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Tonny's aim was only to take revenge on his grandfather Lucas and Smith family. He knew that although he could not get any information about Lucas, John Smith and his company, Smith Enterprise was not unreachable to him. He knew that the destruction of Smith Enterprise was the destruction of the Smith family.

  He did not know the reason behind his grandfather's enmity to the Smith family. But he knew that Smith family was also responsible for his misfortune.

 Tonny made a plan to destroy the company. He already came to know that John Smith is not such a person, whom he can beat easily. He needs a solid and long term plan to destroy him. He knew that John had his own military as well as the expert investigators. So, he must be very careful to deal with John. If John somehow came to know about his plan, he would make Tonny's life hell. 

  He decided to attack John slowly so that he could not realise that he is being attacked by someone. So, for this first step, he started to buy shares of The Smith Enterprise. In three years he was able to buy a total ten per cent of shares of the Smith Enterprise. It was not an easy task for a new businessman like Tonny to buy the shares of the Smith Enterprise.

 Apart from trying to buy the shares, Tonny placed his people to Smith Enterprise to keep an eye on John Smith They also help him by stealing some documents. Tonny knew that by using his own employees he could harm John Smith more. 

  Tonny had to use his many tactics to buy the shares. He made a list of the persons who were the shareholder of the Smith Enterprise. He met with everyone and offered them a good amount of money to purchase the shares. But nobody wanted to sell their shares. Everyone knew that it was very profitable for them. 

  When Tonny saw that, nobody was willing to sell their shares, he used another tactic. He recorded some weak moments of them and started to blackmail. At last most of the shareholders had to sell their shares to Tonny Heck. When he got ten per cent share in his name, he decided to fight with John Smith face to face. He did not like to play with John like cat and mouse. 

  Tonny planted the bomb in the Smith Textile so that John would have to go through a tough time. But, he did not want to kill any of the workers of the factory.

 Although Tonny had spent many years of his life in the underworld, he never killed any innocent people. So he sent the message to John to alert him. Although he was telling his men that nobody in the factory should go out alive, in his heart, he was hoping that John would be able to save all his workers by any means. 

  In the message, he had purposefully written Lucas's name. Tonny knew that Lucas was trying to harm John Smith and John Smith was also trying to find out who was the culprit behind his family's misfortune. He wanted to make John angrier. He knew that John would speed up his investigation and somehow find out Lucas and kill him. 

 Tonny had no power now. He had no one behind to support. So he wanted to use John's power to kill his enemy. 

  Tonny did not think that John could even suspect him. Tonny wanted to kill two birds with one gunshot. He knew that, after the bomb blast, the board members of Smith Enterprise would be lost their faith in John Smith. Tony wanted to take this chance to throw John Smith from the CEO position of the Smith Enterprise and also killed Lucas using John Smith. 

 After finishing his story, Tonny sat there silent. He knew that John would be angry at him. He was ready to get the punishment from John Smith. He looked up at John, who was sitting on the chair silent. Everyone can tell easily that, he was lost in deep thought.

  Almost after twenty minutes, John looked at Tonny. He stared Tonny for a long time and got up from the chair.

"Charlie, send him to the hospital and give him the best treatment. Tell the doctors to make him physically fit as soon as possible. I need him."  John Smith said and left the cellar. Charlie nodded and ordered gave some instructions to a guard and followed John Smith.

Tonny was stunned. He never thought that after what he had done to John, he would let him go so easily.

'What did this great John Smith has said? Admit me to the hospital? Did I listen correctly? Or am I dreaming? Is not this cruel, ruthless John Smith? But why I could not see any ruthlessness in him now? How can a person forgive anyone who tried to harm him so badly? Oh. I was thinking this John Smith so wrongly all along. He is not that bad.' Tonny Heck thought.

 Within half an hour Tonny Heck was shifted to the hospital. The guards admitted him and booked a VIP cabin for him. Tonny Heck was surprised to see the changed the behaviour of the guards. Instead, of a captive, they were treating him like a guest. Tonny Heck was very happy. Now he felt relieved.

 On the other hand, John reached Smith Enterprise to fetch Zinu. He promised Zinu to go to the hospital together. She was waiting for him. He reached the parking area and where Zinu was waiting for him.

