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Allen's pov

I looked at the crowd before me, thousands had gathered but there was a difference, some of the people were bent down, their heads Infront of a wooden guillotine while men wearing a uniform stood beside them.

Their blades sharp as diamond shinned against the white sky that hovered over us, chanting a prayer as the voices were in sync.

I took a look at my situation, but from my place I stood before them at a certain height. It was a large arena, probably on the top of a mountain as my vision was blurred with the white clouds that seemingly wrapped us in a cold climate.

As I concentrated my eyes on the people who were chained down, I realized they were all women, girls of different ages shivering and lifeless, their bones sticking out. This was the group that was kidnapping people.

My fear started growing because being chained up amongst them meant that I would be in their situation soon.

' We shall summon the god's prophecy' a woman screamed few feet away from me. Her hair white as snow, she wore a black fur against her body holding onto a golden sword.

She turned her eyes towards me, her red eyes torturing my very soul, I felt compelled to obey her, she looked like an old woman, barely having any strength but her eyes wielded the power she required for her subordinates to obey her.

' bring me her blood' she said to the man who was standing near her as one of her guards. I was scared witless and I knew my end was coming as the man came up to me with a sword.

I shut my eyes tight only to imagine Blake's smile, a pain traveled up my spine and I found myself opening my eyes again. I was not dead?

My wrist was cut, my blood which dripped along my lean wrists flowed to the cup he rested below.

I knew this was a sacrificial ceremony and one way or another I wasn't going to live this place alive.

He went back to the women giving her the cup, chanting a script which was laid before her.

' shall we be revived' she said drinking my blood and it was magic.

Her white hair turned black, the wrinkles over her body vanished and she looked younger like a 20-year-old child.

All the guards were astonished to see her magically turn her age back and on with what, my blood. Who was I? Do I possess any supernatural power….no I am human, my mind kept conflicting.

She came towards me, It was still unbelievable how she turned young, I kept convincing myself that my eyes were deceiving me but I couldn't.

As much as I wanted to ignore what had just happened, she stood before me like a living proof. The strength In me receding even more as I had just lost blood.

' so you are her daughter' she exclaimed with a smirk

' Whose daughter?' I asked, what was she saying…..was it my mother? Does my father know? So many questions kept going through my mind.

' oh you don't remember, I wonder what Lisa would tell looking at you like this?' she said snickering. Lisa wasn't my mother's name. who was she? Was she someone I knew? I tried recalling but I couldn't.

My face evident that I dint know what she was talking about.

' oh dear, I feel bad for you' she said…. ' Dying without knowing who your real mother was?' and there was a surge of angler developing inside me.

' what are you talking about?' I shouted but it came out as a whisper.

' well I guess, she hid you well, since I could only find you after 13 years' she spoke as a matter of fact.

' Since you are dying anyway, why don't I let you on a secret?' she said and I looked at her sinister smile.

' I was the one who killed your mother' she said laughing loudly as the sky resonated along with her.

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