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I wanna stuck with you 78 I LOVED IT MORE THAN ANYTHING

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Ayan's Point Of View

"I am gonna miss you till tomorrow", I whispered in her ear, making her shiver, I felt her goosebumps, as I was hugging her, for next some seconds she did not utter a single word, I kissed her on the cheeks and pulled her back from my hug, she was blushing so hard, she was looking so cute so, I was feeling like I was having the most beautiful dream of my life, I always wanted to bring a girl on a date here, on this beautiful lake, Raghav and I used to come here and we often talk about come here with a girl, in fact, Raghav had bet with me that who will bring a girl here, and he was saying that he will win that bet, but see, I won that bet, now I will tease him, I thought, 

"Shall we go now, it is too late already, Ayan", she told me of dragging me out from my thoughts, "I do not want to leave this place", I said making a sad face, but she pulled my hand and dragged me towards the car, "We will stay here extra time next time", she said, "wow, you wanna come here next time also with me", I said in a teasing tone and she blushed again, I wonder her blush will make suffer someday, she looks fucking cute when she blushes like this, "hmm, I can think of coming with you again", she said making me overexcited, and I passed a smiled and open the door for her, I closed the door as she sat inside, 

I headed inside the car and saw she was struggling again with the seatbelt, I love to see her like this, in fact, I did that seatbelt tighter, so she can not do that, and then I will make her wear that, I did not felt bad, because it gives me a chance to go near her, her fragrance makes me crazy, as I assume she could not wear it and I bent down to her direction, just a few inches far from her face, she was blushing so hard but refused to look into my eyes, I slowly fixed her seat belt and give her a small kiss on her lips, she saw into my eyes in a complete shock, obviously, she was not expecting a kiss at this time, as we already kissed so many times today, which are definitely best kisses of my life, 

"Why was this for", she asked me trying to be angry, then I laughed on her childish act, she looks damn cute when she pretends to be angry when she is not, "you made me do this", I said and she made a confused look, "what the hell I did", then she said watching into my eyes, "that is the problem, why you were not looking into my eyes, that is completely unfair, so I choose my way to make you look into my beautiful eyes", I said rolling my eyes, and she laughed on my childish expressions, "Hey, do not laugh", I warned her, and she laughed so hard on my warning, so I stopped the car, "now laugh, as much as you want, I will not go anywhere, we both will stay here whole night", I said and she instantly stopped laughing, 

"Hey, do not do this please, we are too late, and I want to reach home before Suhani", she said to me with a serious face, and then I laughed on her reaction and she stared me with an angry expression, "aww, my baby got angry, wanna laugh again", I said teasing her and she started looking outside by the window, and she started ignoring me, I felt bad for her, she was really angry, I called her name so many time, but she chose to ignore me, so I started the car and increase my speed a little bit and a small smile appeared on her face, she did not turn her face, but somehow I noticed that, 

Jhummi's Point Of View

He finally started the car, I was so tensed, I am so late, what if someone caught me out, I wanted to reach before Suhani anyhow, and here he was doing the things which were making me laugh hard, but I forgot to tell him a very important thing, I do not know how he will react after hearing that, I do not know how to say it, but somehow I collect the courage to tell him, "Ayan, who told you that today is my birthday", I asked him finally, and then he saw in my direction for few seconds, he roamed his hand in his hair and said shyly, "I stalked your Facebook account", and I wanted to laugh on him so hard, but I hardly control myself not to laugh on him, poor Ayan, he really worked hard for me, did not he, I thought, "why you are asking that by the way", he asked me then, 

I was quiet for some time, actually, I was thinking that I should tell him or not, he was giving me confused looks, but I passed a weird smile, "actually, I wanted to tell you something", I finally told him, and he saw me once again, "should I stop the car", he asked me then, "no, no, no need to stop the car", I instantly said, "Then say, what you wanna say", he said, "actually Ayan", I was feeling hell nervous to tell him, I do not know how bad he will feel after that, "come on, say what happened", he said again and I nodded, "actually today is not my birthday", I finally spoke, and he instantly put his foot on the brake and the car stopped instantly, 

He looks at me with disbelief and there were so many emotions in his eyes, but what was my mistake in that, he should have asked me before, "what", he yelled, "then when it is", he asked, "actually it is after three months", I said slowly, and he was staring me, "but on your Facebook it was today", he spoke, "yes, but that is not the truth, in fact, all the information on that is false", I said politely, and he made a sad face, "that means all my hard work went waste", he said, "no Ayan, of course not", I just loved this more than anything", I said.

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