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Memories of the Night 100 Chapter 100: Goodbye Aaron

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Under great pressure, Katrina keeps a tight grip on the steering wheel and does not dare relax for a moment.

It's the first time she has driven so far alone in the evening.

Although there are street lights on both sides illuminating the road ahead, the street isn't as bright as the daytime.

She does not dare drive too fast because of her lack of skills and the downhill route. Danger could occur at any time.

She doesn't dare drive too slowly. She's afraid that Aaron would wake up suddenly, find her missing, and come after her.

After a nerve-racking escape, she finally sees the downtown high-rise buildings and the lights of taxis driving at night.

Katrina pulls the Lamborghini off the curb, pushes the door open, and gets out. She flags a taxi and heads straight to Victoria's bar.

At the back door of the bar, Katrina pays the cab driver and hurries to the bar without even taking the change.

Although outside looks were cold and cheerless, the nightlife inside the bar is vivacious. A lot of people are partying all night.

Inside, Katrina grabs a waiter. "Please help me find your manager. I need to see him."

A few minutes later, a man about thirty years old approaches and asks her gently, "What can I do for you, miss?"
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"Hello, Mr. Scott, I'm Katrina, Victoria asked me to come to you."

After hearing Katrina's identity clearly, Mr. Scott immediately takes Katrina seriously and invites her into his office, "Miss Miller, this way, please."

After entering the office, Mr. Scott immediately makes a phone call. "Book the earliest flight to Abbe City!"

As soon as things are sorted out, Mr. Scott hands Katrina a fake ID and a fake passport. "Miss Miller, here are the things you need. Our car will be here soon, and you will be escorted to the airport until you are safely on board."

Katrina takes the ID and passport gratefully. "Mr. Scott, thank you!"

The manager's arrangement saves her a lot of unnecessary trouble.

After escaping from Aaron on her own, she wouldn't be able to buy a plane ticket and go back alone.

Mr. Scott smiles. "Miss Miller doesn't have to be so polite. I've been entrusted by someone to act on their behalf."

"Mr. Scott, please thank Miss Roberts for me." Katrina quickly says after a moment of astonishment.

He's right. Victoria is the one who had Mr. Scott help her.

The few times she met Victoria, they didn't get along well. But in this case, Katrina is really grateful to Victoria for her help.

"I will pass on your gratitude to Miss Roberts. Miss Roberts also asked me to tell Miss Miller that when you go back, don't return here anymore."

"I know. I will never step into Hadley City again."

After being imprisoned here for so long by Aaron, a shadow cast has been cast on her.

It's not easy for her to escape from this city. Why would she dare come back?

Mr. Scott gives a little smile and holds out his hand to point politely outside. "Without delay, the car's outside. Miss Miller, please follow me."


Katrina follows Mr. Scott through the back door of the bar.

Sure enough, a nondescript car is parked outside.

Katrina nods to Mr. Scott in goodbye. She doesn't have the time to talk nonsense. She opens the door and gets in.

Aside from the driver, there are two other men in the car. They were sent by Victoria to escort her.

The car starts slowly and disappears into the night, heading towards the airport.

After arriving at the airport, Katrina quickly acquires her boarding pass with the fake ID and passport.

At that moment, the plane for Abbe City starts boarding passengers. Katrina nervously holds her ticket, checks in, and gets on the plane.

She looks behind from time to time, afraid that Aaron would appear suddenly like last time.

Fortunately, no such thing occurs.

Everything goes smoothly, and Katrina gets on the plane without a hitch. People sit quietly in their seats, waiting for the plane to take off.

Every minute and every second of sitting in her seat is tormenting Katrina.

The longer she stays here, the more likely she is to be caught by Aaron.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the plane will take off soon. Please fasten your seatbelts and turn off all electronic devices to avoid any interference during the flight. Thank you for your cooperation..."

Fluent in both languages, the stewardess speaks softly to address the passengers. At last, the plane begins to move, and it glides faster and faster until it finally ascends into the sky.

The plane is finally in the air

The stone hanging in Katrina's heart finally drops to the ground.

The plane took off safely, indicating that she was able to escape Aaron's clutches. She didn't believe that Aaron could force the plane to stop and catch her.

Besides, he doesn't have to chase her with great fanfare from Hadley City to Abbe City.

Aaron is a man with wealth, power, and good looks. What kind of woman can't he get? As Victoria said, he was only interested in her for the time being.

It might have been a coincidence that brought her to him. And she could relieve his insomnia at the same time, that's the only reason he's so obsessed with her.

When he loses interest, he will realize that she's an ordinary girl who doesn't compare to any of the rich young ladies around him.

By then, she would disappear from his memory.

Her experience would probably end up becoming a memory of a love affair that Aaron had while he was young.

But for Katrina, it's deeply engraved in her heart as it was four years ago.

Because these two months of captivity also brings her the fear of escaping death.

Being imprisoned, taken advantage of, and violated by a strange man in a villa, is not a good memory for her.

Katrina couldn't get rid of the distress in her heart.

Even though Aaron always looks dapper and dignified, to her, he's a complete hoodlum.

She's a little glad that the rascal is handsome and has a good figure. If she encountered a lewd man with an unspeakable ugliness, she would feel even more miserable and may even end her life the first night he took advantage of her.

The thing Katrina feels most shameful about is that, although she is mentally resistant to having sex with him, her body is not as repulsed each time.

"What would you like to drink, miss?

"Orange juice, thanks."

Holding the orange juice delivered by a stewardess, Katrina looks out of the window and breathes a sigh of relief.

It's nearly dawn.

Goodbye, Hadley City.

Goodbye, Beta.

Goodbye, Aaron.

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