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The Extraordinary Ordinary 5 The Scroll

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[ You have opened the beginner 'Self-Reliance' chest! ]

[ You have obtained a 'Self Assessment & Modification Scroll'! ]

[ You have obtained an 'Energy Storing Candy Machine'! ]

[ You have obtained a 'Random Nature Superpower Fruit'! ]

"Is this supposed to be the explanation?" Chrome questioned the floating quill as he still felt lost after reading these lines that only increased his confusion…

[ Affirmative, but that's merely the basic representation of the items you have received in your beginner 'Self-Reliance' chest. You can ask about any specific item from the three if you would like to receive further explanation. ]


Looking at the three strange items that he had just found in the chest, Chrome referred to the names provided by the quill to try and infer what might their actual use be.

'Let's put aside that candy machine for now…'

Wondering how this metallic cube was supposed to be some sort of a candy machine, Chrome decided to leave it be for now, especially since it didn't make any sense for something like that to appear in this medieval styles throne room, and while the 'Energy storing' part of its name seemed somewhat interesting, it wasn't enough for it to be the first item that he would try to satisfy his curiosity about…

'It's decided then, let's check the fruit out!'

The item that really intrigued Chrome was expectedly the fruit, as it had 'Superpower' as a part of its name, which was obviously the thing he seeked the most right now.

"How is this fruit supposed to work?" not knowing whether it was truly an edible fruit that he could just eat to obtain some sort of a superpower or if it was actually used in some other way with the 'Fruit' part of its name possibly being for decoration, Chrome took out the pale whit fruit from the box as he asked the floating quill once more…

[ This a superpower fruit which could be eaten to obtain a random superpower according to its type, as this a nature type superpower, you should be able to obtain a natural ability. ]

Hearing the poor yet useful explanation written by the quill, Chrome no longer stopped himself as he took a deep bite into the fruit, which strangely changed color to blue after he had digested the bite he took.

'It's sweet…'

The sweet taste somewhat reminded Chrome of strawberries as he took another two big bites from the mango shaped fruit that seemed to have no pit inside of it, finishing it whole. He didn't really mind the unexpected color change as it was far from being the most surprising part of what he has been through in the last one hour.

[ Congratulations! You have obtained a rare-grade natural superpower! ]

"Huh? Why don't I feel anything different? What kind of a natural superpower did I obtain?"

[ You can check the 'Self Assessment & Modification Scroll' to understand more about the ability that you gained. All I can tell is that it's a rare grade natural superpower from the color change that happened when you were consuming the fruit. ]


Grabbing the scroll that didn't look that different from the one that floated alongside the floating quill, Chrome removed the thin ribbon that tied the scroll and unfurled it…


Name: Chrome Blue

Age: 18

Energy Points (EP): 11/11


Palace Points:


Self-Reliance points (SRP): 0


Physical status:


Strength: 9

Agility: 10

Vitality: 8

Intelligence: 12

Perception: 9
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Charm: 10


Special Abilities:


- [Basic Energy Emission] - (Point Consuming Growth Ability)

+Emission rate: 0.55EP per hour

+Energy Emission Capacity: 11

- [Basic Lightning] (Point Consuming Growth Ability) (Rare-Grade)

+Deals an attack value equivalent to 10 times the amount of the EP consumed to activate it. (Up to an attack value of 100.)

=Deals an attack value equivalent to 5 times of the EP consumed to activate it. (Starting from higher than an attack value of 100 and up to an attack value of 200.) [<Currently Locked>]



At this point, Chrome had finally started to understand what was this scroll all about. Staying true to its name, the scroll was obviously one that assessed all his abilities, even his physical status which gave it a game-ish feel, seemingly working as if it was his own portable assessment facility which would be normally only found in a limited amount of assessment centers.

"Is this 'Energy' thing supposed to be Exos…?"

The point which made Chrome feel that this scroll was actually authentic was the energy point part, the thing that he knew the most about and also the cause of his life-long misery…

[ Affirmative, the 'Energy' that is found in the scroll is what your society refer to as Exos, at least according to your current understanding. ]

Being born with a low Exos ratings of 1, one of the lowest on-birth rating, Chrome could be considered to be unfortunate from the very start, especially after his Exos growth rate came out to be a pitiful 0.5 per year, which left him at 10 points in the last time he forked out some of the money he got from the several part-time jobs he was doing to visit an assessment center.

'It being 11… probably has something to do with the 'Awakening pill'...'

As mentioned by the medical paper that came with the pill box, the way it worked was by letting out an Exos energy wave that stimulated the dormant superpower that would normally require a higher Exos rating to naturally awaken, allowing one to be able to wield his superpower much much earlier!

According to that line of thought, it wasn't that far fetched for the stimulation to have caused a 1 point increase, but that would have been normally useless to use as a boosting drug, after all, not only was it not that cheap, but it was also quite limited in supply, otherwise, all those rich 'Extra' families would be able to ensure that everyone in their lineage will reach high Exos rating by popping a few dozen awakening pills like candy…

'It would probably also lose its effectivity quite early…'

Paying it no more of his attention, as he wasn't that rich to buy even one awakening pill, not to mention a few dozens of them, not to mention that he has already spotted the possibility of increasing it through this incomprehensible throne room.

"Haaahhh." Taking a deep breath, Chrome organized his thoughts as he steeled his mind so that it wouldn't get surprised at the smallest point anymore before asking, "How am I supposed to be able to use this [Basic Lightning]? And what does this (Point Consuming Growth Ability) mean exactly?"

Of course, after going through the affirmation process, the thing that Chrome was excited about the most was the [Basic Lightning] ability that seemed to be the superpower he gained from the fruit!

'Generate Electricity' or 'Lightning Zap' were all superpowers that alter Chrome's memory was familiar of, as they were considered to be one of the highest ranking ones in the offensive ability chart, so it was only normal to be happy about receiving such a thing…

After all, while this strange throne room seemed to be his actual ability which proved to be quite useful to this point, it still didn't bring him any materialistic strength till now, so [Basic Lightning] seemed to be worth the excitement.

[ You can simply use [Basic Lightning] by initiating the thought in your mind while thinking about the amount of energy points that would be consumed to activate it and the part that you want to use it with. As for your question about what (Point Consuming Growth Ability) means, a more appropriate answer would be to check the last item that you have received from the beginner 'Self-Reliance' chest… ]

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