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Ascenders Rift 7 A Strange Memory? Towards a New Tomorrow!

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As the day slowly moved towards its peak, the bustle of the morning had begun fade. At these hours, many who had set out early would have long since arrived at their various destinations and working grounds — thereby lessening the hectic traffic on the streets of Eden Square.

Currently, at the corner of a nearby stall, an exquisite car could be seen parked amongst many others of a standard grade. It's black sheen and angular edges giving it a one of a kind vibe, drawing eyes from nearby passers-by and store owners.

"That's a Fulron Model X, isn't it? Who would park such a thing here?" One person asked curiously.

"I know right, but the funny thing is the owners are actually eating at that hotdog stall." Another person said with a voice filled with amazement.

"What?" The other person exclaimed in disbelief.

"Don't believe me, take a look." The person said as he pointed his finger at the hotdog stand.

There, one would see a small crowd of individuals that standing in a service line, starting at a few individuals seated around an outdoor table.

A fat young man had a few boxes filled to the brim with hot dogs and was currently furiously eating as if he was upset about something.

Meanwhile, a handsome brown-haired young man and a slighter younger but beautiful female were laughing at him while they ate.

"Truly unreal..." The passer-by said as he saw this scene.

At this time, Fatty Joe was chewing away madly as he spoke to vent his anger, "That bastard! If I ever get the chance, I'll certainly let his entire family pay for his actions! Not to mention that daring staff, he dares to disparage me like that!"

Emilia giggled as she spoke, "Big Brother, you shouldn't eat so fast when you're angry, or you'll choke. Look, those girls are laughing you because of your face..."

As she spoke, she gestured towards a crowed of giggling women who looked at Fatty Joe with various looks. Although they were laughing, the signals being sent by these women were far different from what Emilia might have thought.

Fatty Joe and Evan knew this, but they didn't bother to go into detail, sometimes innocence is a good thing. Evan looked around at the various buildings seeming to be taking in the sights and the atmosphere as he muttered, "How long has it been since I've been in an environment of peace and calmness? Was it three, five, maybe ten or more years?"

As he spoke, he couldn't help but shift his sights onto Fatty Joe's face. As this happened, a strange scene occurred.

The winds grew softer, as the sounds from everyone talking was dimmed. Soon, Evan recalled a scene, and the area around him turned into one of the ruins filled with corpses of monsters.

There, the bloody figure of Fatty Joe sat at their center, garbed in fantasy-like armor with his chest gorged out by a massive claw. Yet, even with this wound that would have killed any man, he was still able to keep his final breath.

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Evan was currently staring at him with an ax in his hands, his arms trembling as he saw the life slowly fading away from his eyes.

Fatty Joe looked at Evan and smirked despite his bloody appearance and spoke, "Haa... hahaha! Cough... so, you've finally snapped out of it. Ha... ha... that's good, my efforts... weren't... in vain. If there's anything that I regret, it would be... not being able to save... my sister. Evan... cough... remember..."

As Fatty Joe spoke to here, his vision grew blurry and dark. He lifted his hand, reaching it with the last of his strength to pat Evan's shoulder as he spoke, "Always remember to keep on fighting..."

After these last words, the arm that rested on Evan's shoulder fell to the ground. As Fatty Joe had perished, Evan, who was on his knees, stared blankly for a while as no words came out of his mouth, instead he was filled with tears for a fallen comrade.

Yet, it was at this time; a hand had once more tapped its shoulder. A male voice sounded, "We can't keep wasting time... get up, let's continue our journey..."

As Evan lifted his head, he saw a person wearing a mask, garbed in a ragged cloak with a few chains hanging lose. His arm was stretched forward with his fingers wide open as if waiting to grab Evan's hand.

Evan, who was distraught, slowly reached his hands forward to grab this person's arm, but as this happened, a voice sounded from deep within his mind.

"Don't do it! Don't take his arm!" As the voice sounded, a feeling of confliction arose within Evan's mind.

