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Yilin's line of sight was blocked by Yin Muchen's tall body. The man took long strides as he stepped out and closed the door behind him.

"Mmm," he hummed as he turned towards his study.

"Hey, Yin Muchen." Yilin chased after the man quickly. She looked up and studied him.

The man's shirt and trousers were in place, but there were obvious wrinkles. Some of them were caused by him kneeling on the bed, while some were scrunched up by the girl's little hand. He looked calm and composed. His right hand was in his pocket, and he unbuttoned a couple of buttons with his left hand, making him look uninhibited.

Yilin looked more and more skeptical. "Yin Muchen, be honest with me. What did you do with your sister in the room just now? Why do I feel..."

Yin Muchen entered the study. "Go to bed if you have nothing to do. Don't bother me. Play for a couple more days and I'll have someone take you back."

Boom! The man closed the door.

Yilin looked at the tightly shut door.


Yin Shuiling tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep on the bed. She lifted the blankets and exposed her big eyes. She then glanced around the room.

The little hand under the blankets touched her lips, and she secretly pulled up the blankets to hide her big eyes. There was still the taste of her brother in her mouth. It was painful and numb.

It turned out that kissing was like this. She thought it would be just pressing her lips against his.

But then...wouldn't it be embarrassing to do that?

She seemed to have swallowed her brother's saliva.

And it was the same for her brother.

Just now, she had heard the sound of her brother gulping, especially moments before he let her go. He had suckled on her as if he wanted to swallow her.

Yin Shuiling exhaled out a sweet breath. She felt shy and sweet. Qingqing had covered her mouth that day and didn't let her say it out loud, but she simply liked her brother kissing her.

What's wrong with that?

Yin Shuiling was suddenly upset again. She didn't know what Older Brother and Sister Yilin were doing. Would Sister Yilin sleep in her Older Brother's room at night?

She wouldn't allow it!

Lifting the blankets, Yin Shuiling looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand. It was 11 at night. Older Brother should be sleeping by now.

She got out of bed, put on her small slippers, and opened the door lightly. She ran to Yin Muchen's bedroom door.

Without knocking on the door, she put her little hand on the handle and slipped in.

Older Brother's room was so dark. There was no bedside lamp. She fumbled for the big bed in the dark, then dove into the blankets agilely.

Yin Muchen had just come back from his study. He had just taken a bath and was about to go to bed. When he raised his hand to turn off the light, he heard footsteps outside. He knew who was coming, but he lay silent.

Sure enough, a sweet and soft little bundle slowly moved over. She hadn't adapted to the darkness and went straight to his arms out of fear.

Yin Muchen raised a helpless smile on his lips. Was he teasing her or himself?

Wasn't he going to be the one suffering?

They lay down face to face on their sides. Yin Muchen slowly opened his eyes, stretched out a strong arm, and placed it on her small waist. He asked in a hoarse voice, "There's no thunder tonight. Why did you decide to sleep with me?"

Yin Shuiling gripped the man's nightshirt. It was a black silk nightgown, and the belt around his waist was loosely tied, revealing a large area of his chest.

When her little hand went to touch it, she felt some clothes and a piece of the strong and tight muscle. It was very hard. Yin Shuiling felt as if the palm of her hand had been burned. She moved her little hand down and placed it on his strong and flat waist.

"My…my period's here. I have a stomach ache. I want to sleep with Older Brother. " She lied with her eyes closed.

Yin Muchen chuckled. Her face was right in front of him. His thin lips could just caress her bright and clean forehead by accident. She had the fragrance of a pure girl's clean body and the scent of her shower gel.

As his Adam's apple bobbed, he asked in a low voice, "Is your period really here?"

"Of course... it's my period, I'm still wearing my... Sanitary pad... "

Sanitary Pad?

Yin Muchen thought of a small pink package he had accidentally seen in her school bag. It seemed to be the young girls series from 7 Space.

Yin Muchen looked at her, slipped his big hands down from her waist, and finally landed on her little butt. With a pa, he gave her a light slap on her butt.

"You're climbed into my bed even though you're on your period? No one has ever dared to be as presumptuous as you."

Many women wanted to climb into his bed. She was the only one who dared to bring blood there.

Yin Shuiling pressed his big hand down with her small red face. She pouted her pink lips. "Oh, Older Brother, why do you always spank my butt?" she asked in a sweet voice.

"I spank you because I like you," the man answered.

Yin Shuiling: "..." She had already grown up. There was no 15-year-old girl who was often spanked like this by her older brother. She was embarrassed.

Yin Muchen felt his lips go dry. He stuck his tongue out and licked them. He moved his hands up and slipped them over her tiny arms. Finally, he pressed them on her petite shoulders. He frowned. "You aren't wearing a bra?"

She had changed out of her bath towel and wore a white halter nightgown.

Yin Shuiling thought of what her older brother had said that day when the power had 

been cut off. She was afraid that he would scold her. She shook her head. "No, I wear them during the day. I just don't wear them when I bathe and sleep at night. I didn't intentionally allow people...allow people to... "

She couldn't say the word.

Yin Muchen felt his gaze heating up. She was as pure as a rabbit, but she could make his blood boil with passion. He cleared his throat. The dark side of men could not be hidden. "So you think you haven't done anything wrong? I'll let you know where you're wrong now."

