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As the night continued, Evan's train had already departed from the Kelna Station. Its bright neon hues leaving a long trailing line of lights as it speedily traversed the distance. At this moment, within its interior, Evan was currently resting within his private cubicle. He sat on the chair looking at the screen before him, which was showing the current news.

"This just in, after a unanimous decision from a recent council meeting, all major academies of the UWN shall be undergoing a slight reformation. The report says that at the moment, a series of new departments shall be arranged within this current year cycle to assist with a collective global initiative. Sources say that similar changes are occurring in academies from both the AEU and SAS. The Military and Imperial Council have stated that at this time, they will not be making any official statements regarding these changes. But we must lookout for a formal hearing some time at the end of this month, more on this..." A female reporter says as she continued to speak more on a variety of current affairs.

Evan, who heard this frowned as he thought, "So many things I didn't pay attention to back then, but if I were to recall all of this change correctly, all of this is concerning the coming disaster. If RADA is the group behind this, then it's probably none other than a joint drafting session used to filter out talents from everyone in various schools, along with the support from the military. Since its so, then it's highly likely that they'll all be vetted into a stern program meant to train special elites, and with our current body enhancement technology, it shouldn't be hard to train a few if not standard, some elite soldiers in the span of a few weeks."

As Evan thought to here, he recalled the black crystals he got from Ralph, causing him to narrow his eyes as he spoke. "The RADA group must have similarly not only found means to access Lesser Spaces with those Black Stone Crystals but use them to be able to identify the innate talents of regular individuals. Though, even with special training, it would have still taken time for them to reach a certain level of skill. Upon the arrivals of the Ascenders Rifts, they were still capable of advancing rather quickly. I don't remember anyone showing signs of awakening on campus, however, so I can at least assume that RADA did not let them awaken until the day of the disaster, or at least, those who are not their core members."

Upon thinking here, Evan shook his head and turned off the TV. He then looked out his window at the rapidly passing buildings as he muttered, "I really can't tell what their up to, in my previous life they didn't seem all that bad, though they only revealed themselves after the arrival of the Ascenders Rift. Other than the fact that they mostly kept to themselves providing information on certain rifts, they had seemed to be a rather neutral but reliable group. However, after experiencing that scenario with that stalker, it's now puzzling to think of them as allies fighting for the same cause..."

Evan shook his head and spoke, "I suppose all of this can only be learned over time, I should still keep them at a distance. Sooner or later I'll be able to learn enough to make more appropriate choices, but for right now, I need to inspect the pendant."
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After finishing his words, Evan then took out the Void Blood Pendant from behind his shirt's collar. Upon seeing the blood-red pendant with strange runes, Evan's eyes shone as he spoke, "I'm curious as to what more you're hiding from me, you claim that I'm an inheritor but what is it exactly am I inheriting? How can I use it to stop what's to come?"

As Evan spoke, the pendant seemed to have heard his will, it began to glow in bright red lights, but after a short while, the light grew dim as a voice sounded in Evan's mind.

[Core is greatly damaged! Inheritor Evan must find the True World Sources to repair it.]

Evan was surprised as he heard this, he spoke, "Core... yes, that's right. That voice did say that this pendant was a core; I only called it the Void Blood Pendant, after all. So, it's damaged? Where do I find this True World Source?"

As if it heard Evan's words, the pendant vibrated, sending a few more words to his mind.

[Replying to Inheritor Evan, a True World Source can only be found at the depths of an Ascenders Rift, one… c-c-connected… to a True Superior World.]

Evan was surprised, he wanted to ask some more questions, but it was at this time the lights from the pendant faded in entirety. Upon seeing this, Evan knew that it had most likely run out of a limited supply of energy needed to interact.

"I'll have to find ways to allow for this pendant to gather separate energies as well... hmm, a True World Source... I've never seen or heard of them before, I wonder, just what could they actually be, or even look like?" Evan muttered as he showed a thoughtful look on his face, trying to recall all of his adventures in his last life.

Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't seem to recall anything useful. Evan's eyes grew serious as he focused on the window of the train and spoke, "I'll figure out at the appointed time, there are too many pressing concerns. That troublesome RADA, Alan and his unknown objectives, the damn monster from the Final Rift Quest, and this strange unknown man from my memories... this so-called, Amule..."

Upon speaking here, the image of the black card, followed by Alan, along with a diabolical demon hidden behind the darkness of a throne room, appeared on the glass. Lastly, the image of a dark-cloaked individual with a white mask that had unique patterns flashed before it vanished.

