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Evan had already left the window side, he logged into his laptop placed on the table and prepared to do some research around the surrounding geography. On his screen, a map had popped up, a scene showing a strange sight unlike any 'Earth' which one would have typically seen.

On this map, there were five supercontinents, the North-Western Continent, the South Western Continent, North Eastern Continent, the Southern Eastern Continent, and the massive Southern Arctic Pole.

Like you've guessed, this was not the usual Earth. In fact, this was an entirely different world, what would more call an alternate universe. Three alliances divided up these lands, the United Western Nations, Allied Eastern Union, and the Southern Arctic Society.

Each had a variety of nations and empires, with their sovereignty and rights to rule the land. The Morning Star Empire was one such country, being at the first, topmost region of the United Western Nations, below it stretching to the South Eastern Continent was the Cold Moon Nation, and the two were as one would expect in constant disagreement.

Diving the two nations was a mountain range, an uncommonly large one. Because of so, a sky bridge was built by the joint effort of both countries using the highest technological resources to allow for trade.

This mountain was known as the Skyrise Mountain Range, the second largest mountain in the world. It was a dangerous mountain with occasional sightings of unusually robust animals and wild beasts, and as such, it was set as an off-limit zone for all locals in the two nations.

Still, despite this fact, there those who would disregard this and venture into steep mountains seeking what they call a 'thrill.'

Evan's eyes were locked onto the location of the Skyrise Mountain Range; his sights wandered off to the center at an area that seemed to have an uncommon split in the Earth.

As he zoned in on it, Evan couldn't help but mutter, "Death's Fissure... it's no wonder its always been listed as the number one danger spot in the world. The government has sent many to explore it, but none of them have returned, and even when they sent out the jurisdiction that none should venture, there still many who went ahead and gave up their lives. Eventually, they no longer cared about it. Ha, they naturally won't care about the lives of no one meaningful, so long as it doesn't affect their affairs. Yet, what they didn't realize is that this little zone is hiding a time bomb..."

As Evan muttered, his finger rested on top of the map as his eyes recalled some memories, he muttered, "A 'Lesser Space' set to explode during the first wave chaos following the appearance Ascenders Rift."

As Evan spoke to here, he recalled the scene of countless monsters spewing out as they attacked both the Morning Star Empire and the Cold Moon Empire. A genuinely dreadful sight as even with the powerful modern weapons, they were incapable of dealing with the enemies.

"No use worrying over it now, what will be will be... it will take me roughly two days to get to the mountain range by use of the train. Then I'll probably have to spend around another two days to find the fissure, after that however long it takes for me to awaken will decide whether or not I make it back in time for college." Having thought to here, Evan shook head and focused no longer wandering off into his memories.

"Speaking of college, I should take this chance to register before things get complicated." As he said this, he reached for the letter on the table seeing the fabricated will as well as the Norton Bank Card, titled in his name, Evan Cross.

Carefully inspecting it, one would notice that unlike commonly scene debit cards, this card had a distinct amount of difference. There were circuit-like lines etched on its surface, each glowing in a neon light along with a fingerprint sensor.

As Evan finished placed his finger on it, the card flashed before a stream of text appeared on his digital watch.

[MSE Credit Points - 35000]

Evan frowned as he spoke, "Che! That damn witch, if I were to recall correctly upon doing my research back then, the total left by my parents was no less than 350000 credits, more than enough to cover all my school fees and future expenses for a few years. With her taking most of the sum, I was forced into spending 30000 credits for my first-year college fees, struggling to balance the rest for the remainder of the year. In the end, I didn't continue my studies and was forced to drop out after the first year. Heh, I even lost contact with Layla around that time, only meeting her again on that battlefield."

As Evan thought to himself, he shook his head, and as he muttered, "Heh, I suppose I'll no longer think of it, the past is the past, and there are far more important things to worry about at this time."

After logging into the college website, he quickly sorted out his college arrangement. As he received the confirmation details, as well as the time for classes, he closed the laptop and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Yet as he opened his fridge, all he saw was spoiled food.

"Ah, I had forgotten, there was no food..." Evan said as he made a bitter expression, he looked at his watch and saw that the time was nearing 9:00 am.

"I guess I'll be eating out today," Evan said with a smile as he prepared to clean himself up to head onto the road, but as he moved, the knock was heard at the door.

Knock! Knock!

Evan frowned again as he didn't think he'd be disturbed twice in the morning, he spoke, "Damn! Who is it this time?"

While Evan pondered, he went over to the door and looked through the door viewer, but what showed to eyes shocked him as he muttered. "This... why is he here? Did he come here last time?"

As he muttered, the voice of Fatty Joe sounded from behind the door, "Hey, Evan! Are you awake? I heard you got drunk last night!"

Evan scoffed as he heard these words, "Heh, this guy, he still tries to cover it up even now. Fine, I'll play along with you. Hmm, still I can't recall him coming to visit me, did I forget? Or is it..."

As Evan pondered, he was disrupted by Fatty Joe once again, who tapped with even louder 'knocks' while shouting.
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"Hey, Evan! Are you up yet? I'm coming in if you don't answer!"

"I'll think about it some other time..." Evan muttered as he quickly turned the knob and opened the door.

Fatso Joe was about to ram the door; he took a posture that seemed no different from a football player ready tackle. Yet, as the door opened and he saw Evan, an embarrassed look came over his face.

However, as he was a man with thick guts, he quickly recovered as he spoke with a hearty laugh, "Haha, Evan, it looks like you're okay, and to think I was worried."

As he spoke, the slightly worried look in his eyes soon turned to that of relief. Evan, whose senses where a bit sharper due to his experiences, felt a bit teary-eyed, but he didn't bother to show it as he spoke with a smile.

"Hmm, you... you are Joe Goldsmith, right? That guy from my high school, I think I saw you yesterday. How did you know where I live?" Evan questioned with a curious tone, as he forced a curious expression to appear on his face.

Fatty Joe, who heard him say his full name was a bit alarmed at first, but he soon answered with a thought-out reply, "Ah, yes I am, but you can call me Fatty Joe, everyone does anyway. As for how I know where you live, my friend, I can only say you are a lucky guy, a friend of mine just so happened to pick you up last night. I heard you were dead drunk... you sure you okay, have eaten anything?"

Evan's eyes flashed at these words; he replied, "You know, I was just about to head out and get something to eat."

Fatty Joe's eyes lit up as he heard this, he said with a laugh, "Haha! That's great. My sister and I were about to head out to get something as well. You see, she's starting college next week and wants to get something on the way. Want to join us?"

Evan's eyes soon after changed to shock, as it was only now he recalled something, "Wait, I just remembered this, Fatty Joe did visit my apartment, but I don't recall him bringing his sister... or was it due to me not paying any attention?"

"Evan! Evan! Are you okay man? You're spacing out!" Fatty Joe asked in a somewhat concerned tone as he clapped his hands in front of Evan's face.

As he woke from his thoughts, Evan was a bit embarrassed, but he pushed it down and replied while scratching the back of his head, "Ha... ah, it seems that my hunger has really gotten to me. Sure, I'd like to join."

Fatty Joe seeing everything okay with him, laughed as he slapped Evan's shoulder and turned around. He went down the stairway as he shouted, "Come! Let's go!"

Evan seeing this, shook his head, he gathered a few things and locked the apartment door before headed downstairs. His eyes flickered in a thoughtful light as he muttered, "I'm not yet certain, but I doubt this butterfly effect. If it is so, I'll have to see where it goes..."

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