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She wondered if anybody had tried to rescue Nan Ningxin after Gu Yunjing imprisoned her at Heavenly Palace Cliff.

If nobody tried, Gu Bailu wouldn't be able to find out who was behind her.

But she wasn't too worried, because her enemy would have to take action if they were ambitious. Furthermore, they had lost a capable subordinate.

Ah Luo fell asleep in the carriage. Gu Bailu looked at her and envied her lack of worries.

However, Ah Luo suddenly opened her eyes. "My lady…"

"What's wrong?" Noticing the odd expression on her face, Gu Bailu hurriedly took a careful listen, only to find that it was quiet.

It was still early at night, and a lot of people should still be on the busy streets of Pale Emperor City.

However, nothing could be heard outside except the rustling wind.

The passers-by had disappeared, either killed or scared off.

There was no scent of blood in the air, so they had probably been scared off.

Gu Bailu reached for a teleportation rune and decided to run.

"My lady, we can't run…" Ah Luo stopped her.

"Why not?"

"The enemy is very strong. We'll end up surrounded if we use the teleportation rune."

Gu Yunjing frowned. Could they alter the trajectory of her teleportation rune like Gu Yunjing had?

Who wanted to capture her? Were they trying to kill her, or did they have some other purpose?

Gu Bailu wasn't really scared. Actually, she was quite excited, since it was probably the party behind Nan Ningxin that had come to teach her a lesson.

Now that she had broken up with Prince Zi, and Shao Di wasn't by her side, this was the perfect opportunity for them.

"Coachman, what's going on?" Gu Bailu asked the driver.

"My… My lady… There's… a group of assassins…" The coachman's voice shook; those men clearly looked ruthless.

He was going to die together with his lady.

Gu Bailu lifted the curtain, only to see a row of terrifying men in ghost masks three meters ahead of the carriage on the dark street.

Gu Bailu smiled and said, "Ah Luo, let's get down."

She got out of the carriage and noticed another man in a white mask in front of the assassins. The man was enveloped in the light from the street lamp and might have almost gone unnoticed; he also had a frightening amount of spiritual power.

He had to be the strong enemy that Ah Luo was referring to.

"If you want to fight, just bring it on. Don't pose like you're about to perform in an opera." Gu Bailu broke the strange silence.

"Capture her alive." The enemy all charged at her at the same time.

Gu Bailu frowned slightly; all of them indeed had impressive spiritual power.

They were probably as strong as the dark mercenaries that Feng Qingtian led.

Gu Bailu hurriedly summoned Yin Neng. "Yin Neng, I'm counting on you."

She threw out infinite runes while she dodged the enemy's attacks, which left holes in the ground.

They had fire class spiritual power, and Yin Neng's was water class.

Ah Luo joined the battle too. Instantly, the entire street lit up with spiritual power. It was as bright as during the day.

It was clear that the strangers were well-prepared and determined to catch her.

Gu Bailu sensed that Yin Neng was losing. She was quite shocked. Yin Neng could beat the director of Cloud Mirror Academy, but why was he tiring out so quickly against these soldiers?

"My lady, not good! Those ghost soldiers can absorb spiritual power!" Ah Luo whispered to her.

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