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Tang Yun was desperate to go abroad. She needed to go to the US and find the best doctor to remove the needles.

But she was not capable of travelling abroad. Jing Yichen had made some arrangements with the customs office because of which her passport had been declared invalid and she was not able to board either a plane or a ferry.

Tang Yun was getting increasingly scared.

This way of slow torment was causing her much more pain than getting killed instantly.

Tang Yun became extremely scared whenever she thought of her impending death after six months! The fear was tormenting her day and night.

But at the moment, she had no energy to worry about something which would happen after six months. As of today, she had no money left. At this rate, she would be homeless soon and starve to death.

She also needed enough money to hire a hitman that could kill Shangguan Ning.

If she must die after six months, then she wanted to get Shangguan Ning to die before her. How dare Shangguan Ning live when she was not going to!

"You want to borrow money from me?"

Ji Bo looked at Tang Yun in slight astonishment but he sneered within.

Who would take care of her except for Jing Yichen?

And now, even Jing Yichen had stopped taking care of her.

Without his support, Tang Yun couldn't live for even one more day. The things she was wearing, the house she used to live in and the luxurious sports car which she used to drive, were all purchased by Jing Yichen.

Jing Yichen used to treat her like a princess. Even his cousin Zhao Anan had not been treated in this way.

Ji Bo knew a great deal about Tang Yun and Jing Yichen from Jing Yiran, but he had no idea why Jing Yichen suddenly recalled all that he had given to Tang Yun.

No matter what happened, Ji Bo was not going to be the payer when even Jing Yichen didn't want to be one.

He earned money with his efforts, day and night. The money didn't just fall from the sky.

His money was already being used upon Ji Lili, the idiot and that had already driven him crazy. He was not going to support Tang Yun as well.

She was claiming to borrow the money but she had no way of returning it. The money was not going to be paid back at all.

Ji Bo turned her down bluntly. "Sorry, Ms. Tang. I don't have any money."

Tang Yun had not expected that Ji Bo would refuse her so fast. She begged him in a pitiful tone, "Brother Ji, I really have no way out. That is why I am borrowing money from you. I don't need much, one million will be enough. I am not doing well and I need the money to visit the hospital. I will definitely return the money to you when I recover."

She couldn't possibly say that she was going to live only for six months, otherwise Ji Bo was not going to lend her a single penny.

Ji Bo sneered within whilst keeping an elegant expression on the face, "Ms. Ji, I am telling the truth. I have no money with me. I am on a very edgy place and I almost want to kill myself because of Jing Yichen's pressure. I can't move a single penny since everyone in Family Ji is keeping an eye on me. I can't do anything!"

Ji Bo, of course, had a million at his disposal, but he was not going to give it to Tang Yun.

Just listen to her! She didn't think one million was that much.

No one except for Jing Yichen would give Tang Yun millions or tens of millions of yuan.

Ordinary people couldn't earn one million throughout their entire life. Ji Bo was rich, but he never splurged.

Also, it was true that he was not doing well.

Ji Bo glanced at Jing Yiran who was getting injected and then at Tang Yun who had become skinnier. He suddenly realized that everyone who went against Jing Yichen ended up being in a horrible situation!

Maybe they will get worse in the future.

Jing Yichen was like an invulnerable mountain that would crush everyone who tried to break him!

Jing Yichen, who was on the minds of all three of them, was currently on a helicopter with Shangguan Ning. They were heading towards the UK.

There was only one week left before their wedding took place.

All preparations had been completed and the invitations were sent out to whoever necessary by Jing Zhongxiu. He had made the list because Jing Zhongxiu was still the master of Family Jing.

This was more than a wedding. It was a symbol of Jing Yichen taking over Family Jing.

Jing Yichen was fully prepared to take over Family Jing. He had been getting trained since he was young and after a long time of intensive preparation, he felt no qualms in undertaking the heavy responsibility.

What was making him nervous though, was the wedding itself.

He needed to make sure that the wedding was held in a way that made Shangguan Ning happy.

"Aren't we going there early?" Shangguan Ning had not expected that she needed to go to the UK so many days in advance. Were they going to do rehearsals?

It seemed that when other couples got married, they needed to go through many rehearsals.

Sitting next to Shangguan Ning, Jing Yichen said with a smile, "We can have fun for some days before the wedding, so that you are relaxed during the wedding."

Actually, Jing Yichen wanted to make sure that all was well at the venue.

But he didn't want Shangguan Ning to stay alone in A City, so he brought her along. In this way, she could also check the details and add her opinion.

Sure enough, Shangguan Ning said, "Yichen, I am so nervous. My heart throbs so fast before the function has even started. Will there be many people attending the wedding? What if I make a mistake?"

Jing Yichen chuckled. He hadn't expected that Shangguan Ning would be more nervous than him. He somehow felt relieved.

"Don't worry, ignore everyone at the event except for me. Treat them as air."

He was still so bossy!

Shangguan Ning smiled.

She did look forward to attending her wedding. It was very romantic to have the wedding in front of so many witnesses and make the promise of a lifetime.

The couple took a short rest after reaching their destination. Post that, Jing Yichen and Shangguan Ning went to try the clothes.

Shangguan Ning had put on some weight after getting pregnant. Although her belly had not started showing yet, the wedding gown needed to be adjusted a little.

Also, the high heeled shoes made earlier had been replaced by flat ballerinas now and she needed to try them on, as well.

When Shangguan Ning was trying the wedding gown and the shoes, Jing Yichen was waiting for her patiently sitting on the sofa.

She looked very, very beautiful in the wedding dress and Jing Yichen couldn't get his eyes off her. Then he walked straight up to her, and helped her with the zippers.

The designer said to Shangguan Ning with a smile, "Your husband is so considerate!"

Shangguan Ning smiled. "Yes, he is."

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