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PORN STAR 99 Nurse Kaitlyn Part 3 - The sweet sound of Porn Coins jackpot! - Porn Star

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Kaitlyn put two of her fingers into Chuck's mouth, he immediately licked her soft digits, making it slick and wet with his spit. After a short while, Kaitlyn took out the dripping wet fingers and jammed it into her cunt.

"This is something my husband loves to watch me do, hope you do too," sexily said Kaitlyn in a husky voice.

Before Chuck could voice his approval, she spread her cunt and made Chuck look at her pink center...

"Look here, Chuck. Look how wet I am, I was turned on just at the thought of being alone with a male in the room. What is that so attractive about you men, it is so unfair for the rest of us," as she said this, she started to furious finger her cunt. Pumping her fingers into it like a madwoman, drops of her pussy nectar were dripping on the face of Chuck, as he had the front row seat for the masturbation show.

Unable to control himself, Chuck pulled off her hand and took the wet and slick fingers fresh from her pussy. He took her cunt juices dripping fingers into his mouth and suckled on it like a baby.

"Oh baby, I have more here..." said Kaitlyn and sat on the face of Chuck, forcing him to lick her beautiful pink cunt. It was a command that Chuck would always happily oblige every time, and this time was no different.

He shoved his tongue deep into her cunt, rotating it deep in her pussy, milking the cunt for more juices as he squeezed her ass and kneaded her ass cheeks. He spread her ass and grabbed her hand; he directed her wet fingers to her asshole.

"Oh, you want me to put my fingers in my asshole? You nasty bad boy," smirked Kaitlyn as she was gyrating her cunt over the face of Chuck in little circles enjoying Chuck's tongue in her pussy.

Though she called Chuck immoral, she is nothing better because she slowly forced her middle finger into her tight rosebud.

"Oooh, master, I have a finger up my ass... **pant** **pant** do I need to add more?" huskily asked Katilyn.

Chuck ripped off her bra and slapped hard on her tits, letting it jiggle and pulled the left taut nipple before he replied to her.

"Add two more fingers! Force it in till the third knuckle is deep in," said Chuck as he lifted her ass slightly away from his face. After which, he squeezed her ass cheek and pulled back her pussy on his wet face.

"OOOHH, Yes, Master!"

"OOH! I put it in, the second finger! OH, LORD! The third finger is stretching me!"

As an appreciation for the obedience of Kaitlyn, Chuck reached for her right nipple and roughly twisted it. Her sensitive nipple gave her pain and pleasure thundering through her body.

"AHH! Yes, Master! Thank you for the pain! Ohh! It feels soo good!"

As if on a mission to murder Kaitlyn with an overdose of pleasure, Chuck spread her snug pink cunt and leaned up and bit her small clit.


Screaming out at the top of her lungs, Kaitlyn rode her cunt on the face of Chuck, squirting clear, fragrant c*nt juices from her orgasm. Her whole body is shivering and shaking from the multiple short post-orgasmic contractions of her cunt.

With three of her fingers deep in her ass, she fell over Chuck and hung onto the bedpost, limply.

Chuck gave one final lick over the entire length of her slit, making her moan out.

"Ohhh! Master! I will be dead if you do anything more..." 

[Huff] [Huff]

Kaitlyn was down weak and exhausted on the bed, breathing hard.

Now that Chuck wasn't distracted by the banshee screams of Kaitlyn, he started to hear a continuous faint ringing sound in the back of his head.

[Cling] [Cling] [Cling] [Cling] [Cling] [Cling] [Cling]...

It was the same sound he heard when he started getting Porn coins from the energy harvest of Kaitlyn.

Chuck gently pushed the delicate beauty off of him and fished out the amulet. What he saw on the magical ornament gave Chuck the brightest of smiles.

At the front of the medallion was a twisting red light that is quite lively, and it read "56".

After he saw the accumulation of the Porn Coins, Chuck looked at the weak woman who still had three of her fingers in her a*s with the eyes similar to how a glutton would view a feast.

'Heh, the day is still young,' thought of Chuck as he quietly admired the naked body of the married woman, thinking of more ways to make Kaitlyn become his completely obedient submissive, addicted to his c*ck and his commands.


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