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Xu Xinya glanced outward from the car; her deep eyes were hazed in rumination. She was vaguely aware of what must have been going through Shen Changying head right now. At this point, she must be all 'excited and 'overjoyed' at the assumption that she had discovered Xu Xinya secret. But...

 'I don't need to hide this from Shen Changying or anyone. Even if they try all their mean and rack their brains, they can't find a single link to Lu Mingyu. This Lu family, particularly this Lu Mingyu, is entirely on a different level. A level us mortals can't hope to reach.'

"So, how was your first day?" Lu Guang cleared his throat and said. Xu Xinya stared at him with confusion brimming in her eyes. At this, he quickly explained himself. "I had been sent by my brother. He could not come in person because of someone important matter. I hope you don't mind?"

However, his explanation only made things more complicated for her.

'Why did it sound like Lu Guang was conveying the feelings of apology from Lu Mingyu side? Why would he even want to pick her up? What am I to him?'

"It's alright." Nevertheless, she said. 

Lu Guang caught the confusion in her eyes, easily guessing at her doubts. With a smug smile, he attacked at seeing such an open opportunity. "As I said before, my brother really cares for you. Since today's your first day at the university, how could he have not come in person or not sent someone important to pick you up? But that besides the point. Today I specifically came for another purpose."

Xu Xinya accessed this strange Second Master Lu with a doubtful gaze. He was so smooth. Too smooth to trust easily. "What's that?"

"We need to work on the second step of our plan!", said the lunatic Second Master Lu with a disproportionate excitement that did not add well.

Xu Xinya coughed when her throat felt uncomfortably dry all of sudden. "What plan?"

Lu Guang's smile dropped. "How could you forget?! How careless of you! We need to manipulate my brother well enough. Have you forgotten on what ground I had decided to assist you and you managed to gain permission to attend the university?"

'Manipulate him'? How could this Second Master Lu say this so comfortably? For all reasons, it sounded morally wrong!

Xu Xinya blinked at him. Not knowing what to say to his words for a while, she bit her lip then said. "For that, I am really grateful to Second Master Lu. But since I have already gained permission to attend the university, I do not need anything else." She did not want to be a part of some cat and mouse games.

She was pretty happy with being alive and she wanted to continue to stay alive. 

"How could you say that!" Lu Guang whined as if he could not believe this woman. "Let's say for instance, that tomorrow you want to get a job. What would you do to get his permission?" Lu Guang had picked up on the flames of vengeance in Xu Xinya's eyes the other day he had revealed Shen family intervention in her family business. Thus, he had an idea or two on her motivation. According to his analysis of this girl, she was probably planning out ways to avenge her family. 

At his words, Xu Xinya appeared to have been put into a dilemma.

Smiling wickedly after finding his tricks effective, he said. "And I don't think my brother let you join the university unconditionally. He must have put out some boundaries for you? What if you unknowingly end up beaking those boundaries and my brother gets back on his words?"

He had said. 'As long as she remembered to whom she belonged.'

Second Master Lu was right. The condition was pretty vague in itself. In the future, if Lu Mingyu suddenly found it not to his liking to let her out, he could easily use whatever excuse he wanted to get her to stop attending.

This statement by Lu Guang effectively put an end to Xu Xinya's reluctance. "Then...what do you suggest Second Master Lu?"

"What do I suggest?" Lu Guang chortled, pushing out his chest as if appearing to be an angel sent by God to help pitiful women out of their plight. "I suggest we manipulate him!"

"Manipulate?" Xu XInya could still not understand how were they supposed to manipulate that iceberg. It was until, an hour later, Lu Guang brought her to a place that she realized what kind of manipulation he was hinting at. And she was not pleased to find what kind it was.




"This...I...are you certain this will work?" Xu Xinya was currently buried in a pile of shopping bags. She looked unsurely at the lunatic second master Lu who claimed to be an angel in disguise.

"Hundred percent!" The confidence in his tone made Xu Xinya flinch. If not for the fact that he had been right the last time she would have smacked him with those very shopping bags. 

"But your brother seems to be unaffected by these sorts of things." Thinking back to that man, how should Xu Xinya put it? But he appeared to be nothing but an iceberg who possessed a frozen ice crystal for a heart. She had seen in the club for a couple of times and all those times, countless women had tried to garb his eyes owing to his handsome looks and wallet. But no matter what, he would not even bat an eye on those pretty ladies.

Then what was Xu Xinya in front of their experienced seduction?

"It depends on the woman." Lu Guang shrugged off Xu Xinya's concerns. "Let those worries left for me. All you need to do is to doll yourself up in this petty dress and listen to the stylist I hired for you. After that, get to the terrace at night. Trust me! I have everything arranged!"

"To the terrace?" Suddenly Xu Xinya's expressions changed.

Author Note: Sorry for the late update. Just wish my flu go away. *sobs*

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