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Ascenders Rift 8 Unknown Secrets? Danger Near at Hand!

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The SkyRise Mountain was a distant, especially so for the northernmost nation being the Morning Star Empire. Even by using its fastest train, it would still take roughly two days of travel to arrive at the edge of the mountains. Once there, the people would typically use the Sky Bridge to cross the mountains, which were like a natural border separating two nations.

At this time, a special train of angular shape whooshed towards the distance as it swept across its tracks like a blurry arrow shot from a crossbow. While it moved, its sounds would echo across the surroundings, but because of its sheer speed, few would be lucky enough to catch it at first glance.

Within this train were many different compartments, divided into the upper class, middle class, and lower-class sections, each with their respective staff to cater to a traveler's needs.

Currently, in the middle-class section, a uniformed woman could be seen traveling towards one of the more passing's resting quarters. As she arrived at the door, she gave it a few knocks before opening the door.

Inside was a small room with a single bed and a tiny table placed before a chair. At this moment, a snoring sound was heard, causing the woman to snicker as she put down the tray and left.

Yet, at the very moment, she left, the snoring came to a stop as the individual jumped to his feet. He then sat around the table and stared at the door as eyes shone in a wary light as he muttered, "So it wasn't those men, and here I thought they were assassins sent by that fool Michael."

As Evan said this, he couldn't help but recall the scene at the transport center. Upon entering to register, he felt that someone was watching him. He cautiously looked around and marked the faces of all strangers, with the two most suspicious individuals now resting in the neighboring cubicle.

"It would seem that they aren't here to harm me, rather they are acting in a manner much similar to scouting. Who would want to scout me? I don't recall meeting any-hmm, wait..." As Evan pondered, he couldn't help but remember the scene at the Golden Palace.

"Yes, that's right. Manag... no, Alan Lawson, the man who was one of the strongest amongst early and late Ascenders. I have no idea how he grew so strong in such a timespan. Eventually, both of our squads had joined forces in that Devil World Rift, but by the time we reached the tower, more than have of our squad was destroyed. Speaking of which, I can't seem to recall it now that I think of it, what happened during that final raid?" Evan muttered as he had now realized that some of the memories were blank. He only clearly remembers a few core things. Especially the moment he died in the final tower.

"Layla, Alan, that odd spearman Felix, these are all who I can remember that survived with me on the final squad, not even enough for a complete party. As for everyone else, they are all blank, especially that unfamiliar Amule from that unknown memory..." Evan said again as his face grew more complex, he thought for a little longer but no longer decided to keep overthinking.

"It can't be helped; I'll take things one step at a time. As for those men, if they were sent here by Alan, then they are most definitely from the elite special forces. It could be that Alan has found a way to awaken himself at an earlier time, allowing him to understand my Battle Will better. I don't know how he could accomplish it, but it would certainly explain why he was about to be so strong during the first arrival of the Ascenders Rift. It seems that there are other ways to enter these rifts, separate from my Void Blood Pendant. Since this is the case, then I can only assume that there are more forces and secrets which even I don't know about, hidden within our world..."

As Evan said this, he opened his tray and began to swallow down the food as he eyes shone in a cunning light while he thought, "It's a good thing that I chose to awaken at such a distant rift, as if it were anywhere close, it would be hard to lose track of them..."

Not long after, Evan cleaned his plate and jumped back into his bed to get a deal of rest for his journey ahead.

In the cubicle next to his, two seemingly average-looking men could be seen seated with newspapers. While the causally read the papers to speak to each other in soft tones.

"Where do you think this kid is going?" One of them asked.

"Judging from his actions so far, and goods view seen in his confiscated bag of holding. I'd say he's planning to take a trip to the mountains..." The other person said.

"Hmm, a kid one week from college going to such a remote place, it seems more than suspicious to me. Should we make a report on it to the leader?" The previous man asked.

"Na, let's see what happens first. I want to see just what he's really up..." As the man spoke, his eyes instantly turned savage, carrying a blood-red hue.

In an instant, he swung his arm towards the other man cutting off his head. The other man who saw his body from the air was panicked, but that's the last thing he of his consciousness.

Splash! The blood from the man's headless body began to spew about the room, but the other man looked at this with a calm expression. He reached his hands forward with a tube of unknown black liquid, which he dripped onto the body.

As this black liquid fell on the body of a corpse, the back to rapidly expand giving of sizzling sound like acid. Soon, the shape of the man vanished along with all of the blood scattered about the room. The liquid then floated in the air before it disappeared into nothingness.

The man smiled as he saw this, cleaning his hands before grabbing the newspaper and acting like normal once again.
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Knock-knock! The door was knocked, followed by an attended that walked in; she placed down a tray of food before lifting her head and noticing that one man was missing.

She then asked, "Excuse me, Sir, but when will your companion be returning?"

The fixed his glasses and cracked his newspaper showing his handsome face with a stubble of beard and a pointed mustache. He then replied, "Oh, dear me... he had a bit of an issue. He went off to the restroom, you see."

The woman blushed as she replied, "Ah, I understand, please excuse me,"

She soon after left the room and closed the door, as this happened, the smile on the man's face vanished as he now had a cold, indifferent look.

His eyes peered towards the door, and his glasses flickered with a strange light the scene behind it was revealed. It even showed the figure of the Evan who was resting on his bed in the next cubicle.

"Evan Cross... for you to have gained the attention of Manager Lawson. You are certainly hiding something. Huhu! It's a good thing I was dispatched to observe Lawson's activities. With all the data I've received recently, it will be more than enough to climb my way up in the ranks. Once I add you to the list, it will be perfect; no one shall see steal this glory from my hands." The man said as his glasses glowed in a reddish light before it returned to normal. The train continued to move across the distance, vanishing beyond the horizon.


Time flew by quickly and two days passed, at this time Evan was sitting idly in his chair eating a snack as the speakers at the top of his cubicle sounded, "All passengers, please take note, we'll be arriving at the SkyRise Mountain in a few minutes."

"Perfect, all that's left is to collect my bag from the public security group," Evan muttered as he recalled having his bag taken away due to the types of equipment inside.

A few minutes later, the train had come to a stop, Evan promptly exited his compartment giving his neighbors cubicle casual glance before moving onwards.

At this time, the door opened, and only one man excited. Evan, who had been watching from a small piece of glass, was surprised, as he pondered, "Why is there only one?"

He wanted to think about it more, but suddenly, he started to feel a bit nauseating. His soul, which had been through countless battles, was keen on this sensation. His eyes grew solemn as he muttered, "There's no mistaking it, this man... has blood on his hands..."

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