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A few minutes later, ten women emerged in identical costumes. They were wearing masks over their faces and long cloaks that reached their feet, concealing their footwear at the same time.

"OMG…" The men were stunned to see ten figures with the exact same height, frame, and hairstyle appear before their eyes!

The women who had come for this event had similar height and frame in the first place. Now that they were shrouded by matching giant cloaks, no one could tell them apart.

"Go and look for your wife, Boss! Hurry!" Wang Yiyang urged him gleefully.

Mo Jiangye approached the row of ladies with furrowed brows and proceeded to size them up one at a time.

"We are counting down now, Boss! You have three minutes to mark your observations and one chance to flip open a cape. There'll be a penalty of one push-up per second if you fail to identify her after three minutes have passed."

Everyone started to crowd around curiously.

"I think that lady should be sister-in-law."

"Nope, I think she's the one standing here."

"All of you have guessed wrong. This one should be her."

"No, this is her! This is the one!" The noise got so much louder and rowdier that it distracted the man, who was trying to concentrate.

"Shut up!" He harshly commanded the group before he walked up to the ladies impassively. While pacing up and down the row a couple of times, he caught a whiff of a familiar smell that stopped him in his tracks immediately. Then, he turned to face the woman next to him.

"He found her! Boss has found his wife."

"Seriously? Can he recognize her under this thick disguise?"

Smiling, the man removed the cloak, only to see that another cape was covering the girl. However, at least he could see the outfit and footwear now.

"Ten more seconds, Boss. Can you make up your mind? Is she the one you're looking for?"

The chieftain sounded hesitant as he attempted to confirm his suspicions, murmuring, "Baby Ruo… I know it's you."

The figure standing in front of him quivered for a split second. The man saw that and a smile formed on his lips.

"If I succeed, all of you will need to do 500 push-ups."


"That's mean!"

"Well, three minutes and ten seconds have passed. Boss, are you completely sure that this is the woman you're looking for?"

The man caressed the fluffy cloak that the woman was wearing and commented lazily, "There's no hurry."

The woman stayed quiet.

"Baby Ruo, don't you agree that we share a connection?" He tittered.

The lady remained silent.

"You can run but you can't hide from me."

"Ehh…" His mawkish words were too much for the rest of them to bear.

"Do you want to do the honors, or do you want me to rip away this thick layer of covers?"

The lady still did not move or utter a word.

"It's been over two minutes. Now, you have to do an additional 120 push-ups."

The man was calm and composed and displayed no signs of panic. "Baby Ruo, you can come out now. Every extra second will mean 100 push-ups for them."

The woman remained mum.

Frowning, the man tore the mask away from the woman's face with his hand and was greeted by a foreign face that was staring back at him.

He gasped. How could he be wrong?

"Boss, congrats! You got the wrong person."

"Three minutes! That's 680 push-ups in total, Boss! Time for your penalty!" Wang Yiyang was absolutely gloating.

"Mat! Bring the mat over!"

Before long, a few men brought out a mat with a lady sitting on it. It was Ye Erruo.

The man enunciated his every word ominously. "Are you pulling my leg?"

She had not been among the ten ladies who had appeared earlier!

"You have to be punished when you lose the game, Boss. It's 680 push-ups. Go for it!" Wang Yiyang pushed the man toward the mat.

"Sister-in-law, you have to lie down."

The lady obeyed their instruction with a smile.

"C'mon, Chief!" The crowd was getting eager by now.

Cocking a brow, the man removed his coat, stooped down, and placed it over her torso.


"Look at that!"

Teasing roars and wolf whistles ensued.

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