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Jun Xiqing quickly stretched out her arm to hit away his hand, not letting him touch her.

With narrowed eyes, Lu Yeming revealed a spurious smile. "What's the matter, why is your body so stiff?"

He really was sharp, noticing the changes in her body so quickly.

Jun Xiqing batted her lashes, opening her mouth to bite the back of his hand.


Lu Yeming furrowed his brows, letting out a low chuckle. "It hurts."

A small whimper left his lips.

This was a man who remained on the battlefield through any challenge. Even if someone stabbed him with a knife right into his bones, he wouldn't even complain of the pain. But now that she just bit him once, he complained about it.

He really did it on purpose.

Jun Xiqing pushed him away, climbing away on all fours. From the way she was hugging herself with both arms, it was like she was a frightened bunny, wary of him.

Lu Yeming was somewhat pleased when he saw her behave like that. He was only 23, in the prime of his youth and hadn't had a woman yet. To be honest, he fancied such games in bed.

"You're avoiding me like that but you're still thinking about becoming my duchess?"

This man really was too sharp and she couldn't afford to even show one hint of discrepancy that would give herself away when dealing with him.

Though he liked it, she on the other hand, didn't. Disgust would be the more appropriate term for how she was feeling.

He wasn't courteous at all as he said that, just plain flirting. Women were just his playthings, there for him when he was bored. As a man of great status, he naturally knew how to enjoy himself.

Women were his tools to relieve himself of his physiological needs. He had desires too, just like those rulers who had countless concubines and indulged in sex. But he was different, he never once got addicted to it.

Jun Xiqing wanted to give him a cold smirk, but she pouted her lips instead. "It's fine if you don't want to marry me and make me your duchess. I'll go and look for Brother Zhu now."

With that, she stormed away like a furious little girl.

Footsteps thudded behind her and Lu Yeming chased after, hugging her from the back as he pulled her body into his chest. Nuzzling his face against her hair, he smelled the maiden scent she emanated. "Fine. I'll make a public announcement that I'm marrying you."

Jun Xiqing smiled, hiding away all her emotions. "As Duchess?"

Lu Yeming furrowed his brows, planting a kiss on her face. "You want to be my duchess?"

"Yes, I'm not going to marry you if you're not making me your duchess."

Lu Yeming pursed his lips. "Ah, you'll be my duchess then."

Eh? Jun Xiqing was dazed. She hadn't expected him to really agree to it.

But his future duchess was going to be Ye Ruge. He was only planning to take her as his consort.

She had no idea what he was thinking.

The cogs turned in her mind and she finally figured everything out. He was just trying to fool her, claiming to marry her as his duchess but in fact, once they returned to the West Palace she would only be his consort.

He really was a scumbag.

Feeling something on her chest, Jun Xiqing lowered her eyes to look. His hand moved downwards, reaching inside her collar…

"What are you doing? Let go of me." Jun Xiqing even forgot to breathe as she struggled.

Lu Yeming grasped her with a muscular arm, not letting her move as he sounded displeased. "Why are you so noisy?"


Jun Xiqing couldn't stand his intimate touch, the thought of his hands running over Ye Ruge's body just earlier on made her want to throw up.

Pah! She turned around, pushing him away forcefully.

Lu Yeming staggered backwards, his calf hit the coffee table behind and it made it tumble to the side. With one hand in his pocket, his lips pursed into a cold, firm line as he glared at her.

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