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EarlingStar was a city built at the core of the Morning Star Empire, being the royal city that homed the imperial family as well as a myriad of high executives it was the largest and most prosperous metropolis in the entire nation. Not only that, the technological application of various sectors where now in full bloom here, as occasionally one would even see a few hovering cabs and food delivery drones.

There were large holographic signs scattered about the area, as small automated drones cleaned up any unnecessary garbage making the city one free of any scrap. Looking around more carefully, one would even come to notice that the eyes and clothing of the residents were brighter and more confident compared to other places. It was as if these people believed that they stood at the heights of the world, far beyond anyone else.

At this moment, the sun was only rising from the eastern horizon, bring with it a warm light that seeps over the distance as it reflected from the glasses of many high-rise structures. Thus, momentarily transforming this city in a world of gold that lasted for a few moments, soon after fading.

Suddenly, a dark brown-haired young man with a handsome semblance had appeared on the somewhat glossy streets. His bright brown eyes shining with a hint of gold as he pursed his lips and muttered, "So, this was why they called it the City of Gold... a pity, this had lost meaning in the coming years."

As Evan said this, he shook his head as he continued onwards with his knapsack loosely hanging over his shoulders. Soon, he arrived at the city center, which was the central hub for all primary businesses, private groups, and transportation sectors.

The Morning Star Academy was located not too far away from this region; it has a considerably large campus that spanned roughly 8000 acres of land. On a yearly basis, it typically has an undergraduate enrolment of more than 45000 students. Most top researchers and successful business owners would typically be a graduate from its institution, not to mention that its similarly a popular place for royal officials, and family from imperial councilors.

Evan soon quickly rode a cab towards the campus site, arriving roughly after a few minutes as it took the quickest underground route. As he arrived at his destination, Evan couldn't help but feel a tinge of nostalgia. His mind flashed with memories that only lasted for a short while before diverging into the scenes of disaster

Moments after, the images of a woman appeared in his sights, a gorgeous woman with flowing purple hair, and an oval-shaped face. She had a low bridge nose, rounded lips, with upturned hazel eyes.

Evan's mind jolted from his thoughts taking on a softer expression as he muttered, "Layla... I wonder, what will our meeting be like if I played it all over again..."

As he said this, Evan couldn't help but shake his head as he took a step forward with a firm look in his eyes. He then spoke, "I shouldn't linger on the past... for only by looking forward can one control their future."

Evan's figure son faded into the distance as he bypassed a few random students going in and out of the campus.

Unknownst to him, however, was the presence of a peculiar-looking young man with dark curly hair with a tinge of blue, along with a pair of blue glasses covering his slightly cyan colored eyes. He quietly stood near the entrance of the campus with his back leaned against the wall, and arms crossed over his chest.

Soon, the young man lifted his head and turned towards Evan's direction as a look of enlightenment appeared on his face. He couldn't help but open his mouth to speak, "See beyond the past… to transcend the future... fascinating words. Evan Cross... what kind of fellow are you?"

The young man said with a look of curiosity on his face, his lips then curved into a smile as he spoke with a look of interest, "I'm looking forward to finding out..." Upon saying this, the young man then left this area as he started to head towards the deeper areas of the campus ground.

The hostel was located at the farthest north-eastern corners of the campus, as Evan arrived here, he couldn't help but notice many different individuals each within the 17 to 25 plus year group. Some bundled together in groups as they idled about the various campus recreation centers, while others merely sat in open fields and chatted.

A few even cast curious looks towards him as he moved by them before they started a hurdle of discussions. One such bunch was a female duo, both looking to be at the peak of their youths, wearing fashionable hairstyles.

"Hey, do you know who that guy is? One of the females asked.

"I'm not sure, his face looks to be quite new, then again it should be around that time of year. There should be some new faces popping up here and there within these few days." Another student said in reply.

"Hehe, then doesn't this mean his fresh meat?" The female student said as she licked her lips.

"Che! Anna, I know what kind of girl you are, not everyone is going to fall for your charms, you little devil..." The other female said with a sneer.

"Hmph! We'll see about that..." The female called Anna said with an unconvinced expression.

She rose to her feet prepared to head over, but it was at this time there was a minor commotion. A handsome young man had appeared with a small entourage, he had a sleek look and sported a side part hairstyle for his white-colored hair.

At this time, he wore a designer shirt along with branded pants, seeming as if he was a noble among the earth. By his side was a beauty that had similar colored hair that was of medium length. She sported a classy dress with a few pieces of jewelry on her person, as each of her steps in high heels seemed higher than the average person's.

"Oh my gosh! It's... it's..." A female shouted in surprise.

"The dual prodigies of the Keller family, Nelia, and Michael Keller! Why are they wandering about here?" Another person exclaimed.

Anna's eyes grew starry as she looked towards Michael with a heated gaze, her friend by her side who saw this couldn't help but scoff, "See... you're never going to change..."

"You... hmph! I don't care anymore..." Anna replied while rolling her eyes. Her sights once more fixed upon Evan, but it was at this time she noticed that both Evan and the Keller family group were veering towards each other.

"Eh? What's he doing? Does he not realize who's coming his way? This isn't good, I've got to warn--" She wanted to go give him a warning, but she halted her words as her mouth opened wide in shock due to a strange scene.

