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Ascenders Rift 27 Rick Rayfield? Evan’s Discovery!

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The scene within the hallways outside of room 401 was one of quietness, as both Evan and the peculiar-looking youth stood face to face. Soon, the silence faded as the youth combed his dark curly hair upward and spoke a greeting.

"Hey, I couldn't help but notice that you came from room 401. You know, it just so happens that I'm also assigned to that room. Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Rick, Rick Rayfield." The young man said with a smile as he stretched his hand forward.

Evan's face was one of shock; he'd initially thought that their roommate was the previous guy from his memories. However, never did he expect that there would be such an unexpected switch as his mind momentarily phased off into a world of thoughts.

"That unusual spearman who join my party during the late stages... to think that he'd come to our dorm room... this is not the ordinary kind of butterfly effect. Shit! I hope that this isn't a sign of any major changes to occur," Evan thought to himself as his expression grew slightly grave.

Rick seeing Evan's look made a slightly puzzled expression as he spoke, "Hmm, are you okay pal? Your face doesn't look so good?"

Evan, hearing this, soon regained his senses, he quickly arranged his mood and grab his arm doing a firm handshake as he replied, "Haha, I am only a bit disoriented from that toxic bomb just now. It's a pleasure to meet you as well. My name is Evan, Evan Cross..."

As Rick heard this, his eyes flashed as vaguely. A strange power could be felt between both Evan and Rick. However, this scene quickly faded as both Evan and Rick looked at each other with calm expressions.

Soon, Evan took a step back and gestured towards the door as he spoke, "Well, that waste should have mostly worn off by now. Let's go inside."

"Right," Rick replied, as he reached for his luggage and brought it inside of the room.

As they entered the room, a vague scent lingered in the air, carrying with it a toxic intent that tickled the noses of Evan and Rick. Evan's face couldn't help but sink as he didn't. It was still so potent. He shouted, "Damn, Fatty! How's your fart still in effect?"

At this time, Fatty Joe was standing at the window, he turned around and smirked as he spoke, "Well, it's only natural, I had yet to open the window."
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With a motion of his hand, the window opened, as a strong gust of wind whooshed through the room, sweeping away the toxic substance across the campus.

After seeing everything returned to normal, Evan then introduced Rick to Fatty Joe. The trio then engaged in friendly conversation for a little while, as the day slowly climbed towards the peak of the afternoon.

Currently, Evan and the others were watching the current broadcast on the TV in their dorm room. It showed a recounting of all the various core news, as well as a replaying on the previous major news about changes occurring to worldwide academies and the military.

As they saw the bit about the new departments, the faces of Evan, Rick, and Fatty Joe couldn't but show varying expressions as Rick spoke to break the silence.

"I'm curious, what do you think of the current decision made by the councils?" Rick said with a strange look in his eyes.

Evan remained silent as he looked at Rick carefully, Fatty Joe, however, shook his head as he replied, "I frankly don't know what their thinking! Originally, my father had told me to expect some changes in the future, but never did I think it would be something so unusual. What kind of initiative could cause for every major force on the planet to promptly make such a decision? I feel that there's more here than they're letting on..."

Rick smiled at this as he spoke, "Indeed, I here that those directly responsible for this are from a private group. Though their names are unknown, many in the imperial council are privy to their presence."

Fatty Joe was a bit surprised he looked at Rick and inquired, "Well now, how do you know this? Are you connected with those in the council?"

Rick made a mysterious smile as he spoke, "Let's just say I have a few connections here and there..."

Fatty Joe made a suspicious look, but Evan, who was silently listening, narrowed his eyes as he thought, "Of course you would, you've always been one to be quite knowledgeable of these things..."

Rick seemed to have noticed Evan's silence, he looked at Evan and spoke, "Evan, what about your thoughts? What do you feel about all of this?"

Fatty Joe also turned his sights onto Evan as he keenly paid attention, Evan shook his head and replied, "My thoughts are the same as yours, I feel that before we know further, we should at least keep a certain layer of distance with those who control these departments. Not until we've at least learned some more details..."

Both Fatty Joe and Rick nodded, as Rick's eye's flashed while thinking to himself, "Hmm, as I'd expected..."

Rick then spoke with a smile, "A sound decision indeed, Evan..."

Evan nodded without replying; he shifted his sights towards the window as he pondered, "Still, I didn't think on it much before, but since they can check the talents of Fatty and the others during their inspections. Wouldn't they have marked them down as targets?"

