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"This thing?"

[ Affirmative. ]

After taking out the red metallic cube that was the only mystery left in the chest before closing the chest and leaving the scroll on top of it, Chrome took a look at the red cube as he wondered how was it even related to candy…

"How does it work?"

[ There should be a small button on the side of it, press it and leave it on the ground for a few seconds and it should work. ]


Finding a very tiny black button at the side, Chrome pressed it while he was still confused about how something that looked like it came from the future, when considering the fashion of the place he was in now, was even inside this medieval chest.
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"... Is this a transformer of some sort…?"

As soon as he left the box on the ground, the cube started unfolding in a very satisfying way as it looked as if it was alive or something...

[ Negative. ]

As if to agree with the floating quill's denial, the form that the cube finally stopped moving at was actually the shape of an old candy machine which you would put a coin in it and turn it a few times to receive a gum ball of some sort.

'That's a candy machine alright…'

The only difference was that the glass bubble was actually completely empty, and there was also another two unnoticeable buttons at the side, the first was green while the other was red in color…


One more thing that was worth the notice was that as soon as the candy machine took form, the bowel of big golden metallic cup that was standing on a small desk beside the throne ignited as fire started burning in it, like it was a strange fire drink, However, as Chrome was actually too concentrated on the candy machine, he didn't catch what happened on the side.

"How does this work?" after seeing how helpful the floating quill was so far, Chrome decided to stop trying to figure everything out on his own, especially in the situation he was in right now, where nothing made any sense to begin with.

[ Just as its name explains, this is an 'Energy Storing' machine, it can store your own energy points in the form of a candy, which you can use later to replenish your energy after it's exhausted, it can also be used to exchange for the most important resource in the Self-Reliance Branch Palace, self-Reliance points. ]


In normal cases, most of the human population which emitted and stored Exos would only be able to store till the capacity, which decided their Exos rating, was full, after that, the Exos that are to be created in the body and emitted above that, according to their Emission rate, would be released outside the body as the body wouldn't be able to hold more of it…

In Chrome's case, who only had the ability to store only 10 units of Exos at the age of 18, he could be considered useless even if he somehow did awaken a superpower, not to mention that was impossible to begin with how low his rating was, that was why he was treated as garbage and forced to be named as an 'Ordinary' even though he wasn't one of those who didn't emit any Exos since the day they were born.

"Does that mean I would be able to perform as if I had a higher Exos rating as long as I had enough of the candy produced by this machine…? And are these points Self-Reliance supposed to be the key of using the abilites' growth function that's described in the scroll."

[ Affirmative… and Also Affirmative. You can theoretically perform as if you have a bigger energy storage capacity, as for the points they can indeed be used that way. ]

'Doesn't that mean they can actually act as Exos supplement pills?!'

While the Exos rating was what mattered the most, one could always outperform his rating if he used Exos supplements, but they weren't that cheap, being at least at the same price as awakening pills, and that was only for the lowest tier pills that could only supplement a limited amount of Exos…

That was why Chrome was given a good surprise as that happened, but he still didn't lose his calm as he didn't fully understand how the machine really worked just yet.

"So, how does it work? And how can it be converted to points?"

While having Exos supplement 'Candy' seemed like a great thing to have, Chrome was still curious at how these points functioned, afterall, the growth of abilities was unlikely to be a bad thing, at the very least it was much better than being stuck at the same place like Chrome was for the last 3 years…

[ You need to turn the machine once and it should provide you with the beginning guide for its use, it should also explain the point conversion process. ]

"Oh?" Chrome didn't contemplate much as he turned the key of the machine without much doubting, "Ding!" as a transparent capsule that looked like it was a game capsule of some sort slid into the machine's pocket.

Opening the transparent capsule, Chrome found a blue piece of paper that had english words written on it with white letters which he proceeded to read...


'Energy Storing Candy Machine Guide'

Usage: push the green button to enable the machine to start storing energy once it reached the machine's standard 'Flavor', and push the red button to disable it.

Flavor: 10 Energy Points. (Raisin)

Collection of product: turn the machine's key as many times as the number of candy pieces that you wish to receive. (Limited by the number of candy pieces inside the machine's storage)


Candy Consumption:

- Eat 1 piece of candy to receive 10 Energy Points.

- Throw 1 piece of candy in the Self-Sacrifice's golden cup to receive 1 Self-Reliance point(SRP).


'Wow, the conversion rate seems to be quite the steep one…' Chrome thought about as he believed it should be worth it considering how the rules of this place worked so far.

On the other hand, He also understood that it wouldn't be that easy and flexible to create these Exos supplement candy that he thought might be a good way to get rich later, not to mention other problems that might pop out along with it.

"Let's try it then." Chrome said as he pushed the green button.

Suddenly feeling as something was leaving his body, albeit not being that deep of an effect, Chrome saw something that looked like a rectangular piece of blue gum, appear inside the glass bubble as if it was weaved by some invisible thread.


As Chrome turned the key once as another transparent capsule appeared in the machine's pocket…

Opening the capsule to find the blue gum cube inside, Chrome held it in his hand as he took a look at the 'Self Assessment & Modification Scroll' that was laying on the top of the medieval chest to check his energy points.


Name: Chrome Blue

Age: 18

Energy Points (EP): 1/11


Making sure that it has indeed decreased by 10 points, Chrome put the blue candy piece inside his mouth…

'Oh, it's truly raisin flavored…'

The candy piece which looked like a piece of gum actually turned out to be more like a soft toffee which tasted exactly like raisins.

Chrome then checked the scroll once more, only to see that the number which turned back to 11 blur as he looked at it before turning into 1/11 once again.

'One more time.'

After checking the candy machine to find that the candy piece had appeared inside of it as well, Chrome repeated the same sequence as he took out the piece from the machine, but before putting it in his mouth this time, he pressed the red button before eating it.


Energy Points (EP): 11/11


'Pure conversion with no losses, not really that flexible but it's without loopholes…'

After making sure that the very first part of the guide was completely true and could actually work as a replacement for Exos supplement pills in a somewhat limited way, Chrome turned on the candy machine as he took out the piece of candy in it to test the second part.

"Where is this 'Self-Sacrifice's golden cup' supposed to be?" Chrome didn't bother looking around him to check as he thought it might be another item that the floating quill will bring out of nowhere like the chest that he received, as he directly asked instead.

[ It's behind you, Palace Master, by the throne. ]

Reading the 'Palace Master' part that was used by the floating quill to address him made Chrome feel a bit as he turned his back to the candy machine to look as the throne, finally realising that there was a soundless fire burning in the golden cup beside it.

Not hesitating to throw the piece of candy in order to fully understand how he could use the still foggy point function, Chrome received another notice from the floating quill.

[ You have received 1 Self-Reliance Point (SRP). ]

[ The modification function of the 'Self Assessment & Modification Scroll' has been unlocked… ]

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