His big hand reached forward.

Ah! Suddenly attacked, Yin Shuiling screamed. She hurriedly pushed the man away, and then turned her body, leaving him with a view of her back.

Her thin arms were crossed in front of her chest. Her small face was a shade of red so bright that it seemed as if water would drip from it.

She didn't notice that her body had begun to develop in these couple of months. She didn't know what would protrude if she didn't wear a bra.

Older Brother just now...

Seeing the girl turning around, Yin Muchen half propped himself up. He was in a good mood after he had gotten taken a little advantage of her sweetness. His strong chest was against the girl's beautiful back. He buried his handsome face in the girl's fragrant hair and took a deep sniff.

Yin Shuiling was frightened and moved forward. At this time, she heard a cold and lukewarm voice by her ear. "Curl up some more and get out of my bed, then go back to her room."

Yin Shuiling was frightened and dared not move anymore.

Yin Muchen reached out and clasped her waist to take her in his arms. His continuous kisses spread all over her hair. He slowly covered her ears and asked, "Are you really on your period?"

Yin Shuiling bit her pink lips with her pearly white teeth, "Mmm..." She nodded in panic.

"I don't believe it. Let me check," the man said.

Yin Shuiling couldn't understand how he wanted to check. At this time, her skirt was lifted. A big hand covered her small, smooth stomach, and then his four long fingers moved downwards.

"Older Brother!" she screamed as she grabbed his big hand.

Yin Muchen did not move. He came to the girl's delicate face. He kissed her hard and said, "Go to bed. It's late."

Yin Shuiling heard the sound of even breathing behind her, and she was not in a panic. Her older brother seemed to be sleeping.

Yin Shuiling took a deep breath, then calmed her heart that had jumped to her throat. Her body was small. At this time, she was trapped and locked in by the man with his long hands and legs from behind. Her long eyelashes were trembling badly. Her older brother's big hand was still under her belly. His four powerful fingers had already reached a little into her small light blue cartoon panties.

She wasn't stupid. She knew where she could be touched and where she shouldn't be touched.

She buried her entire face in the pillow. Her fair and tender little hand pushed down her nightdress that had been pulled up, covering her brother's hand. She closed her eyes in the warm embrace of the man.

She liked her brother.

So she was willing to let him do this.

Even if she felt that it was embarrassing.

Yin Shuiling thought that she would not be able to sleep, but after fifteen minutes, she couldn't fight her body and fell asleep.

At this time, Yin Muchen opened his eyes slowly. He looked deeply at the girl in his arms. His eyes were dark.


The next morning

When Yin Shuiling opened her eyes, she found that she was sleeping in the big bed in her bedroom. She rubbed her eyes with a small tender fist and looked at the alarm clock on the bed cabinet. It was 7:10 a.m.

"Ah!" She quickly sat up, got out of bed, and ran into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. She had gotten up too late. There were makeup lessons in school today.

Carrying her Hello Kitty bag, she ran downstairs. The gate of the villa was open. 

There was a Maybach parked on the lawn outside, her older brother's car.

Yin Muchen was opening the driver's seat with the car key in his hand. Yilin got into the passenger's seat with a document in her hand.

"Older Brother." Yin Shuiling ran up quickly. "Older Brother, I'm going to be late for school, there's a make-up class today. Can you give me a ride?"

Because it was the weekend, it was the uncle driver's rest day, and she hadn't said in advance that she had makeup lessons, so the uncle driver wasn't there.

Yin Muchen glanced at the little girl. Today, she wasn't wearing a school uniform. Instead, she had worn a White V-Neck sweater, light blue overalls, and had her pants cut off above her ankles. On her feet, she wore a pair of small white muffin shoes. Her black hair was divided into two small plaits and tied in front of her shoulders. She looked so pure.

Yin Muchen nodded, "OK, get in the car."

Yin Shuiling opened the back door and sat in.

The Maybach drove out.


In the quiet car, Yilin looked at the girl in the back seat through the rearview mirror. 

"Little sister, did you sleep late last night? You have dark circles."

"Huh?" Yin Shuiling felt guilty when she thought about last night. She looked up directly at Yilin who was in front.

Yilin smiled, she turned her head to look at the girl, "Little sister, what are you nervous about? Could it be that you didn't sleep late last night, but...you were thinking of someone? Do you have a boy you like? "

Yin Shuiling's face suddenly burst into a bright red. She looked at Yin Muchen in front of her.

Today, Yin Muchen had worn a light blue shirt and black trousers. On his forehead were his wavy bangs that were divided into three-seven parting. Driving in the morning sun, those brilliant lights reflected on the glass window and landed on his delicate and impeccable face. In the morning, he looked even younger and more handsome, making others unable to peel their eyes off him.

Compared to her panic, the man was calm and composed. His right hand that was wearing a wristwatch turned the steering wheel left in smooth and flowing manner.

He didn't look at her.

He obviously didn't want to help her out.

"Little sister, I'm asking you something. Why are you staring at your older brother? Could it be that the person you like is your older brother?"

If it were normal times, Yin Shuiling would guiltlessly retort, I just like my brother, but she understood the girl's mind. She really liked her older brother as a boy.

How could she dare to admit it openly now?

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