Evan leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he spoke once more, "The road ahead is a long one..."

As if following his words, the train continued to speed through the night, leaving behind its lone trailing neon lights as it vanished into the background.


Time passed rather quickly, as it was now the 10th of January, two days away from the start of most significant academies. The Morning Star College was similarly among those on this list.

The day was rather lively, as it was now the peak of rush hour. Evan, who had not too long ago arrived, was now slowly making his way towards his apartment to pack his items.

As he walked through a nearby park, his eyes were wandering about the various sights taking in the scenery as he muttered, "It's rare to enjoy peace like this, and not too long from now, I doubt I'll be able to again. Sigh... I guess we can only take it in while it still lasts..."

Evan felt that his mood was taking a somewhat better turn, as he was already too used to the atmosphere of slaughter and constant tension. With his mind clear, he felt as if it would benefit his spirit. Yet, it was in this moment of serenity that he was disturbed.

Ring! With the loud ringing of his cell phone, Evan frowned, he slowly reached for the device and looked at the Caller ID. However, as he saw it, his eyes soon became much less cold as he pressed the screen answered, "Fatty, what's going on? Are you about to give birth or something?"

Fatty Joe hearing these words was unusually quiet, Evan seeing this was a bit surprised, he grew a bit anxious as he spoke, "Hey, Fatty, what's up? Is something wrong?"

After a long while of silence, Fatty Joe spoke in a somewhat sad tone, "Brother Evan... something's happened..."

Evan's eyes grew dark as he heard this, he promptly asked, "What happened? Quickly tell me!"

Fatty Joe remained silent as he heaved a sigh and spoke again, "I-It's about that... that you know..."

Evan, hearing this grew puzzled, he shouted, "About what? What's the matter?"

Fatty Joe then laughed and quickly replied, "Haha! Brother Evan, I-I've gone and lost weight! How can this happen? School is just around the corner, and I've lost 2 pounds!"

As Evan heard this, he was stunned, but after a short while, he was filled with rage, that unique state was lost because of Fatty Joe's prank call. Evan looked at the phone and shouted, "You mother...!"

He was about to explode with a wave of curses, but before that could happen, Fatty Joe had hung up, leaving only the dial tone. Evan's rage grew even more at this, he gritted his teeth and shouted, "That damn fatty! Just you wait!"

A distance away, in a luxurious building, a fat blond-haired young man could be seen laughing around a phone — his voice echoing across his room along with the hallways.

"Hahaha! That's what you get, you bastard. You dare to travel so far away and not even invite me! Hmph! Serves you right, now, you know what it's like to have people worry over your ass!" Fatty Joe said.

Not long after, Emilia had appeared in the room she looked at her brother and spoke, "Big Brother, that was mean, I'm going to stay far away from you..."

Fatty Joe was shocked, he looked at her and spoke beginning, "Eh? E-Emmy no, I was only worried..."

Emilia seeing this stuck out her tongue and spoke, "Hmph! You see, that's what you did to Evan if you don't apologize, I'm not going to forgive you..."

Fatty Joe seeing this looked at her face and was shocked, he teased, "Look at you, getting so worked up over Evan, if I didn't share your blood, I wouldn't believe you were my sister. I've heard that when women find love, they could reject even the closest of family. Emmy, could it be...?"

As Fatty Joe spoke to here, one of his brows lowered while the other raised, as his eyes made a suggestive look.

Emilia blushed as she saw this, she shouted while quickly running out of the room losing her previously graceful demeanor, "L-Like hell I do! Hmph! I won't talk to you again!"

"Hahaha!" Fatty Joe laughed as he saw this, he then shifted his sights to his phone as he murmured, "Evan, you bastard, so you've tainted my baby sister's heart, humph! I won't let her go so easy..."

The room got dark, as Fatty Joe took out a notebook and began to scribble some strange notes. The fat on his body shook as an odd pressure-filled the room.


It didn't take long for Evan to arrive at his apartment complex, seeing the empty gate before him, Evan sighed as he spoke, "I guess it's the second time I am about to leave from here..."

As he shrugged off his mood of melancholy, Evan then walked towards the stairs as he headed to his room. However, at a distance away in a separate building, a man could be seen gazing at the apartment in an overcoat. His eyes carried a dark look as he watched Evan's figure disappeared while he remained in silence. Soon, this man had vanished, almost as if his presence here was but only, an illusion…

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