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My Naughty Fake Bride 62 Finding Out The Truth

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Jonah and Han Jie didn't react to her threat as she wanted. 

 "LEAVE!" Wang Jin shouted. 

 "Not before I know why!" Han Jie yelled back. 

 Wang Jin paused, startled. 'Why? The insolent girl dares to ask me why?' Wang Jin thought angrily. "I did not even-"

 Han Jie snorted at this, and said, "Don't lie about it anymore. Explain yourself!" 

"To you? What right do you have for me to explain to you?" Wang Jin said, adopting an air of superiority.

Han Jie grinned mischievously, "You look good in neon braces, you know… should I tag you after I post it?" She asked genuinely. 

Women like Wang Jin, according to her social media accounts, cared too much about how they look. 

Wang Jin turned white at the threat before hiding her expression. 

"Do it." Wang Jin bluffed through gritted teeth. 

"Should I tag them to Kyou as well?" Han Jie asked impishly. 

Wang Jin paled further, unable to hide her reaction to the threat this time. Her eyes narrowed at her, unable to accept the situation. 

"You have-" Wang Jin started to speak loudly and furiously when she stopped as the door opened, and Suzuki Kyou entered.

After just one glance around the room, his eyes zeroed in on Han Jie. "Are you fighting?" He asked with a frown. 

'Oh, oh!' Han Jie and Jonah thought at the same time. 

Han Jie immediately smiled at him and bowed her head like she was shy. "Hello, Kyou." She said. 

Jonah had tensed when Suzuki Kyou entered the apartment. His eyes were looking at them sharply as if waiting for them to answer. 

'I'm going to be in trouble. We both are.' Jonah thought as he caught Suzuki Kyou's gaze on him. 

Jonah tried to swallow his fear. It wasn't working out. He bowed his head in greeting instead. 

"Why are you wearing that?" Suzuki Kyou asked, confused.

"Looks good, right?" Han Jie asked cheekily. There disguises had been great. No one had noticed them. 

"Unique." He replied, then looked at Wang Jin. 

She smiled impishly to herself, satisfied with his answer. 

'Oh! Does father know I'm gone, and I'm with Kyou? I hope Kyou or JunJun told father already!' Han Jie thought slightly worried. 'Well, he'll know I'm safe.' She hoped but really didn't believe her thoughts, though. 

Wang Jin had started the move towards him, but Suzuki Kyou raised his hand to stop her.

"You caused this?" Suzuki Kyou said to Wang Jin pleasantly stopping Wang Jin in her tracks. 

Wang Jin tensed up before, and she replied softly, "She… I did not know she will be here…" 

She knew he wasn't referring to Han Mei's presence in her house at this time. He was talking about the article and its writer. 

"Explain," he ordered barked curtly at Wang Jin.

Han Jie tried to subtly fan herself as she leaned forward in anticipation of the conversation before her. 

Jonah held in his groan.

'Why is the Miss doing what Han Mei would never do?' Jonah thought the fear he had tried to swallow down rose up like bile. 

Suzuki Kyou smiles amusedly at Han Jie, making her blush. 

Jonah calmed at the brief interaction between the two of them. 

'Han Mei would do that.' He thought so pleased with Han Jie he almost beamed with pride. Han Jie had been acting just like her usual self even when around CEO Suzuki that made him really worried most of the time.

Aside from that, what if Suzuki Kyou learned about Han Jie's fantastic work? Would he not choke her to death? 

Just this time, Suzuki Kyou was already glaring daggers at Wang Jin due to an article that was not even half true. What more if he saw the embarrassing image of him in the comics? He will surely burn Han Jie! 

Suzuki Kyou appeared reluctant to move his gaze from Han Jie. 

'Why is he looking at me like that? My nose will bleed!' Han Jie thought, than almost sighed in relief as he moved his gaze away. 

Both Han Jie and Jonah shuddered at the look Suzuki Kyou pinned on Wang Jin. 

Wang Jin felt like an ant when Suzuki Kyou's eyes cut back to her. 

'I need to learn how to lower self esteems with a look.' Wang Jin thought almost withering under Suzuki Kyou's gaze. 

