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Ascenders Rift 18 Void Inheritance? Evan’s Transformation!

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It was a dark world, a space that seemed no different from the mystery of the cosmos. Here, a lone individual was currently drifting towards eternity, as his naked figure slowly faded into time. As this figure floated, it was unknown how much time had passed, as this realm seemed to in a constant state.

Still, despite this, some things were different about this being. It seemed that the further and further he traveled in infinite space-time, the more his body would transform and somewhat adapt to this realm.

Soon, he had begun to emit the same kind of presence of the space itself, seeming to be a part of the emptiness, as nothing was a part of himself. A true sublimation of life… becoming one with the universe in both body and mind.

Yet, this state only lasted for an instant, as the figure had returned to normal. The auras vanished as his eyes twitched, not long after they opened to the strangeness of this world.

"This space... where is this place?" Evan question as he saw his surroundings, he tried to move his body, but no matter what he did, his figure merely continued to float into nothingness.

He wanted to ponder some more, but it was at this moment, a mysterious voice sounded across his mind.

"You are within the universe of the Core... or rather, that which you've called the Void Blood Pendant…"

Upon hearing this voice, Evan was stunned, he murmured, "I've never heard this voice before, and I've never come to this space either. I could have sworn that during the last time, all I gained was a bundle of special abilities as well as a stat boost... what's going on here?"

The voice seemed to have understood Evan's worries; it spoke again, "Child... my time is not many. I have searched the many dimensions, and in all of endless space, you are the sole being with a Void Spirit. As such, I have sent my 'Core' to you. Use it well, it will be your only hope to save your kind from their fate... the future... is in your hands..."
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The voice vanished after saying those words, while Evan who heard them was in shock. He shouted, "Wait, don't go! What do you mean by those words?"

Evan's voice resounded across the entire space, but no matter how long he waited, there was no reply. It seemed as if the only person who now resided in this universe was none other than himself.

"Dammit! This was my only lead to figuring things out... sigh... I guess I can only strive to learn the rest by myself. I won't fail again… I will do my best to change the future..." Evan muttered as his eyes grew even firmer.

As this happened, it was unknown when, but the Void Blood Pendant had appeared before him. It hovered in the air while emanating a somewhat silvery-red light. Evan seeing this instinctively knew what he must do, he slowly reached his hand forwards soon after touching a strange runic marking that was embellished on its surface.

The moment this happened, the voice of the system sounded across space as a string of text appeared before Evan's eyes.

[Host Evan has been accepted into the Inheritance Program. Commencing Inheritance…]

[Your Special Status has been invoked; you are now authorized for Unique Class access!]

[Host Evan has acquired the Void Inheritor Class!]

[Body Transformation shall commence in 5...4...3...2...1!]

As this happened, the world around Evan shook as a strange scene occurred. It was as if he had become the center of the universe, as the stars in the galaxy and space itself began to rush towards Evan like a raging tide.

Soon, the universe turned to one of blackness, as at the depths of Evan's eyes was an endless starry universe. Yet, this only lasted for an instant before Evan returned to normal once again.

"This feeling... so strange..." Evan muttered as he felt odd in this space, it was if he was somehow connected to the universe. He wanted to try and figure it out, but he didn't have time to ponder, as a series of notifications soon popped up into his eyes.

[Transformation complete!]

[Because of the Host's current Life Standard, all stats are unable to be inherited. Current stats have been temporarily optimized.]

[All stats have been improved by +2 for each Level.]

[Lesser Tier skills have been acquired!]

[Talent has awakened!]

[Spirit Power has awakened!]

[Defense Stat has awakened by +5! Level based stat increases shall be applied.]

Evan seeing these details were stunned, his eye went wide as he saw the class, "This... what kind of class is this? I've heard that Apex Tier Classes can give a complete +3 stat boost after achieving the required Stages of Ascendance. But this is only limited to +1 in every cycle, being from Lesser Ascenders, Superior Ascenders, and even rarer Apex Ascenders from other worlds."

