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Ascenders Rift 24 Late Night Encounter, Sudden Proposition?

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Evan spent the rest of the day at his apartment speaking with the landlord and sorting out his items. Upon placing his last item in his suitcase, he looked around the mostly empty room with a hint of melancholy before shifting his sights towards the window.

The sun had already fallen as the night had once again claim dominion over the sky. As if Evan saw something, he walked towards the window before carefully inspecting the outside. He fixedly stared at a reasonably distant building as he knitted his brows while in thought, "Hmm, already acting, I see..."

After saying this, Evan's lips rose into a smile before he drew the curtain and headed back to his suitcase. As he arrived near it, Evan then smirked and spoke, "Store."

Moments after his words, the suitcase became shrouded by a bright white light before vanishing. Evan nodded in satisfaction as he saw this, he spoke, "So handy..."

As he said this, Evan then casually tossed some nonsense into a knapsack that he slung over his shoulder before he left the apartment and closed the door.

After settling things with the landlord, Evan then left the complex as he ventured towards the nearest bus stop. Because of the late hours, there were not many who roamed about this vicinity. This caused Evan's figure to look no different from a solitary traveler at twilight, traveling towards distant lands.

Yet, this lonesome air only lasted for a moment. As Evan was walking, a man had appeared in front of him. He wore a thick overcoat and had a broad hat on his head. As this individual stood silently within the beaming rays of a streetlamp, the light cast his shadow downwards, causing his features to appear indistinct.

Briefly, one would feel a chilly feeling in their soul upon seeing this man, as a solemn air shrouded his entirety. However, Evan was far from that of the common man, a faint fog blew across the scene, as both Evan and the man breathed out a few puffs of haze that soon after drifted in the nightly winds. The scene now took on a strange atmosphere, as if these two's encounters where far from the ordinary kind.

Evan looked at the man in silence for a short moment before he opened his mouth and spoke with a smile on his face, "Manager Lawson... might I inquire why you've come to pay me such a late visit? Are you here to see me off to school?"

Alan, hearing this, couldn't help but raise his head, revealing his chiseled face and sharp eyes that carried a trace of surprise. His neck long black hair stirred with the wind as he spoke with a deep tone, "Evan Cross, 19 years of age, fresh from the Norkton Detention Center after being charged with sexual assault on a junior of the Keller Family. Your parent died ten years ago in an unusual accident, and from ever since then, you have lived under the same roof with your aunt and her family, only leaving at the age of 16. Now you're on your way towards the Morning Star Academy's Hostels, am I correct?"

Evan's eyes flashed as he looked at Alan with a keen look as he spoke, " Manager Lawson… am I to assume that you've come here to teach me about my background?"

Alan smiled and shook his finger as he replied, "Not at all, child, I only want for you to answer a few puzzling questions, that's all..."

Evan looked at Alan's face deeply before he smirked and replied, "Fine, we can do so while I wait on the next ride..."

Evan then started to walk towards the bus stop once again, Alan seeing this showed no reaction, he merely watched as Evan walked by his shoulder before he opened his mouth and spoke, "Where is Ralph? And what happened to Harry?"

Evan, who was walking halted his steps at those words, without turning around, he replied, "Might I ask who the persons are that Manager Alan is inquiring about?"

Alan frowned at those words; he deeply stared at Evan's back as he spoke once more in a cold tone, "Evan... I know you can use Battle Will, and I know that you're hiding more than you let off, so answer the questions..."

The temperature grew colder as Evan's face sunk, he turned and glanced at Alan with an icy look as he spoke, "Alan, I can answer one of your questions, but I'll need you to answer mine similarly. My question is quite simple, were you the one who sent that stalker who wore glasses to kill me?"

Upon hearing Evan's words, Alan's expression soon changed. He sensed a stifling amount of murderous air coming from Evan along with a terrifying amount of power. At this moment, he knew that if he answered incorrectly, then he would more or likely die on this night. With the situation now turned around, and roles reversed, Alan's mind started to sink.