"Why shouldn't I? He is my only friend, the last of our Heaven Breaker Squad. Why should I not...? Wait, this person? Why can't I remember him...? Who is he...?" Evan muttered as a lost look came over his face, unable to tell right from wrong.

As this mood persisted, his mind began to sink further as a name gradually arose within his mind, "Amule... Amule Gravefield."

He wanted to think more and further recall this person, but it was at this time a different sounded rousing him from his memories, "Evan? Evan, are you awake?"

Upon hearing this voice, Evan's mind world shattered as he had awakened, realizing that he was holding a cold hotdog in his hand while staring into space.

"This... what just happened? Who is that, Amule?" Evan muttered as he tried to recall those memories.

Emilia, who sat by his side, saw his strange look and spoke, "Amule? Who are you speaking of, Brother Evan?

Fatty Joe looked over in shock as he spoke in a wary tone, "Evan... don't tell me... after going to prison you... your preferences became..."

Evan, who was now fully awake, blushed in shame as he cursed, "You damn fatty, you're the one with strange preferences! Do I look like I'd avoid contact with women?"

"Hahaha! I'm only testing, calm down! No need to get so upset..." Fatty Joe said with a laugh as he ate his hotdogs in bulk.

"Hehe, you guys are so foolish..." Emilia said while blushing slightly.

Fatty Joe, having recalled something, finally spoke again, "Oh yeah, Evan, I'm thinking of starting college now that my sister is going. I will be at attending starting next week... are you planning on continuing your studies?"

Evan smiled as he replied, "That's right; I'm planning on attending the Morning Star College."

Emilia, hearing this, was surprised as she spoke, "Big Brother! He's actually going to the same school!"

"Haha! Evan, it seems we're like-minded after all..." Fatty Joe said with a smile.

Evan hearing his words, knew full well what was going on, he smiled as he replied, "Indeed, it would seem to be so. I'm curious, why are you just attending now? Why didn't you go back then?"

Fatty Joe hearing this laughed and replied, "Let's just say, I had some business to take care of..."

"Ah... I see," Evan replied, feeling a bit touched deep down, but he didn't show it. Instead, he smiled and tapped Fatty Joe's shoulder as he spoke in a calm tone, "It must have been hard..."

Fatty Joe was surprised when he heard Evan's words; he looked at Evan's face and paused for a while before he replied with a smile, "Hmm, but it was worth it."

After speaking, they no longer said anything else and return to their usual posture as they ate. Evan knew that Fatty Joe understood his meaning, and Fatty Joe knew what Evan implied, there was no need for thanks when men spoke with gratitude; a simple gesture is enough to show goodwill.

Sadly, Emilia was the only one who didn't quite understand their conversation. She only smiled and looked at them while eating.

After a while, everyone had finished eating, Fatty Joe, Evan, and Emilia stopped by a few places where they got some supplies before they headed back towards his apartment.

By the time they arrived at the gates at the apartment, it was already late noon. Evan turned and looked at the brother and sister duo as he spoke, "I'll see you guys in a week..."

"Haha, you bet, take care of yourself, man!" Fatty Joe said with a laugh.

"See you later, Evan!" Emilia said with a happy expression.

"Mm." Evan muttered with a nod before walking towards his stairs; Fatty Joe had an in-depth look in his eyes as he smiled and whispered while driving off, "It's a new start, look forward to the future."

The Fulron drove off into the distance of the busy road, vanishing into the sea of distant buildings and vehicles.

As Evan entered his apartment and sorted out his items bought, he grabbed a backpack and stuffed it full of medicinal items, large knives, a rope, and other essential things.

Even then looked at the calendar in his room and marked the fifth of January as he spoke, "Tomorrow is the start of a new beginning."

As he said this, he couldn't but recall today's strange event as a firm look came into his eyes as he muttered, "Amule Gravefield... I don't know who you are, but soon, I'll find out...."

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