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The Queen of Everything 236 How Can You Enter This Place?!

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When it was almost nighttime and Dai Xiaofu was about to get off work, she said to Su Cha, "I was your mother for a period of time. I really want to ask you, are you planning to enter the entertainment industry? Your qualities are excellent, and it might not be difficult for you to make it to the end. But you know the nature of this business. Do you really want it? Why did you decide to take this path? Have you thought about everything you'll have to face in the future?"

Dai Xiaofu was also a music teacher. She knew Quan Jia and knew about many things in the industry.

Who would have thought that her "daughter," whom she had not seen for so many years, would want to enter the entertainment industry?

It had been many years since she'd had the obligation to care about this girl, but now that she had met her, Dai Xiaofu could not help but ask.

When she first saw this girl, she'd found her to be well-behaved and cute, but she was so quiet that it was heartbreaking.

At that time, Su Cha had been in distress; many things had happened to her. Dai Xiaofu thought that Su Cha would become a normal professional when she grew up. She did not expect Su Cha to want to enter the entertainment industry.

She did not expect Su Cha to have such good qualities.

Her singing was good, her looks were good, and she had an air of clarity.

Such a person was born for the entertainment industry.

Su Cha said, "What if I said I don't know why?"

The girl curled her lips as she said something ambiguous. She then waved at Dai Xiaofu. "Teacher Dai, I'll go home first. See you tomorrow."

Dai Xiaofu was stunned.

Because she had left Su Cha too early, Dai Xiaofu naturally did not know what had happened to her all these years. She only vaguely felt that Su Cha was very different from how she was in her childhood.

She could only say subconsciously, "See you tomorrow."

For a moment, she wanted to invite Su Cha to her house for dinner, but she thought of something and decided to let it go.

When Su Cha rode back to Lookout Pavilion, it was already a little late.

Bo Muyi was later than she was, however, and was still working in the company. Otherwise, Su Cha would not have felt unconcerned about returning late.

She rode her car slowly to the entrance of the pavilion. Suddenly, she noticed that two bodyguards were guarding the main entrance. A noble and elegant girl was looking in from time to time, seemingly waiting for something.

Su Cha parked the car at the door. When she reached the door, she glanced at the girl.

The girl paused when she saw Su Cha.

She looked noble and exquisite, with a natural arrogance in her eyes. The moment Su Cha approached the entrance of the pavilion, she frowned. "Hey, this is not a place for strangers like you to come to. Leave quickly."

The gate of Lookout Pavilion was huge, and the terrain was unique. Even if one walked past it, they would never be able to pass through.

Therefore, this girl clearly thought that Su Cha was trying to sneak into Lookout Pavilion.

Su Cha looked at the girl indifferently.

The bodyguard didn't say anything. He just nodded at Su Cha respectfully.

Su Cha nodded lightly and entered the mansion without saying a word to the girl.

The moment the girl saw Su Cha enter, she was shocked and could not believe her eyes. In the end, she questioned the bodyguard, "Are you crazy? How can you let other women in? Are you trying to make Brother Muyi angry?"

With that, she reached out, intending to grab Su Cha, who was about to step onto the stairs of the mansion.

"What do you think this place is? How can you just enter here?!"

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