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"To understand the dark dragon you first must learn his name you see a long time ago their where the dragons they had ruled over humans for centuries until one of there own betrayed them because he had seen the true evil they have done to all the non magic races because a long time ago non magic races were sold as property slaves they were trained to serve for anything at 3 and given and sold to be slaves at 10 you see most of the dragon or magic base races had done horrible and disgusting things to the non magic race's it was mostly at 10 because the kids didn't hit back they were to weak well anyway after that stuff one of the dragons had seen how messed up that was so he mad a plan his pan was to curse the world for dragons and the magic race's he had cursed the world first for the dragons if they would not leave the world he had cursed it so they will turn weak then for the magic race's he had made them go to opposite dimensions of course it also transfers the dragons into their own realm but it only targeted those with dark hearts there was the dragon realm, the god realm, the demon realm, the mage and elf realm during all that he had let 1 dragon on each kingdom f course a trusted friend watch over each kingdom and realm if the dragon of the night can get to you that means the realm relic is weak but anyway lt me tell you your background you see during that same revolution the enemies of the good the night dragon had shown they both fought you see the good may have won but the night dragon had layed a very dark future saying that one day his daughter in the egg he has said that one day it will hatch and it will run on the path of the light but at the lat moment it shall have the night dragon but billions of years later you were born not a girl but a boy so after that me and the king were foolish and thought it was over but it wasn't see how you came and told me i can see the relic is weak and soon chaos will devour but you mustn't let that happened cause yo Klover's my little boy shall end it Because you are our hero
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