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The air was cold as if deep within its subtle winds was a bone-chilling will that threatened to freeze one's soul. This was by far a typical event, as though it vague, all who felt this mood started to tremble slightly. A few of the elites and business individuals seated in the restaurant couldn't help but begin to complain as they alarmed at the strange wind.

"What's going on? Why's the temperature so high?" One person asked.

As many others complained, the management staff was alarmed; they tried to access the situation but couldn't find out the cause. Soon, though, everything had returned to normal as the temperatures had returned to the usual standard.

At this time, the chilliness within Evan's eyes died down by a bit as he looked at the individuals before him with a calmer expression. While many wouldn't quite understand it, the scene just now was a reflection of the soul's intent: Battle Will, a fundamental skill learned by capable warriors of this world.

In fact, many elite and specialized soldiers can pull off such a feat. The only requirement would be for them to have been through many battlefields, crossing fields of death for many years.

Yet, even if they did have that kind of experience, the version learned would still be a far cry from what Evan had previously unleashed subconsciously.

"I need to be more careful, not everyone in this current time is capable of resisting this intent, not until they've at least awakened to an extent..." Evan muttered as he was now completely calm. He noticed that Fatty Joe and Emilia was currently carrying a panicked expression on their faces.

"Plus, he isn't worth me losing my self-control..." Evan said again as he shifted his eyes towards the person before him.

It was a handsome and sleek looking young man, roughly about the same age as him, with a side part hairstyle for his white hair. He wore a branded men's business suit, with an emblem with marking Keller embellished on his chest.

By his sides were similarly dressed individuals, but who like both Fatty Joe and Emilia were in a panic as they exclaimed.

"What the hell was that?"

"I don't know, I've never felt anything like it. Truly a strange draft..."

As he heard his companions, the young man frowned as oddly enough, he didn't seem to be too much affected.

Evan's eyes narrowed at this scene was he pondered, "It seems that he's training as a fighter in these last two years. It's no wonder that he was able to climb to such heights in my last life..."

He muttered as he recalled the young man's power after the great change. After the young man addressed his lackeys, he looked at Evan's deeply as he spoke, "Evan, you asked me why I am here, but if trash like you can show up at these doorsteps. How can't someone of my standing be here? If I were to recall correctly, just now you claimed here to be quite small, I didn't think that after spending two years in jail, you'd have grown so successful. You are truly worthy of my admiration..."

At this time, everyone had cleared away their previous concerns paying keen attention to the scene near the restaurant's entrance. They observed with varying expressions, with mocking looks, as only a few others showed indifference.

Fatty Joe who had by now regained his senses glared at the young man, he was about to move forward and snap, but Evan turned and looked at him and spoke, "Fatty, Little Sister Emilia, let's not waste any more time here with this clown, we've still got to find somewhere to eat."

"Y-yes! Let's get moving." Fatty Joe said a bit half hazard as he was a bit shaken up by the scene from before.

"R-right!" Emilia replied as she seemed to be a bit unfocused.

As Evan and the brother-sister duo completely ignored the young man's existence, they prepared to leave the restaurant once again. However, they were soon disturbed.

"You have the gall! Do you think you can ignore Young Lord Keller? Stop this instant!" A lackey said in rage as he prepared to assault Evan and the others.

Evan frowned as he saw this, he was about to retaliate, but it was at this time Fatty Joe acted. As he couldn't take this offense in silence, Fatty Joe glared at their group and mocked, "Michael Keller, do you think that your face is worth anything more than shit? Tell your lackey to back off right now, or you won't like it!"

The lackey was enraged and wanted nothing more than to bash Fatty Joe's face inward. However, Michael had stopped him, "Kens, you should learn to control that temper of yours.

Kens paused his actions at that moment, lowering his head like a humble dog as he replied, "I... please excuse my behavior, Young Lord Keller."

Michael no longer paid him any mind, he shifted his sights onto Evan's group and made a refined smile as he spoke, "How touching... the saying holds true - birds of a feather do flock together. A fallen honor student fresh out of jail, and a fallen young lord of the prestigious Goldsmith family. You two make a fine couple, but it's a pity that you won't have long to celebrate your little reunion. Don't think about entering any prestigious restaurants in the future, for you can be sure there be unexpected encounters and circumstances."

Fatty Joe smirked as he looked at Michael and scoffed, "Ha, bastards like you have no shame. You've certainly got time; it must be fun wasting all that money. Were you expecting us to crawl under your foot to beg forgiveness?"

The lackeys were upset at this, but Micheal merely waved his arm, calming them down. He looked at Fatty Joe and the others before fixing his eyes on Emilia; his lips curved upwards into a sly smile as he spoke once more.

"Goldsmiths, although they have a tard of trash for a prestigious heir, they do know how to breed fine women. Joe... I'm still a reasonable man, tell you what, if you let your sister spend a few nights with me, I'll forget the things of the past and allow for you and friend over there to rest easy."

The crowd looked on with interest, as it seemed that this was what Michael aim from the beginning. Emilia's face sunk as she heard this, she took a few steps back hiding behind Fatty Joe's back.

As Fatty's Joe saw this, his face turned ugly. His eyes gleamed with sharpness as if he was ready to kill on sight.