Upon thinking here, Evan recalled that after he had dropped out of college, the first sad news he heard was from Fatty Joe himself. News that his sister had died, shortly after the arrival of the first rift. The next time he saw Fatty Joe was during the chaos in the first world.

As he recalled the details, he remembered that Fatty Joe was already a member of a strange party. His personality had also become a bit troubled due to the loss of his sister.

Upon thinking there, he recalled that the group had turned on Fatty Joe during the first raid forcing him to become a fugitive, as they claimed that he had stolen something precious.

"That group... wasn't it a group from RADA?" Evan thought as he pondered carefully, "It's also strange, the way his sister died was far too unusual. It was also later discovered that there was no such thing as a treasure on Fatty's person; the party had only wanted to take his life. If they were really from RADA, then could it be that they're similarly responsible for Emilia's death?"

As Evan thought this, his eyes soon shone with understanding as he muttered, "That must be it... otherwise, it wouldn't make any sense. The only question now is why would they go to such lengths, why would they first kill his sister? Then target him during the chaos of the first world, could it be because of both their talents? I know that Fatty Joe had his unique stat booster talent, this wasn't that uncommon as there are a few prodigies in all nations with it. Yet, Emilia was different, what kind of gifts would force them to take her life at such an early stage?"

When Evan thought to here, he couldn't help but frown as he felt this RADA group to be very troublesome. He murmured in an inaudible voice, "If only there were a way to hide one's talents from those Black Stone Crystals, then maybe I could save her from this possible threat..."

As Evan spoke to here, Fatty Joe and Rick were currently locked in a discussion, but it was at this time Evan felt a wave of heat around his chest as he heard a voice in his head followed by a text which appeared to his eyes.

[Replying to Inheritor Evan, there are roughly four methods to hide one's innate details.]

The instant Evan heard this, he was shocked, he didn't think that the void pendant would reply to his words suddenly.

He promptly asked with his mind once again, "System, what is the safest and easiest method?"

[Replying to Inheritor Evan, the safest method would be that of using Void Shards.]

Evan was a bit puzzled, he asked, "What are these Void Shards."

[Void Shards are broken crystals formed by the breakages of Dimensional Rifts; their properties can be used to shield any given stats of its host. Thus, preventing access from the Rift System as well as other methods of inspection used by similar shards.]

As he heard this, Evan's face was filled with surprise as he thought, "So that's what it is, these Void Shards are none other than those Black Stone Crystals. To think that I've mistaken them for so long. Since it's like this, then how does one use these shards to shield a person's given stat?"

The system once more replied.

[Replying to Inheritor Evan, by inscribing... t-t-the... V-Void Shards.... of your intent with… Battle Energy. Y-y-you can shield the necessary... stats. C-c-core... running low on Spirit Power.... cannot... continue...]

As the voice said this, the heat from the Void Blood Pendant had begun to fade as it returned to normal. Evan's hand which was around his chest couldn't help but clench as his eyes shone in bright lights when he thought, "Interesting... so it turns out that all I had to do was Battle Energy inscription. If it's like this then I might be able to turn not only Emilia's but a few other situations around."

Rick noticed Evan's expression; he couldn't help but ask, "Evan, you been spacing out for a while is something on your mind, pal?"

Fatty Joe looked at Evan suspiciously as he spoke, "Hey, you're not thinking about my sister again, right?"

Evan shook his head and glared at Fatty Joe before he replied, "It's nothing, I'm only curious about the road ahead..."

Fatty Joe seeing this no longer bothered, he rose to his feet and said with a hearty laugh, "Well guys, it's not too late, why don't we go take a look around campus, who knows, we might find some pretty interesting encounters?"

Rick made an ambiguous smile as he similar got up and added, "Haha, I won't mind a little late afternoon encounters myself..."

Evan smirked as he saw this, however, he shook his head and replied, "You guys go on ahead, I'm going to take care of a few things first."

Rick and Fatty Joe looked at Evan deeply before they waved and left while speaking, "You better hurry, we'll be stopping at the arcade first."

"Mm. I'll be there..." Evan said with a nod.

Soon, only Evan was left in the room, he closed the door and sealed off the windows before raising his hand and speaking, "Appear."

As he said this, a bright light flashed as the metal crate from Ralph had appeared in his hands. After opening the crate, a dark light soon shrouded Evan's face.

Evan smiled as his eyes flashed when he spoke in a voice that faded into the surroundings, "Let's get started, shall we..."

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