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Year 2050, Earth Calendar, within the North-Western Continent.

It was a typical day like any other, as the roars of motors from cars and bikes, even trucks and vans sounded as they traveled about the concrete jungle, we call modern society. Occasionally, the rattling sounds of distant trains sounded as bells of bicycles tickled one's ears due to passing cyclers.

Both crowd and traffic here were also hefty, which is why many have termed it as the 'Rowdy Sphere,' a nickname for more general known Eden Square of downtown Norkton City. A mid-sized city in the ever so large Morning Star Empire of the United Western Nations.

Many different people were going about their daily lives, some sporting, some traveling to work while others partook in various activities. Yet unlike most others, one individual was just about to get a brand-new start to his day, or in this context, his very life.

At a section far away from the bustle, somewhere off in the outskirts of Norkton was a prison that occupied a vast region of land, surrounded by high walls and tall fences. It was the confinement station known as the Norkton Detention Center, looking at its large metallic gates one would see two large bulky black and white men, standing quietly at each side. Their faces covered in a stern and strict look as if they would give no quarter to even the tiniest fly.

Many wondered what it's like to cross them, but no one has ever seen that day. Sadly though, today the mystery would unfold. With a loud metallic sound of grills opening, the gate soon after open with a loud boom, afterward, a youth no older than 19 had appeared.

He had youthful skin with his messy dark brown hair that fell to his shoulders, a youth with slim cheeks, a straight nose, and meek lips. Though he bared a somewhat handsome semblance, from a glance, one would feel as if he was weak and helpless based on his appearance.

Yet, as the rumor says, it is the harmless rabbit that knows how to bite. Otherwise, why would such a young man be leaving from such an institution?

The guards seemed to have a kind of history with the youth; they glared at him intensely with looks of disgust in their eyes. As the young man dazedly walked by without saying anything, they looked at each other and nodded.

Not wasting any time, they rushed up and grabbed him before violently throwing him on the ground as they spoke one after the other.

"Che! Rapist trash, you got lucky that someone could bail shit like you. Hmph! You better not let me see you again, or you'll learn why you shouldn't do some acts!" The black man said with anger as he kicked the young man.

"Petewi!" The white man spit on the ground as he stomped the youth before speaking, "Garbage like you should just get locked on 'the chair,' tsk! If I were in charge, none of you scum would have rights. You should count yourself lucky that it wasn't my daughter you little brat, now get lost!"

The youth on the ground slowly picked himself back up, as he did this, he turned and scowled at the two guards, but in the end, decided to do nothing.

He then walked away towards the nearest bus stop while limping, his face slightly pale as his eyes were a bit unsteady. Suddenly, he lifted his head, gazing at the clear blue sky as he spoke, "Finally out, that fucking bitch, daring to frame me like that, I'll certainly let her pay!"

When he said this, his mind recalled the black man's words as he thought, "Hmm, someone bailing me? I didn't ask for their help!"

As the young man gritted his teeth, he had slowly arrived at a nearby stop. Luckily for him, only a few individuals were standing here. They looked at him wearily as they noticed that he walked from the prison area.

The young man frowned in displeasure but paid them no mind. At this time, a bus had arrived from the distance. It soon came to a stop at their location, letting of two individuals as everyone, including the young man, had entered within it. Not long after, its mufflers started to smoke as it began to throttle its way towards the town, traveling at a slow and steady rate.

"These damn environmental destructive vehicles, why is this shit still on the road?" The young man cursed with a 'cough' while covering his mouth with a cloth. As he sat at the back of the bus, he soon crossed both of his arms over before glaring at the front seats. As they noticed his unfriendly air, the passengers kept their eyes straight, not daring to stare at him for too long as some discussed him in hushed tones.

Still, what was peculiar was out of everyone on the bus, there was one who was bold enough to stare at him directly. It was a fat youth with low cut blond hair, bright blue eyes wearing a colored t-shirt and blue jeans.

He looked at the young man carefully, as his eyes showed traces of curiosity. The young man looked at this fatty with a dark look as he questions, "Is there something you want fatso?"

The passengers hearing this trembled as they thought things were about to get rough, but unlike them, the fat man smiled, revealing a few sets of missing teeth as he spoke, "Haha! I knew it, is that you, Evan? It's been two years!"

Evan frowned at these words, he looked at the fatty keenly trying to recall who he was, but nothing came to his mind.

The fatty seeing his look laughed and continued, "Evan, you won't remember no matter how you think, all you need to know is that I've known you for a while now. You see, we went to the same high school. I used to sit a few seats behind you, and many called me Fatso Joe."

As Evan heard these words, he grew silent, but after a short while, he shifted his sights onto the fat figure seated before him as he spoke, "Ha, so let me guess, you're here to laugh at my predicament, aren't you?"

