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Memories of the Night 6 Chapter 6: Transfer to Police Academy

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The next morning, the patriarch of the Anderson Family, Carl Anderson, comes back from a business trip.

Ten years ago, Carl started from scratch and founded the Anderson real estate enterprise.

Nowadays, the scale of his enterprise is much bigger, and the company is in the ranks of the top ten enterprises in Abbe City.

Due to Carl's busy work and regular business trips, his wife Winnie Green takes care of the whole family.

At noon, the family gathers together for lunch. While holding out a dish, Winnie says softly, "Darling, eat more. You've been working so hard. I personally cooked these dishes for you today."

Inadvertently looking up, Carl notices the lump on Samuel's forehead. He frowns. "What happened to your forehead, Samuel?"

Although Carl is always too busy to discipline Samuel, he knows what kind of person his son is. Between drinking and picking up women with a group of rich second-generation boys, he hasn't done anything worthwhile with his life.

Did Samuel get into a fight with another playboy?

When Katrina hears Carl's words, her hands suddenly stop. Lowering her head, she wants to bury her face in the bowl.

Samuel shoots Katrina a fierce glance and says calmly, "I accidentally bumped into the door when I went to the bathroom last night."

What can he say? He can't say that Katrina hit him with a lamp, his dad would wonder if he bullied Katrina.

Carl ignored what he had seen and said, "Samuel, you're going to graduate soon. Come to work at the company tomorrow to get started on your internship in advance."

Carl's words startle Samuel.

Go to work?

Every day, he'll be trapped in a nine-to-five job. He won't be able to pick up hot chicks or drink his weight in alcohol. It would be better to let him die.

Samuel hurries to say, "Dad, there's still a whole year left before my graduation. There's no need to get so anxious."

Carl casts him an imposing look. "At 9 am tomorrow if I don't see you in the office... I'll immediately have my assistant freeze all your bank accounts."

The threat makes Samuel falter.

He's used to a life of squandering. If his bank accounts were frozen, he'd be even more restricted, and he wouldn't be able to do anything.

Winnie also encourages him. "Samuel, you'll inherit your father's company sooner or later, so you should adapt in advance. Don't make your father angry; just do it."

Under this gentle and hard offensive, Samuel finally says, "Okay, l will. But Dad, you have to give me some secretaries, preferably from a prestigious school. And they should be beautiful ones... Hey, I think the secretary you brought out to talk to me about the business last time is good..."

Samuel fantasizes about his future office life. Even if there aren't hot nightclub girls, it's fine if he can flirt with a beautiful secretary lady…

But he barely finishes talking, when Carl slams his chopsticks down. He lowers his voice and shouts, "Bastard!"

A beautiful and capable woman secretary should be hired to keep up appearances, not give him such nasty ideas!

Seeing Carl's anger, Samuel quickly shuts up.

After lunch, Carl hands Sophie a bag with the Cartier logo, a gift for her.

Sophie takes out the beautifully-packaged box in the bag and can't wait to open it. When she sees a gleaming diamond necklace inside, she suddenly exclaims, "Cartier's latest diamond necklace! I love you so much, dad!" She rushes to Carl's arms and gives him a big hug.

Carl's eyes are filled with love.

He then takes out an identical bag and hands it to Katrina. "Katrina, this is yours."

Katrina feels extremely flattered and hurries to say, "Uncle Anderson, this… I can't accept this."

Uncle Anderson has always been very kind to her and practically treats her as his own daughter. After all, he seldom stays at home.

The combination of Aunt Green's indifference, Sophie's exclusion, and Samuel's disdain clearly lets Katrina know her place in the family.

She is already very grateful that Uncle Anderson had adopted her from the orphanage, and even offered to pay for her education. How could she accept such a valuable gift?

But Carl earnestly says, "Katrina, you are eighteen this year. How can an adult woman have no decent piece of jewelry? I'm giving you this necklace as your coming of age gift."

"But… Uncle Anderson, I…"

Sitting on Carl's other side, Sophie sees that Carl is giving Katrina the same diamond necklace he gave her. Her joy instantly disappears.

Katrina is just a wild orphan girl. Her father was too good for her!

His gift to Katrina is on the same level as hers, his biological daughter. How could there be no gap between the two them in his mind? She doesn't deserve to wear such an expensive necklace!

Feeling upset, Sophie can't help but complain, "Dad, she's not your actual daughter. Why are you giving her such an expensive gift?"
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Her father is too kind.

If not for the difference in blood type, Sophie would doubt if Katrina is her father's illegitimate daughter.

At Sophie's words, Carl becomes serious and says gravely, "Since Katrina is part of our family, she's your sister and my daughter. I treat you both equally."

Sophie is still unwilling to give way. "But Dad, she calls you' uncle,' and calls mom 'aunt'!"

Carl's face twists in an instant. "Brat! Are you trying to drive me mad like your brother?"

Seeing Carl quarreling with Sophie because of the gift, Katrina feels uncomfortable. She quickly hands the bag to Sophie. "Uncle Anderson, I really don't need it. Give them both to sister Sophie."

Carl gets hot under the collar. "How I decide to spend my money is up to me! I bought this necklace for you, take it!"

Winnie mediates the dispute. "Katrina, since your uncle has given you the gift, you should accept it. Sophie, you're too ignorant. Since Katrina has joined our family, we treat her as our own daughter. Of course, she's your sister."

Upon hearing Winnie's words, Katrina feels more uncomfortable. To avoid upsetting Carl, she finally accepts the gift.

After Winnie is able to calm Carl down, he retires to the room to rest.

As soon as Carl leaves, Sophie glares at Katrina resentfully and gnashes her teeth in anger. "Hypocrite!"

This sly woman always disguises herself as an innocent little white rabbit in front of a man, that even her father has been tricked. Even if Katrina says she doesn't want it, she probably coveted it in private. In the end, Katrina not only receives the necklace but also causes her father to be upset with Sophie.

Sophie justifiably puts all the blame on Katrina.

Katrina knows that Sophie hates her and that she shouldn't accept such a precious gift. She only accepted it as a matter of convenience.

Putting the gift in front of Sophie, she says calmly, "This belongs to you. I'm returning it now."

In the evening, Katrina goes to the study to find Carl.

Seeing her come in, Carl says, "Katrina, don't mind, Sophie. I've spoiled her too much."

Katrina quickly shakes her head. "Uncle, I don't blame her." If she puts herself in Sophie's shoes, she could understand her a little bit.

Uncle Anderson is Sophie's father. As an outsider without any relation to them, Katrina has no right to divide Carl's, paternal love.

She didn't come here to complain, but…

Katrina plucks up her courage to say, "Uncle Anderson, I want to transfer to the police academy."

This is the result of her consideration for the past two days.

She can't become a nurse any longer. That man had left a deep shadow in her mind. Every time she gets a whiff of the smell of disinfectant, she unconsciously recalls the horrible experience of those nights...

Since that incident, she constantly feels frustrated with her weakness and helplessness. She needs to become stronger.

She wants to become a policewoman and put all the bullies in prison.

If she meets that man again someday…

She would bring him to justice herself!

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