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Ascenders Rift 50 A Cursed Nightmare? Fatty's Shock!

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It was an oblique world, one of which was enshrouded by a cluster of haze. Vaguely, one would see the brilliant blue hues of odd fireflies that shuffled about its mists, making their way through the silhouettes of tall grasses, and trees. These trees grew to unseen heights, their trunks sturdy and wide enough for more than five men to circle their arms around them. A bundle of vines hung loosely from the towering branches as others barred the path to the unknown forming thickets.

Somewhere deep within these uncanny woods was an area with a vast misty lake, its surface was tranquil as if nothing could disturb its state of perpetual stillness. Yet, this was but only a misconception, for there was one who dared to venture across its domain. It was a naked young beauty with long blond hair, bright rounded blue eyes, and a well-shaped body that could drown the soul of any observing man due to its bold proportions.

The strangest thing in these woods was not the woods itself, but the young beauty who calmly walked atop of this previously still lake. Each of her steps seeming to be as light as a feather, allowing her to balance atop its surface.

A slight ripple would spread from every contact her feet made with the water's surface, as she slowly and dazedly moved towards a direction with no end. Soon, this beauty had come to a stop, she halted her motions at what seemed like the center of the lake and lifted her head to gaze at the misty heavens. Now, her blue eyes seemed to be a bit lost as if she'd lost touch with the world itself.

However, it was at this moment, a voice sounded from the depths of the lake, "Come to me..."

The voice carried a soothing air as if it could ease all who heard it, as the beauty listened to this, her eyes trembled before they became focused. Not long after, she had finally grown aware of the world around her and was soon filled with panic.

"Oh no, not again! I have to get out of here!" The beauty said in fear as she turned around and started to run towards a random direction.

As each of her flustered steps caused wider ripples to scatter across the lake, her figure that traversed the mist became indistinct as her hair bounded up and down. Soon, a few beads of sweat had begun to trickle down her panicked filled face.

"How could I let this happen? I was even more conscious not to fall asleep too deeply... what happened to my alarms?" The beauty thought to herself as her breath grow haggard due to her rapid pace of running.

However, her efforts were naught but a futile attempt, as no matter which direction she ran, the lake seemed endless, as an infinite domain of smog obscured the region beyond.

Eventually, the soft and resonant tone of the strange voice sounded once more to her mind, "Come to me..."

Not long after the voice, the lake had begun to tremble as if something akin to a colossal was on the verge of awakening. The girl hearing the voice again grew even more alarmed as she ran even harder while her mind exploded, "I must hurry! I have to escape and find a way to wake up!"

The voice seemed to have heard her thoughts; it sneered in reply, "Our fates are connected, and your path was such since birth. You are mine no matter where you go, child..."

At this moment, the lake had begun to part as vaguely a shocking thing became visible at its depths. It was a massive silhouette, obscured by darkness; it had many different eyes each the size of a few dozen meters as they gleamed in a threatening manner.

As if it was ready, the eyes on this entity shone as it spoke, "Come and be one with me!"

Its voice echoed across this murky world following which an even more alarming scene occurred.


In an instant, thousands of giant tentacles had left the darkness from the lake's fissure. These tentacles then rapidly pursued the female moving like rays of black light; it took only a single instant for them to catch up to her location.

"Noooo!" The female cried in horror as she tried to resist, but the tentacles quickly wrapped around her body.

"I don't want to! Let me go! Let me go!" The female screamed over and over, but this strange monster's tentacles soon covered her mouth.

She began to struggle against the tentacles while making muffled noises. Yet despite doing this, the tentacles still managed to drag her towards the depths of the darkness. Her eyes began to drip with tears as her vision faded into the darkness little by little as she thought, "I... don't want to disappear. I don't..."

The sinister entity which saw its prey nearing sudden grinned as an ominous-looking mouth had appeared from the dark, with jagged outlines looking no different from the entrance to hell.

"With great power comes its curse... this time, it's my win... child." The monster said as he looked at the female that had finally fallen unconscious.

It prepared to swallow the female, but at this moment, each of its myriad eyes couldn't help but narrow as they glance towards the hazy heavens. In moments, a bright beam of white light had appeared as a fat figure fell from the heavens. His very descent caused the earth below him to tremble as if it couldn't bear his weight.

"It's you again! How many times must you interrupt my affairs? You damn human, I curse youuuu!" The monster in the dark yelled furiously, it tried to resist its impending fate, but it was futile.