Evan, on the other hand, remained cool-headed. He tapped his shoulder and spoke, "Fatty, calm down, trash is trash at the end of the day, no matter how refined, or pretty you dress it. It will be trash in the end. There's no need to waste words or lose your cool over it."
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Fatty Joe felt a lot better hearing this, he turned to Emilia and comforted, "Emmy, don't be worried, I'd never had you over to a pig like this, it's even worse than trying to feed a toad swan meat. More like putting shit on gold..."

Michael, no matter how refined and calm he is on the surface, was unable to take those words easily. His face twitched as he took on an icy demeanor when he glared at Evan and Fatty Joe a spoke, "You two... do believe that if I wanted to, I could easily make you suffer a thousand times harder than current. I can easily send trash like you back to jail, just as easy I can suppress your family's industries..."

Neither Fatty Joe seemed to mind these words, they merely looked at Michael as mocked.

"Haha, you want to send Brother Evan back to prison, but where's his crime? As for my family, even if you push us to the brink, I do not believe that your Keller influences won't suffer setbacks. Everything in business is a give and take relationship; it isn't so easy to get what you want. Evan, Emmy, let's leave." Fatty Joe said with a smile as he grabbed Emilia's hand and pulled her towards the outside.

"Indeed, we've wasted enough time here. Let's go." Evan said as he promptly followed.

Michael was now wholly enraged, but he didn't choose to act himself as he knew full well that he was no match for Evan, even with training. He glanced at his lackeys that were previously restraining themselves.

As they saw his look, the flunkies no longer held back.

They rushed towards Evan and the others as they shouted.

"Piece of shit! Get down!"

"You think you can leave after offending the Young Lord; I'll teach you how to have manners!"

The faces of the lackeys were fierce, as they seemed as if they were ready to be heavy-handed with their actions. The crowd was shocked, but they soon showed looks of excitement.

"Ah, it doesn't look good for them now, I didn't think he'd actually take action in here." One person said with a smile.

"Haha, that little bastard is growing bolder, maybe he forgot who owns the place." Another person said.

At this time, Fatty Joe and Emilia were surprised; they didn't think Michael would allow his men to take such actions directly. They both shivered slightly as none of them knew how to fight, while Evan merely looked at the approaching men with a dark look in his eyes.

"I have yet to pay you back, but here you are already swaggering about my face. Hmph! If it weren't for your status, I've long since eliminated you... but I guess it can wait until after I awaken..." Evan muttered as he saw that the lackeys were charging after him.

He then quickly reacted by adopting a stance-less posture, seeming as if he was full of openings. However, before he could even do anything, there was a change.

"Stop this right now!" A loud voice sounded from the entrance of the Golden Palace.

As the lackeys heard this, they quickly came to a halt, casting a glance towards the source. Not just them, Evan, Fatty Joe, Emilia, Michael, and all the onlookers were distracted.

However, the moment they saw who came, they each showed varying expressions. The onlookers grew solemn, as the lackeys, Michael, Fatty Joe, and Emilia, were shocked.

Evan, on the other hand, though a bit surprised, didn't show any significant reaction other than mutter, "So, he was actually here..."

As he spoke, his mind couldn't help but recall a prominent individual that stood out during the first arrival of the Ascenders Rifts. An uncommonly powerful man who wielded a golden ax.

At this time, a middle-aged man walked from the entrance. He had a chiseled face, sharp eyes with long hair reaching to the back of his neck and wore a yellow suit.

"We pay our respects to Manager Lawson!" Everyone said as they made a polite gesture.

Michael also did the same, but his mind was currently reeling in anger as he thought, "Damn! Why is this bastard back so soon? Didn't they say he was going to be out for a while today!"

Manager Lawson waved his hand, signaling for everyone to be at ease. He then looked at Evan's group before fixing his eyes on Michael he spoke, "I didn't think your father had raised such trash, have you no understanding of the morals of modern society?"

"I...I..." Michael wanted to explain, but Manager Lawson gave him no quarter he commanded, "This conflict is over, take your men and leave!"

"Understood," Michael replied, not wasting a single moment, he motioned towards his trembling lackeys and began to leave, but as he moved, he couldn't help but cast a cold look to Evan and the others.

Soon, he had left the Golden Palace, Evan, and Fatty Joe upon seeing this nodded; they made a polite gesture towards Manager Lawson before they left the building along with Emilia.

With the scene returning to normal, Manager Lawson looked at the direction they had left with a smile on his face.

"Carry on." He said to the waiters and staff, as he turned around and headed upstairs. While walking, a figure had unknowingly appeared by his side, but as if he wasn't alarmed in the slightest, he spoke, "Well, what do you think?"

The figure at his side was silent for a moment before he replied, "It's strange, that brat I've looked up his background, and he had only recently left from prison. He has no experience in the battlefield, nor professional training... and yet, he's able to use such advance Battle Will."

Manager Lawson's face grew curious as he spoke, "Hmm, it's still too early to assume things, send some men to keep an eye on him just in case. With the way things are, we'll probably need all the hands we can get, the future is no longer set."

As he said this, his eyes grew solemn as if he had great concern. The figure by his side nodded as he replied, "Understood."

Swoosh! Like the wind, the figure vanished, leaving behind Manager Lawson, who had only now arrived in the upper hallway of the Golden Palace.

He calmly made his way forwards, pausing at the very last door, there a man wearing a black suit with dark glasses stood silently.

Upon seeing Manager Lawson, the guard nodded as he spoke, "The prince was expecting you..."

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