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After that, they must have spoken in whispers since Qiao Mu only heard the words 'pill recipe' and 'secret method.' She was slightly apprehensive that she wasn't able to catch the rest.

"That won't do at all! You can't drag our Qin Estate into this." The aged voice refused vehemently. "If something were to happen to that person while in our estate, then the entirety of our estate would not be able to escape censure. This is definitely a severe crime that warrants property seizure and clan extermination."

"You're still afraid of that muddleheaded old fellow? What can he do? Once you deal with this young one, the old one will not be a threat at all."

"That still won't do." The aged voice was faintly fuming. "What you're doing is tying our entire Qin Estate to the stake and setting it on fire. I absolutely cannot agree."

"Family Head Qin, don't forget that we're all in the same boat and tied to the same boat! If we get completely wiped out, then you people, heh…"

The voices inside the room became muffled again, and at the end, the aged voice said helplessly, "You really can guarantee that everyone in the Qin Estate will get out of this in one piece?"

"Heh, once that person is dealt with, the old one will definitely be out of his wits and at a complete loss. At that time, we'll…" Qiao Mu could only fret inwardly when they engaged in a series of whispers again.

She kept feeling a bit of discomfort in her heart, like it was suffering.

What kind of person were they plotting against that would result in such a severe punishment of property seizure and clan extermination? The answer basically already surfaced in her mind.

It was the person she dreaded facing and rejected thinking about the entire time during these two years…

She knew it, she really was a total jinx that harmed the people around her!

All the people who doted on her, had almost all died…

She had wavered for a long time before deciding to step out into the world again, as well as make a trip home.

When she read through those letters on her journey, her feelings of wanting to speed home practically urged her to break into a run that very instant.

However, the closer she got to home, the more timid she felt.

Perhaps, it was actually because she resisted returning home from the bottom of her heart!

She had best not return, and not disrupt that tranquility at home!

Even without her, her family had been doing well these few years. She could make out from their letters that they were truly happy from the bottom of their hearts.

She, this little jinx, was actually better suited to spending her days alone. It was for the best that she not disturb anyone again.

Loss really was a very, very, very terrifying thing…

Qiao Mu returned moodily to her room in Crane Garden. Upon entering, her entire body froze involuntarily, and then she took two steps backwards.

A slender figure stepped forward, too close for comfort, and grasped her wrist abruptly. He spat out in his icy voice, "It's the middle of the night. Where did you go take a stroll?"

Qiao Mu's entire body stiffened, only feeling as though a venomous snake had wrapped around her wrist.

That hand felt icy, just like in her previous life.

Qiao Mu rapidly wrested out of his grip with a flip of her hand. She then gave him a fierce kick, mercilessly imprinting a tiny footprint on the man's robes.

Second Qin didn't evade her. He simply lowered his head to look at the footprint on his robes before fixating sullenly on this stoic face under the moonlight.

"Who are you exactly? Unmask your true appearance!"

"Get out!" Qiao Mu found him annoying, so she kicked him again, booting him out of the room. She promptly slammed the door heavily in his face!

"Bang!" That sound practically alarmed the whole of Crane Garden.

Subsequently, a black-clothed guard drifted over. He was stupefied as he looked first at the tightly shut door, then at his extremely displeased second young master.


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