect disciples. This was why every outer sect disciple that entered this always had an inner sect disciple following them.

But at this moment, that flying tiger fiercely let out a low roar and stood up. Following that roar, which could shake the heavens, the Beast Controlling Power that landed on its body immediately collapsed.

“Not good!” Sun Wen was shocked. The flying tiger was currently setting off a gale, and its pressure was comparable to that of the ninth layer of Qi Condensation. The two outer sect disciples were already completely blank, overwhelmed with shock and trembling. Sun Wen clenched his teeth and was about to take out a jade slip to ask for help.

However, at this very moment, a voice of bewilderment came from afar.

“Eeeeh! Little Tiger, why are you so naughty? lie down!”
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