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The Mightiest Little Peasant 218 The Dean Is Alerted

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"He really is a student here, Teacher!" Liu Feifei explained again.

"Enough of that. Do you think that you're more informed than me of such matters? I'm putting his identity under suspicion right now, and I don't want him in my class. Do you have a problem with that?

"I'm the teacher in this class, and it's up to me to admit or reject whomever I want. I'm not going to let that suspicious character attend my class!"

Gao Wenqiang chided, and his expression seemed unpleasant.

Liu Feifei was at a loss for a reply, and so she sat down.

She vaguely realized that Teacher Gao was not being his usual self today, as though he had a bone to pick with Tang Hao.

She could not figure out the reason why though. It had only been Tang Hao's second day in the university, so how would he have crossed Teacher Gao?

She could not think of a reason.

"Hey, that student there! Why are you still in your seat? Get out now! Do you hear me? I'm talking to you!" Gao Wenqiang said sternly as he slammed the table.

Tang Hao sat there and did not move.

"You…" Gao Wenqiang was getting angry. He slammed the table again, then got off the podium and walked toward Tang Hao.

The students seemed uneasy when they saw that.

The girls all had worried and doubtful expressions on their faces, which the boys were eager to watch the drama unfold.

"Teacher Gao, why don't you give a call to Teacher Jiang? She already knows about Tang Hao. You'll understand when you call her," Liu Feifei said.

Gao Wenqiang had no retort to that. Instead, his expression turned vicious and he roared angrily, "Shut up!"

All the students were stunned by that roar. No one dared to make a sound after that.

"Are you leaving or not?" Gao Wenqiang walked right up to him and slammed the table.

Tang Hao lifted his head and looked at him coldly. "Why should I leave?" He said, unperturbed.

"This is my class! I don't care if you're supposed to be here, I have the right to ask you to leave! I've never heard of a transfer student, and I don't accept transfer students in my class," Gao Wenqiang said angrily.

"I'm not moving. Throw me out if you're capable of that!" Tang Hao said mischievously as he sat there.

Gao Wenqiang was shocked. He did not expect that the kid did not buy into his threats.

His chest was swelling with burning anger, and he was not thinking straight.

"You dare talk back to me? Who do you think you are?"

His face was entirely contorted. In a fit of anger, he lifted a hand and slapped it toward Tang Hao.

The students all around cried in surprise when they saw that.

Tang Hao's face darkened. He leaned backward and avoided the slap. Then, his gaze turned cold and retaliated.


Tang Hao's palm landed squarely on Gao Wenqiang's cheek.

Gao Wenqiang's face flattened. His cheek collapsed and his glasses flew across the air. Then, his entire body fell sideways, slamming his head on the table in the process.

Everyone was dumbstruck at that instant.

The classroom immediately descended into silence.

Everyone could not believe what they had just witnessed.

Tang Hao got physical and slapped Teacher Gao!

That was ridiculous!

Even Gao Wenqiang could not believe it. He wailed in pain while covering his face. As he struggled to his feet, his expression became ghastlier than ever.

"You… You dare slap me? You, a student, dare to slap your teacher? Are you inciting a rebellion?

"Haha! Just you wait. Let me tell you, you're finished! I'll see you expelled from Z University!" Gao Wenqiang yelled maniacally.

Tang Hao grimaced and showed an expression of disdain.

He stood up and slapped Teacher Gao again.

The students were all beginning to feel afraid.

Even Gao Wenqiang did not expect that Tang Hao would slap him one more time.

"You're… You're slapping me again?" Gao Wenqiang said incredulously.

"I've already hit you anyway, I might as well hit you a few more times! You're a spiteful pervert who deserves to be beaten!" Tang Hao said. He balled up his fists and started punching Geo Wenqiang.

He was not planning on getting physical with anyone on the campus grounds, but the teacher was the one who started the fight.

"You… You dare taunt me, you bastard?" Gao Wenqiang roared angrily.

"Not only that, but I'm beating you too!" Tang Hao said, then threw several more punches.

Soon, Gao Wenqiang's face became swollen. It was a pathetic sight.

Meanwhile, the students were all staring at the scene, slack-jawed.

They had never seen a student beating up a teacher.

Cao Fei, Zhuo Hang, and the other boys shuddered. If they had gotten physical with Tang Hao yesterday, they would have been beaten up as well.

Then, they started to feel happy.

'This guy is an idiot! Beating up a teacher? It's a serious offense and he'll definitely be expelled.'

"Stop it! Stop fighting!" Liu Feifei finally came to her senses and rushed to the scene of the fight.

Tang Hao kicked Gao Wenqiang away as a final blow.

"How can you do that, Tang Hao?" Liu Feifei said anxiously. "You're in big trouble now!"

"Haha!" Gao Wenqiang laughed as he struggled to get back on his feet. He had a crazed look on his face. "You're finished, Tang kid! All that effort spent toward getting into Z University has gone to waste!

"You'll be the only student in the history of Z University to be expelled after one day! Without a degree, your life is over."

"Is that so?" Tang Hao chuckled nonchalantly.

He did not care for getting a degree. To him, going to college was just a dream, and the degree was not as important.

He was not going to bow to that spiteful pervert just to get a degree!

"Why are you all still standing there like idiots? Quickly go get the dean and the other higher-ups here!" Geo Wenqiang turned around and roared at the students.

A few people turned around and rushed out of the door.

The class instantly descended into chaos.

Some of the girls were angry. Tang Hao might have been impulsive and had gotten physical, but it was nevertheless Teacher Gao who instigated the incident.

The incident would not have devolved thus if not that Teacher Gao stepped out of line first.

It was wrong for a teacher to beat their students!

The faculty's administrative office was in the same building. Very soon, hasty footsteps were heard on the corridor.

Then, a group of people rushed into the classroom.

The person in the lead was Dean Wu. He was a tall and big man of over fifty years of age. Behind him were a group of administrators and teachers.

"What's going on?" Dean Wu asked sternly as he stepped into the classroom.

His eyes scanned around the classroom. His face darkened when he saw Gao Wenqiang with a swollen face.

Fights very rarely broke out in Z University because the punishment for fighting was very harsh. Furthermore, in the history of Z University, there had never been a case of a student beating up a teacher.

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