However, even if he was nervous on the inside, Alan had managed to compose himself as he spoke, "Amongst my two agents, Ralph was the only one who wore glasses. I had sent both of my agents Harry and Ralph, to inspect your whereabouts and details, the reason for this is naturally for reasons that I'm sure you've already come to realize. As for why one of them tried to attack you, that is but a concern that I am also here to inquire. Hence, my goal in meeting today is to confirm a few things, so Evan, give me an answer to my questions..."

When he listened to Alan speak, Evan paid close attention to every one of his words. As he sensed no lies within them, his murderous aura faded a bit as he stared at Alan directly.

Alan, who saw his look remained silent as the two looked at each other for a short moment. Soon, Evan turned around as he started to walk towards the bus stop once again.

Upon seeing Evan leave, Alan was about to speak again, but before he could do so, an object was tossed towards him. Having good reflexes, Alan quickly caught the object, upon inspecting it he saw that it was a familiar-looking black card with a company's name on its surface.

Alan's eyes widen in shock, as his face now showed traces of understanding. He wanted to say something, but Evan had already spoken, "I don't know who that Harry is, but if that glasses stalker is that Ralph of yours, then I will say to you right now that he won't be returning. That object there is the last of his belongings, and I'm sure that after seeing that card, you should more than be able to understand the rest by yourself, Manager Lawson. Take care now..."

Evan then continued his walk onwards, Alan, hearing those words now showed a look that seemed to understand everything he needed. He looked at Evan with a grateful but somewhat slightly fearful expression as he thought, "Such a fearful youngster... still, it's people like him that are going to be needed..."

After thinking this, he opened his mouth and spoke, "Evan... I have a proposition for you, are you willing to listen?"

Evan, who had now arrived at the stop, turned to look at Alan as he spoke, "Hmm, what kind of proposition?"

Alan looked around the area carefully before he walked over, he then tossed out a small little mechanical drone in the shape of a spheroid. This object floated in the air before it glowed in a blue light causing a small semi-transparent field to appear around them for a few meters.

Evan seeing this muttered, "A Muffling Drone…"

Alan seeing this then spoke softly, "There are forces at work in the world with uncertain objectives. Frankly, I don't know where they're going or what they're planning. However, I do know that if we sit back and do nothing, our situation will only continue to worsen. If you are willing to join me on my campaign to deal with this threat, then I shall present you with any reward you deem necessary."

Evan was a bit surprised as he thought, "Well, it seems like my speculation was right, Alan did have his own suspicions on that group after all. I could try to fight them on my own, but their power has proliferated far and wide. Maybe if I partner with him, I'll at least be able to rest knowing someone has my back and acquire easier access to more things."

Alan was a bit worried as he saw Evan's silence, but soon Evan smiled and gave a simple response, "Your proposal is good, but I'll need some time to think about it."

Upon hearing Evan's words, Alan eye's flashed as he thought to himself, "It seems that it will take a while to convince him, hmm, maybe I should let the prince be the one to handle the rest..."

Having thought to here, Alan then nodded with a smile as he responded, "Good, we can speak more on this if you ever make the decision then, take this, it's my card. When you're ready to make your choice, give me a call..."

After saying this, Alan tossed a card toward Evan before he turned around and left the bus stop, his figure soon rapidly disappearing from this region of the streets.

Evan looked on silently as he muttered, "He's strong alright, already at Level 2 truly worthy of his previous fame."

As Evan's eyes were focused on the distance, two lights soon appeared from a distance. He then spoke as the lights traveled towards his position, "Well then, I suppose it's time to head off."

Not long after, the lights had appeared within Evan's position as a large bus had stopped by him, with a loud sound, the door opened wide following which he entered. Soon, the bus then accelerated at a steady pace traveling through the night as it left towards the distant city of Earling Star.
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