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"There is no one here, let go of me now."

Ying's stern voice made Han Bohai's lips to curl downward. He looked like an aggrieved kid who was refused to get any candy. Obviously, he wasn't pleased with this statement. Wasn't it really early to let go? He was having fun having her in his arms.

"Maybe someone is hiding in some corner," he tried to make an excuse.

Ying was exasperated but she still managed to keep her tone calm as she said, "Didn't anyone teach you that touching a woman's waist is against the virtue of nobles?"

Han Bohai really had an inkling to inquire about why she was quoting something so ancient? However, it really wasn't enough to dampen his mood at the very least.

His hand on her waist tightened as he lowered his head to whisper, "But there is nothing wrong with holding your own woman's waist."

Ying tilted her head and was a bit taken aback. His face was too close for comfort. Too close for comfort. I repeat it's too close for comfort!

If it's too close for comfort, she was supposed to step back, right? RIGHT? Why was she frozen like a statue? And why did she seem so engrossed in observing his features from this close proximity? And what the hell was this itch in her heart? Also, why was she having trouble breathing?

When he flashed her a wide grin, it was like her trance was broken.

She lifted her fist to punch him squarely on the face but he immediately leaned back to avoid it. Good thing, he had become very clear about her temper. Obviously, if he talked like this he was definitely looking for some beating. However, he loved it when she gets mad like this.

"Who-Who is your woman?!" 

"You!" He tapped her nose making her almost flare-up.

Her trembling finger pointed at his face as she gritted out, "I have never met a more audacious person than you! Don't you feel any shame?"

"You have to be shameless to be in love..."

Ying facepalmed herself. They were now standing before her car and she was having difficulty keeping in her anger.

"How did you even find me in that huge crowd?" she asked.

"I can find you anywhere because my eyes are always looking for only you." Ying's anger level dropped so damn low with that one sentence. No, she didn't find his words too pretentious. He wasn't doing the lip service. He was being very sincere and she could see it in his eyes. "Besides, I think the universe is pushing me towards you."

"You talk too much," said Ying not wanting to hear these words. "I already helped you get out of there. Now, get lost!"

He held her sleeve not letting her go. "It seems you'll have to drive me back to the hotel as well. My assistant abandoned me here."

"That's not possible," she retorted.

"But I'm telling the truth," he insisted and blinked his eyes in all honesty. He was telling the truth. It was different that he had asked his assistant to leave him here. But he wasn't gonna tell her that. He tugged at her sleeve again as he said, "Can't you give me a ride? It won't be the first time anyway."

Now, someone really needed to ask Ying why she agreed to it so readily. 

And that was enough to make Han Bohai float on cloud nine. Getting back in that familiar car of hers, his eyes wandered around curiously just like last time.

"Where did you come from? And what's up with that uniform?"

Ying was finding the silence between them so comfortable that it stifled her. Because that comfort was quite scary to her. That's why she chose to question him.

"Didn't I send you that sunrise photo? It was taken on Linlan beach."

"Oh... Then why are you back?"

"Because my shoot here is not done yet." She nodded. "As for the uniform, I got this from the pilot. His physique matched mine and I needed someone to cover for me. Otherwise, that crowd of fans was gonna crush me."

"You asked a pilot to take his clothes off for you?"

Han Bohai frowned slightly. "Why does it sound so weird when you say it like that?" Shaking his head, he went on, "By the way, did you miss me?"

"Get lost!" was Ying's reply.

He smiled again, "Aiyo! I missed you too!"

Ying gaped at him in disbelief and shook his head while tapping her fingers on the steering wheel. She really needed to keep her distance from him to keep her sanity. Annoying! Annoying pest! She really needed to kick him out of her life. But no! She even invited him inside her car!

How outrageous!

"What were you doing at the airport though?" he questioned looking at the way her expressions were changing every second. 

Recalling Xiu, Ying's face turned sad. He was startled to see her like this as if she was heartbroken. And this expression shook his heart violently. 

"I was seeing someone off and I already miss her,[1]" Ying's voice was enough to show how unwilling she had been to part with Xiu. 

Han Bohai's eyes darkened, "And who is this special person whom you miss already?"

"My sister," Ying didn't even hesitate to call Xiu as her sister. Clearly, as Xiu had said that Ying was allowed to adopt her as a sister, Ying truly did. Who knew she'd turn out to be an overprotective sister at that.

Han Bohai's smile came back as he learned that it was her sister she was talking about and not some guy as he had assumed. "Oh, you have a sister. What's her name?"

"Bai Xiu," answered Ying and Han Bohai's face stiffened a little. It took a moment for Ying to notice his silence. "What's wrong?"

He shook his head as he smiled, "I think I already like your sister."

[1] In Mandarin, there is no specific gender distinction when you say 'him/his' or 'her'. So, Han Bohai's mood changed because he thought, she was saying, 'I already miss him.'

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