Fatty Joe hearing this shook his head from side to side as he replied, "No, it's purely a coincidence, I didn't even know that you'd be let out so early. Also, you shouldn't beat yourself up too bad. Everyone knew what kind of girl she was, many in our year group had already understood that past situation. It's only because…"

Evan scoffed at these words, cutting him off as he replied, "So what if you all understand, it's not going change what happened to my life now is it? Tsk! You should all just leave me the fuck alone!"

Having said this, Evan no longer paid Fatty Joe any mind, he merely shut his eyes and took a rest trying to drown his woes away.

Fatty Joe seeing this looked at him gravely, his eyes shining in a hint of pity of he thought to himself, "Brother Evan, you might really curse the world as it is, not even clearly remembering my face, but no matter what if it weren't you back then I wouldn't have today. Even if we aren't friends, even the world turns it back against you, and you aren't welcome anywhere, I will still be your closest support, for that is the principle of karma..."

While Fatty Joe thought those words, his eye flickered with remembrance as if he could recall the scene of him being bullied, only to see the tall back of a slim and robust looking youngster who defeated his assaulters and saved his life.

The bus slowly wobbled its way across the distance, creating a long shadow that vanished beyond the horizon of the evening sun.
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The nights were always lively, especially in area congregated in large cities. The bright night lights that hung high on tall buildings, along with the midnight clubs and signs giving one a feeling of daytime, due to their vibrant neon hues.

Still, at these hours, there were many who roamed about more accustomed to late hour activities. Some wandered about the red-light districts, huddling closely to women dressed in scanty wears, as were others who merely hang around outside or inside bars, drinking liquor and wine. The loud, rambunctious laughter of men and women sounded across the night atmosphere, creating an idle mood for all in the vicinity.

At this time, a handsome but somewhat pale looking youth was staggering as he lifelessly wandered about the streets, veering towards the alleyways. As he walked, his body seemed as if it would fall over at any moment, as he held a large bottle of liquor in his arms. Looking closely, one would even notice that he had a few stains on his chest.

Suddenly, his shoulder bumped that of another man's, a fellow who carried a rough and brutish air based on his bulky and hefty appearance. The young man didn't even seem to notice this, as he continued to stagger about while moving aimlessly, but sadly for him, the man was angered by this action.

"You little bitch! You dare to bump my shoulder and think you can walk away! Brat, get down now!" As the fellow said this, he rushed over with full strides giving a kick to the youth's back.

Bang! Like a rocket, the young crashed onto the ground, violently hitting his head on a trash bin in the nearby alleyway.

The man seeing this smirked as he spoke, "Haha! I didn't think I'd still have it, a bullseye, heh! Kid, count yourself lucky that I'm feeling a bit better now..."

As he was satisfied with this act, the man lifted his head and started to whistle while leaving the area. The surrounding bystanders took note of this, but no one paid any more attention than necessary.

Blarg! The sound of someone coughing up their guts sounded, as the young man rolled over to his back, resting it against the trash bin. Having spit out a bunch of pungent fluids, he lifted his pale face and looked at the vaguely visible stars that shone in the brightly lit night sky.

Unlike what one would expect, it was a rather strange sight. Despite the brilliant lights of the cities, the stars shone brightly above the world. They clustered around what seemed to be a crack in the universe as if it was a merger of countless galaxies. Yet, this was nothing alarming as the people of the world have long since grown used to this sight.

"Fuck... that hurt, everything does... I don't even want to go back to that place. Maybe I should stay here, and fade into the garbage..." Evan said as he started to close his eyes, his mind then began to fade into the nothingness as even the sound of the clanking wine bottle that fell from his hand couldn't be heard.

Yet, as all seemed as if it were about to end, a strange thing occurred. A blood-red pendant with mystic inscriptions fell from the heavens or to be more precise, from the weird crack in the starry night sky. As this pendant fell onto Evan, it glowed in a strange blood-red light for an instant before sending a jolt into his body. Soon, a vague voice sounded at the depths of his mind.


The voice echoed at the depths of his soul, a soft and lovely sound that seemed to have come from the most peerless angel. Yet, this voice only lasted for a moment, before something else occurred.

Bang! Like an explosion, a series of images flashed before Evan's eyes. His mind started to reel with an unmatched amount of pain, causing him to clutch it with his arms and scream.

"Ahhh!" He screamed for a little while before the pain slowly began to recede, finally fading away.

As this happened, Evan, who barely opened his eyes, seemed different, as if the world around him was familiar but not familiar at the same time.

"This area... this... scene... did I really... again..." Evan muttered incoherently, but his consciousness soon began to fade as his eyes drooped ever so slowly.

Before his mind faded, he heard some heavy steps as a familiar fat silhouette came into his fading sights. As he saw that person, Evan's smiled as he thought, "Ha... so it turns out that in the end, or rather, from the very beginning. You were always there..."

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