Evan was surprised, but he wasn't in a mood to stay hung up about it, he quickly organized his thoughts and shouted, "Status!"

[Evan Cross - Special Status - ????????]

[Race - Human | State - Stage 1 Ascended Being]

[Class - Void Inheritor |??? Tier Class]]

[Level - 2]

[Next Level - 3000 EXP]

[Total EXP - 2205]

[Health - 250]

[Spirit Power - 10]

[Battle Energy - 10]

[Strength - 31 (19+6+3+3)]

[Vitality - 22 (18+2+2)]

[Agility - 32 (19+6+7)]

[Defense - 35(15+6+4+4+4+2)]


[Void Spirit - A soul that has an innate connection with all things in the universe, a natural affinity with space and the world around it. Effects are unknown...]


[Void Blade - A blade conjured from the universe; it can be wielded to attack with a damaged power connected with one's Spirit Power.]

[Void????? ◆: Sealed - Requires 250 SP to unseal.]

Evan, upon seeing his stats was happy. He couldn't help but smile as he spoke, "Haha! Perfect, this is absolutely wonderful. In my last life, my Aura Swordsman Class was merely a Superior Tier Class. At best, I could only increase my stats by +2 per-level, and even when I had achieved level 90's, I was only able to break the human limitation and advance as an Apex Ascended Being because of the stat boosts from my Void Blood Pendant. In fact, the only humans that had barely achieved that were non-other than Layla and Alan, maybe there were other special ones that I didn't even recognize as some are even gifted with Special Talents, some which are capable of improving the natural stat counts. In my case, my Talent was not able to awaken, but now that I've seen it, I think I am beginning to understand my gifts a little better now..."

As Evan spoke to here, his eyes shone in even more excitement as he saw that he gained Spirit Power. He muttered, "To think that I've even gone and awaken the rare gift of Spirit Power. Though dangerous, this was truly an excellent start. That bastard, I want to see how you'll fair this time..."

Upon speaking this, Evan's eyes turned cold as he recalled how he was treated by Aperehs. He looked deep into the void as he reached his hand out to grip the space as if ripping it apart and shouted, "I'll make sure to pay you back in full! Shatter!"

In moments, the space shattered as a world of white had swallowed Evan's vision. Soon, his consciousness had faded from this realm in entirety.


Back within Arelith, during the moment Aperehs had recovered Ralph from the rubbles, a strange light had flashed across Evan's falling figure.

It was such a vague light that Aperehs wasn't even able to sense it. He turned to Evan's location and had begun to speed towards him to finish him off with one swing from his executor sword. Yet, before he could do so, there was a sudden change.

Buzz! A strange buzzing sound responded across the area as an invisible force rippled from Evan's body. Aperehs not expecting such a thing from a dying man was stunned; being caught off guard, he was blown away by this power.

Swoosh! Aperehs had retreated a few dozen meters before he stabbed his sword into the ground to stabilize his giant frame. He then looked at the scene before him in shock as he spoke in a confused tone, "What? How could this be? A human that can use Spirit Power, what's going on here?"

Aperehs eyes shone with a deep light as he looked at Evan's figure, which had unknowingly stopped falling. His body had begun to levitate for a few seconds as he gently landed on the ground.

Aperehs eyes grew colder as he saw this, he tossed the weakened Ralph unto the floor, causing him to spasm due to the pain. He then gripped his executor sword with both hands. A serious look now on his face as he stared at Evan like a hawk.

At this time, a strange force whooshed around Evan's body as a bright red light shone for an instant before it faded on his chest. If one looked closely, they would see that though he was still injured, all of his major wounds have now been healed.

Evan soon after opened his eyes as they momentarily flickered with scenes of the endless universe before returning to normal. He smirked as he glared at Aperehs, reaching his hand towards the void as he spoke in a tone that filled Aperehs with chilliness, "Let's begin the second round..."

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