She stood up straight and tilted her head up, feigning an air of superiority she did not feel. 

"Explain." He asked as he looked at Wang Jin coldly. 

Wang Jin could not answer quickly enough. 

"Wang Jin, do not let me repeat myself, again." Suzuki Kyou said in a voice that brought a dark shiver to everyone's spines in the room except his. 

"Gu Xi must have made a mistake, or it was her source who played on her..." Wang tried to explain, hoping he would be patient enough to let her further explain. 'He probably wouldn't,' Wang Jin thought to herself, 'he never likes it when people tried to defend a mistake...' 

"How could she just write something if she was not sure?! You are lying and defending her! You probably allowed that damn reporter to ruin Kyou's name!" Han Jie screamed at Wang Jin, jumping up from her seat to run towards her and shake the truth out of her. 

Suzuki Kyou caught her around the waist and held her to himself and looked at her with a frown. 

Han Jie grinned up at Suzuki Kyou. 

'Was that her original plan?' Jonah asked silently. He could bet it was. 

Wang Jin had been startled out of her thoughts by Han Jie's scream. She had taken a step back but immediately moved forward when Suzuki Kyou held Han Jie to himself. 

Wang Jin's eyes flashed in anger. "Kyou, believe me." 

"My fiancée says you lie." Suzuki Kyou said calmly, breaking his gaze from Han Jie's to Wang Jin's. 

"It's her word against mine." Wang Jin replied, trying to be calm. The way she slightly moved her jaw gives away the fact that she was gritting her teeth.

"You are still close friends with that woman. She was here last night." Suzuki Kyou began casually, then stopping briefly to accommodate the women's shocked gasp. 

Jonah only blinked in reaction. 

'He knew something all along after all…' Jonah thought despite his reaction. 

Wang Jin paled slightly. "But it was not really my intention for any of this to happen! You know that I can never betray you." She defended sounding aggrieve and on the verge of crying. 

Han Jie felt bad while looking at Wang Jin. However, with her first statement, it was just like her admitting that it was her fault. 

Subconsciously, Han Jie snaked her hand around Suzuki Kyou's waist. Her hand barely circled his waist, stopping short at his back, as if trying to comfort him. 

Suzuki Kyou squeezed her waist in reply. 

With this action from him, Han Jie hoped she hadn't started nose bleeding.

"Kyou, don't just believe her. Birds of the same feathers flocks together…" Han Jie said seriously. 

When she said that, Suzuki Kyou stiffened then looked at her with unmasked surprise. He then asked softly, "Then what do you to solve them?" 

"Avoid or ignore. Just act like they don't exist." Han Jie replied with a nod as if agreeing to her statement.

Suzuki Kyou did not answer her immediately but only stared at her as if thinking deeply. With him like this, everyone was on an edge. 

"Eh? Kyou, what's wrong?" She asked, sounding guilty. 

He shook his head with a smile, then he reached out her head and patted it like she was a child. "Don't worry about and don't get angry." 

"But… But… It was all her fault!" Han Jie said, pouting while pointing at Wang Jin. She would have wanted to know the truth from Wang Jin before he arrived, but it did not work out, now this woman was still playing hard to get? 

He nodded in response before looking at Wang Jin coldly, "Someone saw you with that reporter last night, in this house." Suzuki Kyou said. 

Wang Jin nodded sounding defeated before she sat on the nearest chair slowly. "Yes, and that was a mistake. I was drunk and did not know what I have told her. But in the article, almost all of it is a lie…" 

Instead of answering, Suzuki Kyou looked at Assistant Ye from behind. 

"Ms. Wang, an employee, was playing a prank on some of her colleagues." Assistant Ye explained.

Wang Jin looked at Assistant Ye with confusion, just like everyone else aside from Suzuki Kyou. 

Assistant Ye ignored their look as he walked towards Wang Jin and gave her small things.

It was a recorder. 

"This is?" Wang Jin looked at the small recorder with a complicated expression. 

"There's a bit with your conversation with my fiance in the female restroom. Play it." Suzuki Kyou commanded. 



Not only Wang Jin who refused to play it but Han Jie as well... 


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