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Masks of love 27 I'm tired - part 2

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- Lance... can you stay with me tonight?

- Sure. I wouldn't leave you even if you send me away. I know that you really need me. I want to take away all the pain you're felling. It's hurt me seeing you like that. Bree ... I would do everything for you, if only you will let me. That guy doesn't deserve your love or your suffering. Even if you try to hide it from everyone else, I can see clearly how hurt are you by what Jake did even if he did it unknowingly or not. At least for now let me help you forget about everything. Lance said as he picked Bree up and brought her to her bed.

- What are you doing? Bree asked Lance between her tears.

- I'm doing what you asked...Lance said as he laid down on the bed next to her.

- I'm staying with you tonight...

- Lance?

- Hmm?

- Can you hold me?

Lance didn't reply Bree's question, instead he just hugged her...Bree continued to cry in Lance's embrace, at first softly, then louder and louder. Seeing her crying louder and louder Lance got angry again at Jack for making her suffer like this. But in order to make her stop crying Lance gently turned her face towards him, then he lift her face up and kissed her. Even thou surprised at the sudden kiss and between her tears Bree responded to Lance's kiss. As the kiss intensified Bree's tears finally stopped. Bree thought that it was strange what she felt during the kiss. It was a familiar feeling and at the same time unfamiliar. Immersed in the kiss she totally forgot about her pain and suffering. All the she knew now it that she wanted more, even when it became harder for her to breathe. Noticing that Lance finally stopped kissing her. He also felt hard to breathe thanks to the steamy kiss that happened between them.

- Bree... I'm sorry. It hurt me so much seeing you suffer. I didn't knew what else to do to stop you from crying, except for kissing you.

Seeing that Bree didn't had any reaction Lance hugged her while he kept apologizing.

- Bree. I'm sorry. I should've thought of another method to stop you from crying. Please say something. You're scaring me.

Instead of answering him, Bree took Lance's face between her hands and kissed him while saying:

- Lance, make me yours tonight...

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