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[ The 'Destiny Structuring Palace' ability has been stimulated… ]

"Did it actually work?!" hearing the cold mechanical voice in his head, Chrome grew elated as he couldn't contain his surprise…

Although he did it fast due to his excitement, he did give the piece of paper that came with the pill which aside from affirming the bad news that those with lower Exos rates had lower chances of the pill taking effect on them, it also mentioned that there was a great chance that you awakening has succeeded once you have heard something that came out of nowhere.
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Putting down the cup that was still half filled was water, Chrome grabbed the paper as he reread it again to make sure that it wasn't just him hallucinating from anticipation…


'Awakening Pill Guide' by Mystery Inc.

- Usage: has to be swallowed alongside normal water to be effective.

- Used for: Special ability awakening.

- How it works: Provides a mild Exos shock wave for special ability simulation.

- Expected range of effect (As observed):

+90E Emission rate -> 99% awakening success probability.

+80~70E Emission rate -> 78% awakening success probability.

+60~50E Emission rate -> 66% awakening success probability.

+40~30E Emission rate -> 43% awakening success probability.

+20~10E Emission rate -> 12% awakening success probability.

- Possible outcomes that can be used to identify success:

= Receiving a mental message (possibly incomprehensible).

= The immediate emergence of a superpower.



'This should be a success, right…?'

Confirming what he has read in the medical paper as he felt a strange shiver in his stomach, Chrome was almost about to jump out from happiness, believing that he might have struck the jackpot!

"I did it! I managed to succeed with only a 12% chance! I wonder what will my superpower be like?!"

However, just as Chrome was thinking when he should head out for the closest ability assessing center to check out what he got, the strange soothing shiver in his stomach disappeared…

[ The stimulation is far below the required level, the 'Destiny Structuring Palace' ability is returning to its dormant state… ]

"What?" Chrome shouted out in confusion, unsure of what to make out of what he heard…

'Is this some sort of a joke?!'

Chrome almost went insane as he processed what just happened, was this distorted reality really this cruel?

It wouldn't have been that bad if he was just left alone in his misery, being one of the limited few who were destined to be normal for the rest of their life, but he had to be given all the hope in the world instead, just before it was all taken away from him once more...

He just wanted to break out from his ordinary shell and become an Extraordinary person just as he and this reality's Chrome has always wished to!

'Was I taken into this broken reality just to suffer and be one of the bottom tier people, do I really have to struggle even in my dreams?!'

Yet, just then, as Chrome was about to lose his mind as the alter mind of his almost took over in despair, to the point that he had forgotten that this just an alter reality that he would wake up from soon enough, a faint blue colored light started radiating from his chest…


Being brought back to his senses by the light that grew brighter by the second, Chrome hurriedly took off his shirt to see what might be the source of this light…

"This is…?"

Looking at the key shaped blob of light that was actually linked to his neck by a thin necklace, Chrome was slightly confused as another nostalgic piece memory popped up in his mind, quite a foggy and an unclear one…

Grabbing hold of it carefully after thinking it through that it was unlikely to be a bomb of some sort, Chrome was suddenly given a jolt by the unknown mechanical voice which invaded his mind once more.

[ A special access key has been detected… ]

[ Recognizing the suitable key and it's suitable key hole… ]


As Chrome wondered if this was really a good thing as he slightly felt so or was it just another hope drop that would soon follow with the same disappointment scenario, the mechanical voice continued sending its messages…

[ The key has been recognized as the 'Self-Reliance' branch palace's key, would you like to unlock it? ]

'Errr, is it talking to me…?'

Unsure of what was going on this time, Chrome gave it a quick though, before deciding to try answering back in his mind as there was nothing to lose anyway.


[ Unlocking authorized… Unlocking in process… ]

[ Congratulations! You have managed to unlock the 'Self-Reliance' branch palace, would you like to enter it? ]

'... Yes?' Chrome replied back in a confused fashion, nothing of what he heard so far made any sense as he just decided to go with the flow without anticipating anything, lest he is dealt another emotional blow just like the one he just went through…

[ Command accepted… processing palace master's access… ]

"Huh?" Chrome exclaimed as the world around him suddenly went completely black!

However, the black view didn't last long as the scenery completely changed once more, as Chrome found himself in what looked similar to a medieval palace's throne room, completely confused about how that whole thing worked…

'Did I just get teleported out of the house…? Could it be that I actually awakened some sort of automated teleport superpower?!'

Thinking deep to himself, Chrome wasn't sure of what to do to confirm these thoughts as he tried to randomly send thoughts through his mind…

'Go back home. Teleport home. Move back. Send me back… Why isn't this working?!'

Unexpectedly, as Chrome screamed out in his mind, a scroll flew out from the desk on the far corner of the throne room, as a silvery quill followed suit…

'I didn't ask for that… I think?'

Directly stopping before him, the closed scroll was unfurled on its own as the silvery quill started moving as it left behind incomprehensible signs formed by the ink which magically appeared out of nowhere…


Strangely enough, a second later, the weird signs suddenly shifted as it changed into normal english words that Chrome could finally start reading…

[ You can't move out of the palace before the tutorial entry introduction has been completed… Departure denied… ]

[ Adjusting language to suit the current Palace Master… Adjustion complete… ]

"So now that I'm here… We can talk through this scroll?" Chrome blurted out as he took a wild guess as he tried figuring out what he should do next…

[ Affirmative. ]

Seeing this word being written by the floating quill, Chrome realized that his wild guess wasn't completely wrong…

"Is this supposed to be my special ability…?"

[ Negative, your actual special ability is the complete 'Destiny Structuring Palace'. This is merely just a part of it, namely the 'Self-Reliance' branch palace. ]

Seeing that the quill was actually this explanatory as it seemed to be quite 'Talkative', Chrome went on with his questions…

"So my special ability is to transfer myself into this unknown space? What is that 'Tutorial' supposed to be?"

[ Negative, this is put a part of it, every branch palace in the 'Grand Destiny Structuring Palace' has its own purpose, which is supposed to be the actual use of your ability. ]

[ What's meant by the tutorial that was mentioned at the start is what we are doing now, getting you to know more about your ability and receiving your introductory rewards for unlocking this branch palace. ]

"Rewards?" hearing this word, Chrome finally saw a kindle of hope once again, maybe he would receive something that would be of help to awaken an actual 'superpower'...

[ Affirmative, you can currently claim your beginner 'Self-Reliance' chest. Would you like to receive it? ]

"Yes, please…"

[ Understood, sending out the beginner 'Self-Reliance' chest. ]

Suddenly, a completely authentic medieval looking chest appeared in front of the throne that was situated at the center of the room…

"Oh!" Chrome was both surprised and intrigued by the chest's sudden appearance as he walked towards it with fast steps…

Opening the unclosed lid of the chest, Chrome took a peek inside as he was somewhat perplexed by what he saw…

'Another scroll… a red metallic box… and some sort of a fruit?'

"Care to explain what these items might be…?"

[ Affirmative… ]

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