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Elemental Kingdom 2 The War

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The Fire kingdom's troops had gathered today under the command of the Fire king. He had declared war upon the lands of the new-found continent.

"To my brothers! I cannot promise that you'll return alive after today!" The Fire king began to look at each soldier's eye and said, "But I can promise you one thing! VICTORY! I can only grant you the glory of winning." After saying so, the soldiers were fired up.

They all shouted one thing, "Glory in Victory!" Their voices resounded throughout the mountain range.

They began their march towards the other side of the mountain. With the Fire king taking the lead, they marched with great speeds leaving burnt ground at their wake.

After reaching the top, the Fire King stopped and took a look at the new continent. "This.....This will all become mine!" The fire king said so with a low voice that only his son the prince could hear.

The troops began to set up camp right after they went down the mountain. The making of camp was as fast as lightning and there they began to plan their next course of action.

Inside the camp, there was a simple map that was drawn by the scout. He said, "Milord, from here on there are three possible routes that we could take to create a foothold here in the new continent."

"Very well, tell me the details." The Fire king then listened to the scout.

"To the east from here, we would see the land of those who control the element of water. This place is where we would like to recommend because, it is not only the closest but it's also probably the weakest in terms of defense. They had no other visible defensive structures other than their houses which we found really weird. The second one is directly to the north, that place is not only placed in a very defensive position, the terrain is completely covered in white stuff that's so cold. I'm afraid that our fire magic would be at a disadvantage. The people who lives there call themselves Icelings. The next is directly west, the place would probably be the least place that we should attack. It's located on top of a very steep mountain and there are very high walls enclosing it. The people there uses the element of ice.''

After hearing so, the king fell into deep thought. He began to look towards the east.
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