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Yan Su found that last night, they stayed in a small scale, newly built resort on top of a mountain. No wonder Shi Xiang couldn't bring his people straight to the hotel. They couldn't even drive to the mountaintop. 

Jin Youlan's people were scattered on the mountain and they could easily spot the car lights. 

That woman was really sneaky. 

"Did you… catch Jin Youlan last night?" Yan Su asked Chen Chen. 

"We almost did," said Chen Chen through clenched teeth. "We were a couple of minutes late. They got to the airport, so we couldn't do anything to them in public. At last, we watched them leave. If they didn't have the video, we could have called the police." 

Yan Su understood. What happened last night had to be kept secret. 

But was that woman getting away with it just like that? Yan Su couldn't accept that.

Jin Youlan had everything planned before she made a move, including how they got to the airport and left. Every minute was counted. 

"I'll kill her sooner or later," Shi Xiang said with a cold voice. 

Yan Su turned to look at him. He was shorted by the hatred. She had never seen him so cold and dark. 

The old Shi Xiang might have died last night. Two hours later, the car pulled up and parked before Yan Su's apartment. 

She put on the face mask and before getting out of the car, she glanced at Shi Xiang. Shi Xiang looked at her and said with a cold and sad voice, "Su, I was hoping that I could become your hero when I got back. I wanted to give you the best life, and protection. But then, I found that I couldn't do anything for you. Last time, at Director Li's party, I watched Mo Liuxi punch that guy for you, while I was too cowardly to even get close to you. I was so jealous of him. All I could do was play some dirty trick under the table. Now, you've even learned about the dirtiest part of my life. I've become a different person, but you never changed. I never stopped loving you, but I'm no longer good enough for you. You're so perfect." 

"Your father told me the difference between you and me isn't just the difference between our families. I was too young to understand back then, but now, I get him."

"Stop." Yan Su's eyes turned red. 

"If I had another chance, I'd come back to you, even if I couldn't become famous. Because I know that no matter how I may change on the outside, as long as I'm still that person you know, you'd never leave me." Shi Xiang smiled, but was choked with sobs. 

Yan Su didn't know how she got out of the car. Her tears streamed down her face while she was walking. 

She vaguely remembered how she and Shi Xiang held hands, sat on a green train, and left home. 

Back then, they felt they owned the whole world. Once she walked into the building, a tall figure blocked her way. She raised her head and saw Mo Liuxi's face filled with concern. 

"Why are you crying? What happened?" Mo Liuxi wiped her tears. "Did anyone hurt you?" 

"No." Seeing him, Yan Su gave a start. "What time is it? Why aren't you in school?" 

"You're not here and I'm not in the mood for school." Mo Liuxi looked at her deeply in the eyes and said, "I don't know why, but I worried about you the whole night." 

Yan Su felt warm in her heart. She hugged him and buried her head in his arms. 

She almost got raped last night. 

If that really happened, she wouldn't be with him anymore. She would be too unclean to him. 

"Liuxi, I missed you too." 

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