Boom! Like a nuke set off in the deep oceans, a geyser of water scattered above the region for a few hundred meters, followed by a vast array of white lights that had encompassed everything in sight. The world turned into one of silence, as everything faded away.


The time was now roughly 9 AM, despite the current liveliness of the day, a certain fatty was still sleeping in bed within the male hostel. At this moment, the fatty's brows were scrunched as if he was in a terrible dream. Not long after, his eyes snapped open as he took a deep breath of air as if previously, he couldn't even breathe.

"Haa... haa..." Fatty Joe then began to breathe slowly as his face was filled with sweat as his arms trembled, he looked around the room, carefully finally coming to his senses.

After calming down, Fatty Joe's eyes knitted as he cursed, "That damn dream again! Blast! How many times does it have to happen? Every time I fall from that place and nearly drowned my ass in that darn lake. I don't even know that place, to begin with, I'm sure I've never played it in a video game nor see it in some blasted film!"

Fatty Joe wanted to curse some more, but he soon realized what time it was from the clock on the wall. He jumped to his feet while shouting, "Shit! It's 3 hours from noon. I've got to get my stuff together and go meet Emmy."

Upon saying this, Fatty Joe then ran to the bathroom and took a shower before arranging his stuff. He then saw the note Evan left on the table and scoffed, "Che! Always off so early, fine. I guess we'll meet you at that place."

Not long after, the door closed as Fatty Joe left the room. He then began to make his way towards the female hostels as he had already sent a message to Emilia.

While walking, Fatty Joe couldn't help but hear the news about Dr. Ghost from the various students causing him to mutter, "Dr. Ghost? A planet devouring light? Hmm, shouldn't that guy be the one from that time... he's smart not to use his name."

As Fatty Joe said this, he similarly glanced over the news on his watch. However, it was at this moment; he heard a different set of news from the other nearby students.

"Have you heard it yet?" One voice said.

"Heard what?" Some asked curiously.

"They say that Michael has officially been called in for questioning, his little sister Nadia should be with him as well..." The other person said.

"Eh? You mean that it had happened, that case that was rumored not so long before?" Another voice said in surprise.

"That's right, I've heard that even his father had to get involved, he must be pretty pissed especially at this time." The other guy said.

"Ha, serves him right, I never did like that handsome show off type." The other person said in mock.

Fatty Joe hearing this was surprised, but his eyes soon turned to one of ridicule as he thought, "Heh, so that fellow finally gets what he deserves. I told him before, but he never listened to me back then. His foolish pride and belief of self-entitlement will one day be his end. Not only did he target my sister, he even went as far as to drag Evan into our grudges, and now, he must pay for his blunders. Truly a fool..."

As Fatty Joe said this, he shook his head, paying the words around him no mind as right now, he only cared about his little sister.

He glanced at the phone and saw that it had yet to show a reply casing him to frown and speak, "Why is she taking so long? Is she still asleep?"
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After a short while, Fatty Joe had arrived outside of the hostel, he calmly waited for Emilia to show up, but there were still no signs. Soon, his patience had begun to wear thin, but it was at this moment, a female had hurried out of the hostel. As she saw Fatty Joe, she quickly ran before him and spoke.

"Are you Emilia's brother?"

Fatty Joe frowned as he asked, "Yes, I am, is something wrong?"

The female wasted no time, she grabbed his arm and pulled him as she spoke, "You have to hurry; it's your sister, she's behaving a little strangely."

Fatty Joe was shocked; he asked, "What? What happened to her?"

The female shook her head and spoke, "It's odd, her roommates said that they heard her scream as if she had a very frightening nightmare. I believe that it was some dream of a misty world with water, now that she's awake, she doesn't want to leave her room..."

"This... impossible!" Fatty Joe shouted out loud as his eyes went wide, he thought back to himself, "A nightmare of a misty world just like the one I came from? There's no way this could be possible... but wait, didn't that Layla also have a similar issue?"

When Fatty Joe recalled the previous dream as well as Layla's experience, his eyes grew even more complicated as he cursed to himself, "Just what the hell is going on... is this some kind of shit curse?"

Fatty Joe didn't have time to question further as both he and the female traveled towards Emilia's dorm room. Yet, despite this scene, far away from the academy in a large building. Three individuals faced each other in silence, as a tense mood pervaded the area.

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