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Master of the End Times 219 Life or Death Escape

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These Drakocrocs were only just beast soldiers, much weaker than beast generals! Qin Feng's Fire Dragon Style would be able to slay even beast generals, these were just beast soldiers after all.

The Drakocrocs were like a bunch of clay chicken, small fries.

Qin Feng was getting more and more ruthless the more he killed, and his body was constantly absorbing the energy that was brought on by the deaths of the Drakocrocs. Due to the continuous slaughter, Qin Feng's body finally advanced once more!

E1 tier.

He was no longer the same as having just stepped into E tier. His powerful body was once again strengthened, doubling his previous power.

Now, with enhanced sword swings, he slashed at one of the huge Drakocrocs and split it in half.

The battle had been decided the moment it began.

With Qin Feng taking the front, the others began to move forward to help out. Everything was getting more coordinated.

Lin Wuyi's toxin burst forward, paralyzing a Drakocroc before it was taken down by Qin Feng's attack.

Han Jian fought back the ones that tried to flank Qin Feng, but since they had been injured before he was able to bring down two of them.

The one that was having the most fun was probably Chi Long.


A resonating sniper rifle rang out and a fist-sized hole appeared on the brow of a Drakocroc. With a bullet drilled this deep into its head, it was not going to get up any time soon!




After firing four shots in a row, the Drakocrocs fell to the ground one by one. There was a thin layer of sweat on Chi Long's forehead but he could not have been more excited.

They actually managed to take down all twenty of the Drakocrocs that were attacking them in one fell swoop.

"Gather the spoils and prepare to leave!" Qin Feng took a deep breath to recollect his consciousness and recall his runes.

"Roger that!" Lin Wuyi pulled out his weapon and quickly went to work on one of the bodies, cutting away the leathery hide of the huge beast.

Han Jian and Chi Long did not refute, they even took the initiative to further speed up the process. Everyone had unanimously decided that Qin Feng was the leader.

They went deeper toward the center of the island, that way the Drakocrocs would not be able to catch up to them for quite a while and it gave them time to harvest their spoils. Soon, twenty four ultra beast leathers were obtained. They had also learned that a Drakocroc's teeth were not very sharp. What was amazing was their bite force and the bones in their lower jaw which were extremely durable.

After cutting away the materials, they looked over to the direction of the blood birches.

Under Qin Feng's Hellfire Carpet, the barks of the trees had been scorched black. While they were not in good health, they were obviously still alive.

Qin Feng did not hesitate to rush ahead and slash at the trees. This caused them to let out another blood-curdling scream, but it was pretty much helpless. There was something in the cores of the trees that was red in color and looked like some kind of paste. It seemed to be like some kind of a natural healing medicine.

He moved like a lumberjack as he took the front. The Verdant Emperor Saber slashed horizontally at every blood birch in the way with Lin Wuyi picking up the spoils one after the other without needing additional instructions.

In the blink of an eye, they had broken through the blood birch blockade. They only stopped when they passed by a meandering stream.


After a series of thrilling escapes and battles, everyone felt exhausted.

Qin Feng gave the order for everyone to clean up, using his consciousness to manipulate the water to wash the blood and stink off his body so ultra beasts would not get attracted so easily.

"Damn it, why are there Drakocrocs here? They didn't say anything about this during the auction!" Han Jian said through gritted teeth.

"Maybe it's because of that they would let people come explore this place, after meeting such powerful ultra beasts who'd want to set up a base camp here?" Chi Long let out a sigh.

At this time, Lin Wuyi handed the materials he had gathered to Qin Feng. Han Jian and Chi Long noticed this and realized that the spoils had not been distributed yet.

"Qin Feng, we're all here together, acted together and are currently considered as a team. Although I'm older than you, I'm kind of ashamed of my strength. You should be the leader!"

A team needed a good leader, otherwise it would be all over the place.

"I don't mind!" Chi Long quickly said. It seemed like Lin Wuyi and Bai Li also shared Chi Long's sentiment.

Qin Feng did not hesitate, instead he asked, "How will you two split the loot?"

Chi Long hesitated for a moment before regaining his composure and said, "If the battles to come are like the one we just went through, and Qin Feng acts as the main force, then I'll take ten percent!"

If it were not for Qin Feng in the previous battle, they would not even be alive!

Han Jian did not have a problem with that and just nodded his head.

"How about this? Everyone will get allocated a piece. Since Bai Li didn't do anything then she won't get anything. Outstanding performance in combat means outstanding rewards. What do you all think?" Qin Feng suggested.

"Sure!" Han Jian nodded in agreement.

"Isn't it a bit inappropriate to not less Miss Bai take something at the very least?" Chi Long had seen Bai Li in action before. After hearing that the other party was not going to receive anything made him nervous, a little bit afraid at the thought of Bai Li being unhappy.

Bai Li curled her lips at the sight, apparently not interested in beast soldier materials.

"Then, you can consider what I get as part of hers. It's up to her whenever the situation gets critical!"

Bai Li's evolution method was different from everyone else's. Participating in combat did not give her a lot of benefits and Qin Feng could use the exercise.

Han Jian did not know about Bai Li's strength and merely thought that Qin Feng was much too fond of his little girlfriend!

The loot was allocated, with Han Jian, Chi Long and Lin Wuyi taking two and a half worth of Drakocroc materials.

As for the Dark Organization member that Qin Feng killed, nobody asked for any spoils from that. Qin Feng killed the guy, and he also fended off the first wave of the Drakocrocs, it was more or less unavoidable.

While they were dividing their spoils, a huge boa with mottled skin quietly slithered out from the river. This snake reared up behind Bai Li, as if it was going to swallow her whole.

The thing was so quiet that nobody had noticed.

Qin Feng raised a brow and lifted his sword.


The giant snake's head dropped onto the ground.

It was only an F8-tier ultra beast but still, it meant that the island was absolutely unsafe!

Watching the blood of the mottled boa stain the small creak, everyone knew that this would attract even more horrible creatures.

Qin Feng furrowed his brow and looked around before saying, "We'll head north!"

Everyone quickly evacuated the area.

After they had just left the area, a pack of Drakocrocs began to occupy it and glare in the direction where Qin Feng and the others went with bloodthirsty eyes before rushing forward.

Rustle rustle rustle.

Weird noises began to emerge from the jungle, as if there were hunters in the dark just waiting for the right moment to reveal their fangs.

Ten minutes later, Qin Feng's group was caught up by the Drakocrocs and there was another bloody battle.

This time, they had reached a distance from the coast.

"Everyone who came here ended up getting scattered. In this case, the situation looks pretty bad. Those who had their return waymarks would have headed back already!" Han Jian frowned, apparently very worried about the current situation.

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