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PORN STAR 98 Nurse Kaitlyn Part 2 - A Married Sex Demoness! - Porn Star

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"I... I will check you up, but... but I will only be checking... and... you can't tell anyone about this..."

Chuck played the card that every gorgeous golddigger play on perverted older men. The only difference is that the reversal of roles where Chuck is the cute chick, and the beautiful Kaitlyn is now the pervy older man.

"Of course, this will be a secret between us friends. I wouldn't tell anyone about it. You don't have to worry about husband finding out," smiled Chuck genially, but in his heart, he has a devious smirk like a lust demon.

'Here come my Porn coins,' was the thoughts of Chuck when he was interrupted by Kaitlyn.

"What... What do I do... I have never been with a man..." fidgetted the hot English beauty.

"Why don't dear Kaitlyn start with a sexy striptease?" suggested Chuck.

The tight bodied Kaitlyn, who can put most Hollywood actresses to shame, felt self-conscious in front of Chuck. He sighed at the thought that women of such beauty are timid and vulnerable and allow themselves to be taken advantage of by the male of this planet. Chuck threw away the idea of exploiting the shy beauty in front of him and decided to treat her as a real lover.

He walked up to her and grabbed the front collar of her white uniform, and pulled her face close. Before the naive Kaitlyn could prepare herself, Chuck pressed his lips on hers.

Chuck relished the moist lips of the hot English beauty through a passionate kiss.

Her lips weren't too plump like a porn actress. Kaitlyn's lips have the perfect bounce and size.

As if Lady Luck was smiling upon Chuck, Kaitlyn inadvertently wore edible lip gloss of strawberry flavor. The tenderness of her lips and the taste of her lip gloss made this kiss utterly divine. He could not help but lick her lips and take it between his lips and suckle hard on it.

The nurse did not expect Chuck to come upon her in a dominating manner. The thought of being kissed by a male for the first time had already overloaded the mind of Kaitlyn. Her body was erupting with arousal. Lewd acts of passionate sex are nothing new to Kaitlyn. Her husband, Luna, is a perverted dominatrix and has been very demanding on Kaitlyn's body.

Hence, when Chuck kissed her in a dominating manner, she subconsciously fell into the submissive role in which was natural to her. She let Chuck do whatever he wants with her, and he did everything he wanted, his every touch made her mind go blank in shock and arousal.

As he was kissing the divinely lithe beauty, Chuck lifted her nurse skirt and cupped her cunt over her panty and started rubbing her panty, feeling her panty already damp and moist.

As Chuck was playing with the body of Kaitlyn, he heard a 'Cling' noise in his head. Chuck faintly smiled as he kept kissing the nurse. He is very sure that the 'cling' noise is the sound of a Porn coin materializing from the harvest of porn energy. However, after that short moment, Chuck ignored everything and concentrated solely on Kaitlyn. Earning Porn coins are not his priority at the moment, as he wanted to give the nurse the experience of her lifetime.

He let off the kiss and let the cute nurse take a couple of breathers; her lips are slick with his spit. The hot caregiver looked at Chuck and teasingly licked her lips, tasting his spit. Her actions surprised Chuck, 'heh, guess I should never judge a book by its cover' thought Chuck. As if laying claim to a prize, both him and her went at each other fulled by maddening lust.

Chuch ravenously ripped off her uniform and kissed her again, this time, he stuffed his tongue deep into her mouth, which Kaitlyn eagerly received. Both of them suckled each other's wet tongue like a parched dog that was thirsty for water; they drank each other's spit.

Buttons, hooks, and fasteners in the uniform of Kaitlyn were flying all over the place as Chuck quickly got her off the dress and left only her pink lace panty and matching bra on her body.

Chuck kisses his way down from her lips and bit her neck, eliciting a moan from the horny nurse. He bit hard on her neck, leaving a teeth imprint and kissed and licked the teeth mark. The whole messy and intense lewd acts brought out the submissive sex demoness from within Kaitlyn.

She pushed Chuck down on the hospital bed and climbed on top of him. She then squatted near his face with her cunt just inches away from his face letting Chuck deeply inhales the sexy smell of her aroused pussy.  The nurse sexily looked at Chuk, with her half-lidded eyes as she proudly exposed her beautiful pussy to him.

She then put two of her fingers into Chuck's mouth, he immediately licked her soft digits, making it slick and wet with his spit. After a short while, Kaitlyn took out the dripping wet fingers and jammed it into her cunt.


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