"Let's go." John opened the car door for Zinu and he took the driving seat. 

"What is about Tonny Heck? Is he now in the base? What about Lucas?"Zinu asked John while going to the hospital.

"Tonny has accepted everything that he had done. But do you know, he is the grandson of Lucas? That means he is my cousin."

 John explained everything to Zinu. She was surprised to hear his story.

"This Tonny Heck also had to suffer for this bastard Lucas," Zinu said sadly.

"Yes Zinu, this Lucas has made everyone's life hell He will get his punishment one day. I too feel sorry for this Tonny Heck. He is my cousin after all. I sent him to the hospital."

"You have done the right thing. By the way, have you got any information regarding Lucas?"Zinu asked.

" No. I don't know how he can hide like this. I am using all my resources to find him. I don't know how an old man like him had got the energy to hide like him. There must be a powerful person behind him. Otherwise, without using his identity, how could he do all these activities? He must be backed by some powerful political leader or by some Underworld power.

"Yes, that must be. Otherwise, he would not be able to hide for that long."

"Zinu, I think we can not find him like this. We only can lure him out by using the map. He would never keep himself hidden if he comes to know about the map. Because everything was stated from that mysterious map only. Zinu, have you got any clue about the map? I think we should give more time to find it. Otherwise, it would be late for us He could do anything to us. Because hidden enemies are more dangerous than the enemies who challenged us openly."John said.

"Yes, hubby you are correct. He is very dangerous for our family. He can do anything to us any time. Up to when we can hide our relationship from others? Someday everyone would know about it.  We must find out him by anyhow. By the way, we get something the day before the operation of grandmother."

"What? What did you get?"

"We got some symbols in the painting which grandfather ordered to make the artist," Zinu said.

" What? What type of symbols did you get? Is this related to the map?"John asked.

"Yes, I think it is related to the map. I observed the painting which specially made for grandfather. The painting was different from other paintings. I saw some letters were written in the leaves of the tree in the painting. We could not understand what are this letter means. We could not find any meaning of these letters. The letters were as RYIGPHKTN and S3IYD7EL. Do you know these types of letters were also the design of the pendant, which grandpa gifted grandma before his death? I think the painting and the pendant, both are related to the map. I think there must be some other things also which is related to the map."

"Is it? That's great. I knew that you and Dolly would be able to find out everything very soon. If you want, you can take leave for two days and try to search for the map. You two would be tired if you do it after a long day of your work in the office." John suggested. He knew that it was not an easy task to find out the map.

"Yes, hubby. You are correct. We were very much tired after searching for the map for a long time."

"Ok. It is decided. You will take leave. I will tell Charlie to sanction you both the leave."

"Ok, "Zinu replied.

  They reached the hospital. Mrs Smith was better than before. She was speaking with Sofia. Sofia cut an apple and gave her. Mrs Smith did not like apples. So she told Sofia to keep the apples away.

" Grandma. You should eat fruits more, than other food. It is good for your health."John told when he saw Mrs Smith was not eating the apple while entering the cabin.

"Oh, John. Have you come? You know I don't like apples. It will harm me more than benefits." Mrs Smith said trying to convince John. 

    John smiled and took the plate from Sofia and thanked her. He went near Mrs Smith and put a piece of apple in her mouth. This time she could not deny. She knew John would be disappointed if she doesn't eat the apple now."

"Mom where is the father? Have he left for home?" Zinu asked as she could not see her father.

"No dear, your father has gone to the medical store to bring some medicines," Sofia replied.

"Why is he feeling unwell? What happened?"Zinu was worried for her father as she knew that he was not recovered from his illness fully.

" No dear. He had a little bit of fever this morning. Now he is feeling tired."Sofia replied.

 "Mom, you and father, please go to Smith manor with Zinu. You have done a lot for us. Thank you for your help. But I think you and father need some rest."John said to Sofia. Mrs Smith already finished with her apple.

" John, let you father -in -law go home. I want to spend the night with her."Sofia replied.

"No mom. Let's go home." Zinu said.

"Let her stay here with me. I would like to have her with me. I can talk to her. " Mrs Smith told this time.

 "Are you sure? Will not you get tired?" John asked Sofia. She smiled.

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