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Celestial Bane belonged to the xianxia genre, one of the less popular ones.

When compared to the fantasy and urban genres, it was as good as ignored by the masses.

That led to the editor in charge of the xianxia genre to not have a lot on their hands.

Merely two minutes after Ye Lingchen submitted his work, he received a notice that his title registration was complete and he could begin uploading chapters.

Ye Lingchen already had a general outline in his mind. With some simple organizing, he began typing.

[Prologue: Time: Unknown, most likely a long time ago. Location: Divine Land[1]. Since ancient times, humans witnessed the world around them being filled with unexplained incidents. Flashing thunder, raging storms, and natural disasters resulted in countless deaths with wails of the suffering everywhere. It was beyond the powers of men, nor was it preventable...In the present times, the righteous are prosperous and evil is in hiding. The Central Plains[2] is a beautiful place with thriving populations. Natural resources are in abundance, firmly controlled by the forces of good. Within its ranks are the three core pillars of Clear Skies Sect, Heaven's Voice Temple, and Incense Valley leading the fight. This particular story begins with the Clear Skies Sect.]

Following that, chapter one: Clear Skies, chapter two: Maze, and chapter three: Ambitions!

He uploaded three chapters in one go, totaling up to over 14,000 words. Only then did Ye Lingchen stop.

Typing was a physical exertion and writing the novel was a mentally draining activity. Even with Ye Lingchen's current condition, it was quite taxing. Being an author was no easy feat.

Ye Lingchen could not help but lament the challenges faced by a real author, having some newfound respect for the profession.

After uploading the chapters, he did not follow up and logged off the website. He felt bored as he lay on his bed so he took out his phone and logged on to the Weibo accounts of the various Ys.

After the fire rescue incident, Ye Lingchen gave it some thought and finally decided to create a Weibo account for Superhuman Y. That way he could find out what was the public perception of superman. Furthermore, if anything were to happen, he could make a timely response to it using superman's identity.

To date, he had a total of four Weibo accounts. Superman Y, Actor Y, Singer Y, and Livestream Y.

At that rate, Novel Y would be born very soon.

At that time, Superman Y's Weibo was all filled with praises. He had no idea who started it, but people have taken Superman Y as a guardian angel.

[Superman Y, I pray that you bless my family's safety.]

[Superman Y, I pray that you will bless me with a girlfriend so that I can be rid of my singleness.]

[Superman Y, I pray that you will help my grandfather recover soon. Thank you.]

[Superman Y, I pray that you can bless my wife with a child. Please.]

That was just legendary!

Ye Lingchen never would have known that he had such abilities had he not read the comments. What kind of superman was that? He was being regarded as a wishing well!

Worse stuff had yet to come. Further below were people making offerings for their fulfilled wishes.

[OMG! Superman Y, you're just too miraculous! I just prayed to you yesterday and my wife is pregnant today!]

[Superman Y, thank you so much. My grandfather made a full recovery!]

[Wahahaha, Superman Y, I knew that believing in you was the right choice. I passed all my tests! Gratitude…]

He then logged off Superman Y's Weibo and switched to Actor Y.

From Superman Y's shoutout during the fire rescue, Wu Han's influence on them had gone down drastically. Apart from the minority criticizing him, most of the comments were anticipating Huo Yuanjia's release, hoping to see the real Kungfu within.

Composer Y[3]'s Weibo was the quietest of them all. Some people commented that they wished to hear another new song of his, but it was only Chen Xiaoyan that tried to maintain a daily conversation with Composer Y.

The most active Weibo belonged to Livestream Y.

The incident where Y-God's stream was banned caused hundreds of thousands of listeners to erupt in anger!

When they received news of the stream being banned as they habitually joined Y-God's stream, they were beside themselves with rage.

Without them realizing, they had already developed the habit of watching Y-God's streams.

[Y-God, you should come out and give us an explanation! Why did you get banned?!]

[Why did the platform ban Y-God's stream?! They must be crazy! What rules did he break?!]

[F*ck! I was witnessing the birth of a Chinese literary masterpiece in Y-God's story. How did it just get banned out of the blue like that?!]

[Y-God, your Ten Deadly Sins was only halfway done. What happened towards the end? Please finish it before you get banned!]

[Y-God, I can't sleep without first listening to your stories. I've failed to sleep the entire night!]

[Y-God, don't give up. We look forward to new stories from you.]

In the past two days, his Weibo had over 100,000 comments. Some of them were of consolation, some rushing him, some questioning him, and some of them out of concern.

He really felt sorry for his fans.

Of course, there was quite a number that criticized him, reveling in his misery. They were just some sour grapes. 'So what if you're talented? You still get banned in the end right? Trash!'

Ye Lingchen gave it some thought, finally deciding not to leave any message on Weibo and logged out directly instead.

Following that, Ye Lingchen opened up Huyu Streaming.

His own stream was already removed from the searches. Y-God had seemingly turned into a thing of the past and vanished without a trace from Huyu Streaming.

The main page recommendation banner was no longer about Y-God, but instead was a girl with streamer ID of Si Yu.

[WeSing with your innocent girl and sexy dancer. Si Yu loves you!]

That was the content in the recommendation.

It would appear that the platform started to shift their favor onto Si Yu.

Seeing that, Ye Lingchen did not have much of a reaction.

He then clicked into the recommended link, just to end up with a frown.

The screen was split into two halves. On the left was a well-dressed woman with her collarbone exposed. That was Si Yu herself. Meanwhile, the other half was another girl. Her choice of dress was a lot more conservative. A white princess gown with a pink ribbon on her head. She had big matching eyes to the room decorated in cartoon themes. That was a very kawaii girl.

Ye Lingchen naturally did not know that girl in person, but he knew her name—Wu'er!

Although Wu'er was a gaming stream host, she would leave out some time to mingle with the viewers after a game.

With the halved screen at the moment, it meant that these two were engaged in PK[4]!

PK was a part of the streaming platform's activities. Both hosts would sync their audio, then proceed to pull in support from the viewers. They will compete to see which side was given more rewards from the viewers within a certain timeframe. The one with the higher rewards wins. It was a method for people to compete with each other's popularity.

It was known as a battle between streams.

How did Wu'er end up battling someone? Moreover, it was the leading female host of the streaming platform at that.

Ye Lingchen did not say anything and just watched quietly.

Si Yu's popularity completely eclipsed Wu'er's. From the rewards alone one could tell that even though their PK had barely started, Si Yu's rewards were easily 10 times more than Wu'er.

Wu'er's mood was not good, but she still forced a smile on her face. "Hello everyone. Welcome to Wu'er's stream. If you have any questions related to gaming you can just voice them out. I'll go through them with you one by one."

Her voice was still cute, soft, and gentle like a marshmallow.

On the other side, Si Yu was just posing in front of her screen while laughing, "Sister Wu'er, I have a question for you. In the previous match against the Sun Nation, why did you start feeding the opponents at the most crucial of times?"...

[1] 神州 (Shen Zhou) - Divine Land, or the more literal translation of God's Continent, is one of the many names given to Mainland China by its people over the years.

[2] 中原大地 (Zhong Yuan Da Di) - Central Plains. Another one of the many names given to China by its people over the years.

[3] 作词Y (Zuo Ci Y) - Composer Y. In raw the author had somehow named Singer Y differently here, but from the context of it we believe that Composer Y and Singer Y are one and the same persona.

[4] PK (Player kill) is a term that's been commonly used and had its original meaning evolved over time. Nowadays, any face off, showdown, duel, or general activities where a person competes with another person could be considered as PK in the Chinese culture.

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