Instantly, the entourage had formed a barrier around Evan as both Michael and Nelia stood at their center directly facing Evan.

Evan, who was in a prior daze, pondering about various things, couldn't help but grew surprised as he had only now realized his situation. His eyes narrowed as he thought to himself, "To think I'd have forgotten about this bunch. Sigh... I guess it can't be helped. They are nothing more than absurd children when compared to the real threat at hand."

Michael looked at Evan with a refined smile as he spoke, "Evan, I didn't think you'd come to college so soon, congrats on making it here after your departure from jail. In light of your success, I've come here with my beloved sister to offer you a welcoming gift."

Nelia who was by Michael's side then smiled as she added, "Hello, Mr. Evan, it's a pleasure to see you again, I never forgot that time you tried to take me by force. I've occasionally had a few cases of bad dreams ever since that night, making me unable to find a good night's rest. Yet, while I dearly hate you for this, our family is one of forgiveness. We've come bearing gifts today to look past the gratitude of old and cheer you on for your new start in life."

As they said this, the lackeys then began to hand Evan a few small boxes that were gift wrapped, Evan looked at this scene with indifference. Both Michael's and Nelia's voice were quite audible as this scene had attracted the attention of many students. As they gathered, a commotion couldn't help but naturally be formed.

"What's this... is this guy some sort of ex-convict?" One person asked in a hushed tone.

By the looks of it, it seems so, tsk! This bastard appears to have been charged for trying to assault the number two beauty of the college..." Another person said with a hint of anger in his tone.

"Damn! How the hell did rapist trash like this get enrolled here? We should speak to the dean about this act! A prestigious academy like this should not accept people of this standard!" One person shouted in outrage.

"That's right! I, for one, cannot condone for this!" Another student shouted even louder.

Soon, the commotion had grown even more significant, as more and more students gathered around to shout. The previously heated Anna now looking towards Evan's location with a hint of disgust on her face as she inwardly thought, "To think I was about to try and engage with someone like this... I must certainly be losing my mind."
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The girl by her side shook her head, paying her no mind. As the commotion around Evan and Michael's group grew out of proportion, Michael smiled as he walked a bit closer to Evan and spoke in whispers, "How do you like it? Do you like our little gift... Evan?"

Nelia smiled while looking at Evan with an expression that said it should have been expected. However, as both Nelia and Michael thought that Evan was going to explode with rage, or break down with tears, their eyes couldn't help but widen in shock as they saw Evan smiled and casually left while speaking.

"It was wonderful... I'll now be on my way; you should take better care of yourself in the future, okay kids." Evan said with a calm and collected expression as he walked towards the hostel in the distance.

The crowd looks at this in surprise, but soon, some of them started to jeer behind his back.

"What's this? No spine at all!"

"Hmph! I bet he's only trying to play it cool and must be embarrassed deep down..."

Soon, however, a few lectures had appeared as they spoke, "That's enough! There is no need to create such a scene, especially on the eve of classes. Everyone should break this mess up and head back to their dorms!"

Although the students were not happy, they had no choice but to follow their orders. A few teachers then gestured towards Michael and Nelia as they spoke, "You two will follow us!"

Michael's and Nelia's face turned dark as they heard this, Michael looked Evan's direction with a vicious look as he shouted in his mind, "Evannn! You better think that we're finished!"

A distance away from this chaos, Evan had only now arrived in front of the main resting quarters. His eyes flickered in a slightly cold light as he muttered, "These brats... I didn't want to pay too much attention to them at the end of the day, as they are nothing more than immature young adults in the end. The rise of the apocalypse is far more important than playing this childish game. Though, it was embarrassing back in my previous life; they knew boundaries and didn't go overboard. Still, if these brats are going to stand in my way in this life, then even if I am acting for the benefit of humanity as a whole I won't be showing them any mercy, I hope for their sake they know when to fall back."

Although Evan said this, there was also another thought lingering in the back of his mind, the thought that the Keller Councilman was also a bit strange in his previous life. If he doesn't have to, he didn't want to engage in direct conflict with them at the current point, not with RADA searching for his whereabouts.

Quickly clearing his thoughts, Evan then started to make his way into the building. After sorting out his details, he went towards his boarding room, which was room number 401. As he arrived at the door, he was about to open it, but before he could do so, he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, took you long enough to get here, didn't it, Evan? What's wrong, did you get laid or something?" The voice said.

As Evan turned to the side, he saw the familiar fat figure carried multiple buckets of chicken in his hand. Evan shook his head and smiled when he replied, "You Fat fucker, you're not going to tell me that this is another coincidence, right?"

Fatty Joe snickered as he replied, "Haha! Evan, you're overthinking things, look it's an even a three-person bedroom. Do you think I'd deliberately arrange such a setting? Humph! You must be joking! Now come the food is getting cold!"

Fatty Joe said not even bothering to hide the fact that he bought food for him, he then opened the door and entered inside as if he was already used to this place. Evan shook his head and muttered, "It's the same as usual... though I might have been much colder back then. Hmm, I wonder, is that third roommate the same as well."

Evan pondered as he recalled a skinny youth, but he then shook his head and entered the room while thinking, "I'll see it when I see it, I guess..."

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