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To allow an entire district of warriors to partake in the trials at the same time was insane conduct for an instructor. 

That was because there must be a limit to the cream of the crop in the warriors. It just was not possible for every man in the entire district to be extremely capable. To let those who did not show good results to participate and then lag behind would only tarnish one's image. 

However, Fang Hong did just that with full confidence! 

The trial grounds were located on an empty and wide space. There were 3 trials. First was the obstacle course. The second, marksmanship followed by thirdly, Martial Body Fist! 

These 3 trials were one after the other, with no rest in between. After the obstacle course one had to proceed directly to marksmanship, and then Martial Body Fist. 

There were 10 competition facilities, and each of them could contain 10 competitors. That was to say that at the same time a hundred people could compete. 

As the selections began, the first batch of a hundred men rushed forwards like cheetahs.

For these selections, all of them had gone through countless hours of training. Every movement in their body was honed to the point of instinct. 

Every batch was extremely fast, the average time for the obstacle course was 3 minutes. The average time of marksmanship was 40 seconds, and for Martial Body Fist, 3 and a half minutes. 

When the first batch began the Martial Body Fist, the second batch started on the obstacle course, everything moved in order. 

\"It's almost your turn, how do you feel? Nervous?\" Fang Hong looked at the warriors in his troop and asked with a smile. 

Wu Yue scratched his head, \"Instructor Fang, a little, just a little.\" 

\"Instructor Fang, we're just afraid of embarrassing you.\" Another one said. 

\"Keep relaxed, and draw out the strength that you usually have, and you will not shame me!\" Fang Hong said nonchalantly. 

\"Yeah, didn't you set that man as your goal? Think more about him.\" Lin Ao said at the side. 

When that person was brought up, everyone grew solemn. Their faces slowly took on a steely determination. 

In their minds, they all thought of that person's silhouette. If he were here, they thought that he would shock the entire venue. 

Obstacle course? Marksmanship? Martial Body Fist? 

To that person, were they really trials? 

At the same time, they clenched their fists at the thought of that person staying.

\"Next batch, get ready!\" the PA system announced. 

Wu Yue's face sank, and he traded looks with his troop mates before stepping forward slowly. 



In the blink of an eye, Wu Yue was out the gates, fast as a cheetah! 

At the very beginning, he had already outrun the rest of the group by half a meter, and this difference only grew as he went forward! 

All the obstacles before him were no longer obstacles in his eyes. At this moment, he thought he could see a silhouette. 

The youth's silhouette was in front of him, constantly passing through the obstacles with ease, his speed greater than his.

Just a little bit, still just a little bit less! 

He definitely can catch up to him! 

He will become the man who was king of all soldiers! 

\"He's fast!\" 

The observing warriors were all shocked. The warriors in the same batch as Wu Yue were stunned as well.

\"This.. this is…\" 

On the viewing platform, the 4 men of the specialist training camps had all stood, their gazes electrifying. Their eyes were afire in shock and excitement. 

\"This man is a rare talent!\" 

\"This man, the Pale Wolf wants him! 

\"No! This man should belong to the Dragon!\" 

\"Bullsh*t! He's like a tiger, he should belong to the Tigers!\" 

Bang bang bang! 

The shooting course had begun! 

10 shots sounded out, without a single pause in between! 

Wu Yue had forgotten himself. The youth's silhouette had not stopped when shooting, he could not stop as well! 

\"Oh god, he's gone mad, shooting ten in a row like that! This is a trial!\" 

\"Has he given up?\" 

\"Holy sh*t! The results are out of the ten shots, 8 are in the bullseye and 2 are in the 9th circle. This man wants to reach the heavens!\" 

After that, was the Martial Body Fist. 

Wu Yue's movements however slowed. His facial expressions were focused, and he was meticulous. However, every single movement had to be perfect! 

\"His actions are stable, without any rush. Hahaha, very good, very good indeed!\" Qin Baichuan roared in laughter. 

\"Next batch!\" 

Before the onlookers could snap out of their awe, the next batch had begun! 

\"Instructor Fang, we're going!\" 

Fang Hong's troop and the other warriors stepped forwards. 


\"This.. this…\" Everybody could no longer speak. 

Their faces were stunned, as though they were sleepwalking. 

\"They're fast, why is this batch of people so impressive?\" 

\"Is this… madness? Whose troop do they belong to?\" 

\"I think they're from Fang Hong's troop. Previously that freak Wu Yue was the same, a total of 15 men…\" 

\"This, this… this is too much!\" 

The 15 men had completed the trials with a surprising speed. 

Until the end of the trials, the audience did not snap out of their surprise. On the viewing platform, the 4 instructors had stood there for half a day without realizing it, their expressions conflicted. 

At seven in the evening, the trials ended! 

\"Fall in!\" 


\"Sir, the trials have concluded!\" 


Qin Baichuan had interjected, and all eyes fell on him. 

\"Fang Hong, stand forward with your troop!\" Qin Baichuan looked at Fang Hong, \"Report their results first!\" 

Fang Hong and his 15 men's faces were composed. They stepped forward and stood as straight as rods. 

\"Wu Yue, obstacle course, 89 seconds, first place! Marksmanship score 98, 15th place! Martial Body Fist, Distinction! Aggregate score, first place!\" 


The entire audience gasped. 

\"89 seconds! I remember during the specialist trials the record was 93 seconds, is this… a record breaker?!\" 

\"This is too impressive, there will be another legend in the Warriors Department in the future.\" 

\"Is this real? How is he so fast?!\" 

Qin Baichuan looked at Wu Yue in satisfaction, and spoke neutrally, \"Continue.\" 

\"Yue Chong, obstacle course, 105 seconds, 16th place! Marksmanship score 98, 15th place! Martial Body Fist, Distinction! Aggregate score, 20th place!\" 

\"Tian Feng, obstacle course, 107 seconds, 23rd place! Marksmanship…\" 

Of the 15 men, everybody was awed at each result report. Until the end of the reports, every man felt that their pulses quicken and their blood boil. 

Every single one of them passed! 

All the warriors in a district had all passed the trials! 

The worst performer was ranked at 182nd place and was still in the first 200. 

This was unprecedented! 

In the past, this would be unthinkable! 

Qin Baichuan roared in laughter, and looked at Fang Hong, \"Fang Hong, you're truly capable, keeping secret such a great training method. Tell us how you did it, and I'll give you an award!\" 

\"Sir, I don't have a special training method.\" Fang Hong shook his head and smiled bitterly. 

Qun Baisuan frowned slightly, and he did not dare to believe it. 

He pointed at Fang Hong, and smiled as he chided him, \"You little brat, keeping your secrets!\" 

\"Wu Yue, speak! How did your instructor train you?\" 

Wu Yue looked uncomfortable, and he frowned. It was as though he was not happy he had gotten first place. In fact, he even looked troubled. 

He mumbled, \"I still can't beat him…\" 

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